Can Saitama Fly & Will He Be Able to in the Future?

Can Saitama Fly & Will He Be Able to in the Future?

Were it not for the protagonist, Saitama, One-Punch Man would probably not be as popular. And while Saitama might be a gag character objectively, he is still special enough for us to discuss his powers and abilities seriously. Known as the One-Punch Man, Saitama has decided to become the strongest person on the planet at one point in his life, and currently, it seems that he is exactly that. But how does he do it? In this article, we will explore one segment of Saitama’s powers and abilities as you will find out whether Saitama can fly.

Unlike most caped superheroes, Saitama actually cannot fly. The protagonist of One-Punch Man is a regular human with some superhuman powers and abilities, all of which result from intense training. He doesn’t really have any supernatural abilities. As a means of compensating for his inability to fly, Saitama is – thanks to his training – able to use the Enhanced Leap, which allows him to simulate flight in many ways.

The rest of this article will further elaborate on the above-given answer, as we are going to tell you about Saitama’s powers and abilities in more detail. We are going to give you a list of all of Saitama’s powers and abilities and also elaborate a bit on why he cannot fly. We are also going to explore the possibility of Saitama flying in the future at some point.

Can Saitama fly?

Saitama is the protagonist of One Punch-Man and the strongest character in the series. He has never been harmed by an enemy before, and nearly no enemy is strong enough to withstand even one significant hit. A few of his adversaries have withstood his strikes, including Boros and any human he has struck (clearly without intending to kill), for whom Saitama felt pity and moderated his strength in order to offer Boros a thrilling and gratifying fight.

However, it’s crucial to understand that Saitama lacks superhuman abilities. Saitama’s body is actually his only power, allowing him to perform incredible physical feats because it is much above what is normal for humans. He outperforms even artificial entities created or bred for superhuman warfare, such the mechanical beings or mutant fighters of the House of Evolution, in terms of strength.


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Saitama has never faced a true opponent, therefore his strength’s upper limit is likely far greater than it appears. With each new chapter of the manga, we explore this possibility. Saitama’s strength is restricted to intense human traits; he cannot fly, fire energy blasts, or carry out any supernatural deeds, unlike most cape-wearing superheroes; yet, these superhuman prowess make up for the lack of variation in his skills.

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The entire tale is a gimmick, and as a result, the source of Saitama’s incredible strength is mysterious and ambiguous. No one believes him despite his repeated claims that he developed these amazing abilities through physical training (and you cannot really blame people for not believing him). Saitama claimed that after performing 100 push-ups, sit-ups, and squats each day in addition to 10 kilometers of daily running, he had attained a certain degree of superhuman strength and had continued to advance.

Saitama believes that the exercise was so strenuous that at times he thought he may pass away and that it made all of his hair come out at once. He reportedly continued to coach him for a another 18 months before he started his hero career. In contrast, Dr. Genus thinks that Saitama was able to get rid of his Limiter by putting such a rigorous training regimen into place. Genos, on the other hand, thinks that Saitama does not truly understand how he acquired all of these powers and abilities and hopes to learn the secret by being trained by him and watching him.

We have to emphasize that Saitama would complete every phase of his training one after the other without stopping, and he was engaged in battle with monsters that materialized at the same time, making it harder to complete than one might anticipate. Despite his great physical strength, he can still be defeated by opponents who are skilled in some non-combat activities, as was the case when Bang defeated him in the game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

After such an introduction, no further explanations are needed. It is now quite obvious that Saitama is not able to fly, nor is he capable of any other supernatural feat. This makes sense from a character development-focused point of view, as Saitama has been presented as a gimmick human who basically did push-ups every day and became the strongest being in the universe. He has no powers but compensates for them by being so powerful. As an alternative to being unable to fly, Saitama can use the Enhanced Leap technique, which allows him to leap and jump so high that it seems like he can fly. The ability is a result of his powerful legs.

Will Saitama be able to fly in the future?

Well, knowing One-Punch Man, we cannot exclude anything. This animanga has surprised us so many times before that we really cannot predict anything with absolute certainty. Saitama might even grow his hair back at some point because – why not? But, as for his flight, we would say that he will not be able to do it unless he ends up standing on a plane or something like that. Namely, Saitama is not a superhuman character. He is human, and everything he has achieved was done through rigorous training. Sure, the series took it to ridiculously absurd levels, but you get our point.


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Flying is, by all means, a very supernatural ability, and so far, no human can fly. We can jump, swim, run, and leap, but we cannot fly. Everything that a regular human can do, Saitama can do so much better that it actually seems like some supernatural ability of his. But it’s not; it’s simply the result of a lot of work. This is why flying will probably not be one of Saitama’s abilities, but as we’ve said, with Saitama, you never know.

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