Can Saitama Breathe in Space?

One of the things that we know about Saitama is the fact that he is seemingly a character that cannot be beaten in the One Punch Man continuity. That means that he is extremely powerful and is strong enough to defeat anyone with one single punch. Nevertheless, that doesn’t make Saitama omnipotent and invincible because of the fact that he may still have one weakness—oxygen. So, can Saitama breathe in space?

Unfortunately, Saitama cannot breathe in space. He may be extremely powerful and capable of physical feats that are beyond imagination. But the fact is that he is just a really strong human being. That means that he still has some of the limitations that normal humans have, such as the need for oxygen.

Yes, Saitama could be the most powerful anime character we have seen in a very long time, but that doesn’t make him immortal. The fact of the matter is that, due to the show’s recurring gag, he is just an extremely strong human being that has reached strength levels beyond imagination. But he is still human in terms of his physiological needs. In that regard, let’s see if Saitama can breathe in space.

Can Saitama Breathe In Space?

Those who are fans of the One Punch Man anime would know that Saitama is basically an unbeatable character that trained hard enough to reach the status he has right now. Saitama’s power is so great that he could basically defeat anyone with a single punch, and that includes all of the most dangerous enemies in the entire One Punch Man anime. As such, he has the strength that rivals that of a god, as he may be the most powerful anime character right now.

Nevertheless, one of the things that we do know about Saitama is that he may still have his own limits. As strong as he is, he is not incredibly strong to the point that he obtained powers. Basically speaking, Saitama is just an extremely powerful person that has physical abilities that are well beyond what we have seen in the history of fiction. But, as far as his powers are concerned, he has none.

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Considering that Saitama is a powerful human being that’s capable of doing things that are beyond godlike as far as his physical attributes are concerned, you may be wondering if he could actually breathe in space. After all, some of the most powerful characters in fiction are capable of surviving in space without the need for air. So, what about Saitama?

Apparently, Saitama cannot breathe in space because, after all, there is no air in space. That means that whenever he’s in space, he doesn’t have any air to breathe at all, and that could lead to suffocation on his part. And this is where it becomes clear that Saitama is, first and foremost, still a human being that trained extremely hard to become a powerful man that could defeat anyone and anything with a single punch.

But as far as his physiology is concerned, Saitama still needs air and oxygen to survive because his body is still human when it comes to its biological needs. He may be powerful enough to kill and defeat gigantic monsters and Dragon-level threats with a single punch, but Saitama is still a human being that needs to breathe whenever he is in outer space.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that Saitama cannot breathe whenever he’s in outer space, the fact of the matter is that he could still survive in the vacuum of space without getting damaged at all. And ordinary humans, without the use of any space suit or anything that could protect them from solar radiation and sheer cold while providing enough oxygen for breathing.

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In most cases, it would take under a minute for someone to die when exposed to the vacuum of space without any special equipment. The sheer cold will kill the person. Meanwhile, the vacuum of space will suck the air out of anyone and will cause asphyxiation.

But in Saitama’s case, he has shown that being in space doesn’t damage him at all or cause any considerable biological damage to his body. Nevertheless, he did show that he still needed air to survive while he was in space. The only difference between him and an ordinary person is that the sheer coldness and the vacuum of space do not affect him at all.

How Was Saitama Able To Survive In Space?

In the One Punch Man manga and anime, one of the things that we saw Saitama doing was jumping from Earth all the way to the Moon. That means that he is strong enough to be able to jump so high and so fast that he could reach the Moon, which is 384,400 km away from Earth. During the time he was on the Moon, Saitama showed no visible damage despite the fact that he wasn’t wearing any kind of special suit. So, how was Saitama able to survive in space?

Saitama, for all intents and purposes, is still human in terms of his physiology and biological needs. That means that he still needs to breathe air to survive. Nevertheless, he was able to survive on the Moon without breathing because he was holding his breath the entire time. In that regard, his lungs are so strong that they allow him to jump from the Earth to the Moon and vice versa while he was holding his breath throughout the entire time.

On top of that, Saitama was able to survive space without getting damaged by the sheer cold and by the radiation from the sun due to the fact that he is simply that strong. Saitama’s body is so strong that it has reached a level where not even outer space is hazardous enough for him. As such, as long as Saitama is holding his breath and he has enough air in his lungs the entire time, he is more than capable of surviving in space without suffering any sort of damage whatsoever.

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