Can Pokémon Poop & Pee and Was It Ever Shown in the Anime?

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In Pokémon anime, it is mentioned that several people grew up and dedicated their life researching Pokémon. These Pokémon Professors have discovered several habits and exciting facts about Pokémon, but have they ever told the trainers about their Pokemon’s droppings? Can Pokémon really poop and pee?

Just like almost all living creatures that eat, Pokémon are capable of pooping and peeing. It just isn’t seen or mentioned in the anime. Like many kid-friendly and fantasy shows, mentions of defecting are usually kept to a minimum or none at all. So, just because people don’t see it happening on screen doesn’t mean Pokemon do not poop.

So what proof does the anime or the games have that Pokémon poop? There have been a few in the anime and games that Pokémon need to relieve themselves, and all the food and water they consume must be excreted somehow.

Was It Confirmed That Pokémon Can Poop?

There has been proof that Pokémon, at the very least, are able to poop. In the PokéDex entry for Darumaka, it states that people have been picking up this Pokémon’s droppings to put in their clothes during the winter because the poop tends to warm up their clothes. This may be a weird way to use a Pokémon’s dropping, but at least trainers now know that at least one Pokémon has been known for pooping.

Other PokéDex entries actually talk about not being able to find a certain Pokémon’s droppings. This would mean that most Pokemon regularly drop fecal matter, and it’s odd when researchers cannot find any when observing Pokémon. Pokémon who are mentioned not to have any known droppings are Guzzlord and the Galarian Weezing.


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According to Guzzlord’s PokéDex entry, the Ultra Beast’s dropping has yet to be found despite the Pokémon constantly eating. This would mean that because Pokémon are capable of eating, they should be able to expel all the food. Other than using the food as energy, everything else should turn into some form of dropping. 

Meanwhile, a Galarian Weezing is said that instead of leaving the usual dropping, the Pokémon expels clean air in place of those droppings. The fact that their droppings are mentioned as special cases in their Dex entries means pooping is quite normal for Pokémon.

Why Is Pooping not Mentioned in the Anime?

It’s not just the Pokémon that are not mentioned to poop. The human characters are rarely seen talking about poop or needing to use the bathroom. The Pokémon anime is a work of fantasy. While the company never stated it, perhaps they felt that mentioning the need for pooping might break immersion.

The creator probably felt they also didn’t need to mention pooping in the anime as it might distract the audience from the fun of the series. Some shows choose to omit the fact that characters need the bathroom break, but on the other hand, some shows do mention it and have fun with it. It’s all up to the creator and the company on things with what they want to include and exclude in their shows.

Which Pokémon Poop and Pee?

Pokémon who eat food for nutrients are probably the Pokémon that poop, with the exception of Guzzlord, whose dropping has yet to be discovered. So people can safely assume that any living organism that consumes physical food as humans do are also the same Pokémon that poop and pee.

Meanwhile, Pokémon who consume energy or electricity for food probably do not need to poop because their “food” does not have any byproduct. Another exception would be the Galarian Weezing, who consumes air for their sustenance. 

Can Pokemon Get Ill due to the Food They Eat?

Pokemon featured anime h

Pokémon in the anime have been shown to become ill, but food or an upset stomach is usually not the cause of an illness. As far as the anime has gone, Pikachu has been shown to have an illness called Electrical Overcharging. This condition seems to affect electrical-type Pokémon and usually occurs when electric-types are exposed to high levels of electric energy.


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From what the anime show, the illness can be cured by discharging electricity via Pokémon moves or, in light cases, by consuming an Oran Berry.

Fevers are also shown to affect Pokémon as various Pokémon have been shown to contract it over the series. Usually, humans would treat the fever similarly to how other humans would treat their own fever. 

Poison is a popular status effect that usually gets inflected to Pokémon by Poison-type Pokémon. In the anime, many Pokémon in the series have been shown struggling to battle while poisoned. Trainers in the anime are shown to give Pokémon a Pecha Berry to cure the Pokémon after a battle.

What Do Pokemon Eat?

Most Pokémon are shown to eat meat and vegetables. In the anime, there is a term called Pokémon Food which is a broad term when referring to any type of food a Pokémon will eat. The series has shown that Pokémon are capable of consuming even Human food, as Ash has been shown sharing meals with Pikachu.

However, Pokémon are also seen as capable of consuming things that are inedible to humans, such as air, minerals, dreams, and even energy. In some PokéDex entries, it is stated that a few Pokémon are capable of eating other Pokémon. In addition, some Pokémon can also eat non-Pokémon animals.

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