One-Punch Man: Saitama Has Actually Lost Multiple Fights!

Has Saitama Ever Lost a Fight?

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Were it not for the protagonist, Saitama, One-Punch Man would probably not be as popular. And while Saitama might, objectively, be a gag character, he is still special enough for us to actually discuss his powers and abilities seriously. Known as the One-Punch Man, Saitama has – at one point in his life – decided to become the strongest person on the planet, and currently, it seems that he is exactly that. Saitama seems invincible and there is a very solid theory that he cannot be defeated. We won’t be discussing that theory precisely, but we are going to tell you whether Saitama has lost a fight in One-Punch Man or not.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Saitama has, indeed, lost a fight in One-Punch Man; he lost two, actually.
  • But, both of these losses happened before the main storyline, i.e., before he became One-Punch Man, which makes sense, as it only confirms that after becoming the One-Punch Man, Saitama has never lost a fight.
  • The only time he did lose is when he lost to King in a video game.

Has Saitama ever lost a fight in One-Punch Man?

In this section, we are going to go over all of Saitama’s battles from all the One-Punch Man works, as per One-Punch Man Wiki. There are going to be a lot of spoilers here, so be careful, but this was the best way to actually show you how effective Saitama is and why he is such a cult classic character. The battles are going to be organized based on the source they are taken from and his losses are going to be bolded:

Before the start of the series (shown in different chapters and episodes throughout the series):

Saitama vs. Ripped Uniforms“200 Yen”NoneLoss
Saitama vs. Piggy Bancon (Off-Screen)“200 Yen”NoneLoss
Saitama vs. Crablante21Win
Saitama vs. Himawari (Off-Screen)“Brushing Up”NoneWin
Saitama vs. Personification Of A Light Pull Cord“Brushing Up”NoneWin
Saitama vs. Octopus Claw Man (Off-Screen)3913Win
Saitama vs. 170,000-Year-Old Cicada Larva“Summer”NoneWin
Saitama vs. Fish of DarknessNone“Road To Hero”Win


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Main manga/anime series

Saitama vs. Vaccine Man11Win
Saitama vs. Marugori31Win
Saitama vs. Super Custom YO649Z Mk. IINone1Win
Saitama vs. Subterraneans (Dream)41Win
Saitama vs. Subterranean King41Win
Saitama vs. Mosquito5, 62Interrupted
Saitama vs. Kamakyuri, Slugerous, Frog Man, Ground Dragon and Beast King7, 82Win
Saitama vs. Carnage Kabuto10, 113Win
Saitama vs. Hammerhead144Win
Saitama vs. Speed-o’-Sound Sonic14, 154Win
Saitama vs. Sneck165Win
Saitama vs. Genos175Win
Saitama vs. Speed-o’-Sound Sonic: Round Two18, 196Win
Saitama vs. Kombu Infinity (Off-Screen)206Win
Saitama, Genos and Bofoi vs. Meteor207Win
Saitama vs. Tanktop Tiger and Tanktop Black Hole217Win
Saitama vs. Messenger of the Seafolk238Win
Saitama vs. Deep Sea King27, 289Win
Saitama vs. Groribas and Geryuganshoop32, 33, 3410, 11Win
Saitama vs. Boros34, 35, 3611, 12Win
Saitama vs. PlutonNone12Win
Saitama vs. Giant Crow38, 3913Win
Saitama vs. Fubuki, Eyelashes and Mountain Ape42, 4314Interrupted by Genos and Speed-o’-Sound Sonic
Saitama vs. Speed-o’-Sound Sonic: Round Three4414Win
Saitama vs. Garou5115Win
Saitama vs. Zakos6117Win
Saitama vs. Bakuzan63, 6418Win
Saitama vs. Sour Face (Off-Screen)6719Win
Saitama vs. Choze6919Win
Saitama vs. Suiryu70, 7119Disqualified
Saitama vs. Bakuzan: Round Two74, 7521Win
Saitama vs. Gouketsu (Off-screen)7521Win
Saitama vs. Garou: Round Two7721Win
Saitama vs. King (video game)832281 Losses – 0 Win
King and Saitama vs. Elder Centipede8524Win
Saitama vs. Garou (Dine-and-Dash)88NoneWin
Saitama vs. Overgrown Rover and Nyan113NoneWin
Saitama vs. Orochi115NoneWin
Saitama vs. Evil Natural Water157NoneWin
Saitama vs. Awakened Garou160, 161, 162, 163, 164, 165, 166, 167, 168NoneWin
Saitama vs. Metal Knight’s Defense System172NoneWin
Saitama vs. Forte175NoneInterrupted by Blizzard Group
Saitama vs. Demon-Level Containment Floor Monsters176NoneIn progress


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Additional manga chapters and OVA

Saitama vs. Demonic Fan“A New Wind Blows”23Win
Saitama vs. Delorean (Off-Screen)“What Can’t Be Bought”NoneWin
Saitama vs. Bull-Bull and Cow’s Stomach (Off-Screen)“What Can’t Be Bought”NoneWin
Saitama vs. Surprise-Attack Plum (Off-Screen)“Pork Cutlet Bowl”NoneWin
Saitama vs. Grizzly Nyah Mother“Lost Cat”NoneWin
Saitama and Genos vs. Harsh Path Style members“Lobster”NoneWin
Saitama vs. Game-Berus“Sense”NoneWin
Saitama vs. Lord Great White“Sense”NoneWin
Saitama vs. Speed-o’-Sound Sonic: Round Four“Sense”NoneWin
Saitama, Genos, King and Bang vs. Fubuki and Blizzard Group (Video Game Challenge)“Numbers”NoneWin
Saitama, Genos, King, Bang and Fubuki vs. Jumping Spider“Numbers”NoneWin
Saitama vs. Scaledon“Squadron”NoneWin
Saitama vs. Assassins (Off-Screen)“King’s Weekend-like Weekday”NoneWin
Saitama vs. Withered Sprout“Disaster Level”NoneWin
Saitama vs. Men’s Esthetician Man (Off-Screen)None“A Shadow That Snuck Up Too Close”Win
Saitama vs. Bear (Off-Screen)None“The Ninja Who Is Too Complicated”Win
Saitama vs. Bang (Karuta)None“Bang, Who Is Too Overbearing”Draw
Saitama vs. Bang (Head Cover Rock-Paper-Scissors)None“Bang, Who Is Too Overbearing”81 Losses – 1 Win
Saitama vs. Dirt EarthwormNone“Saitama And The Mediocre Ability Users”Win


Saitama and Genos vs. MonsterMaji Drama CD Vol. 1“Saitama, Makeover”Win
Saitama vs. Simulation monstersMaji Drama CD Vol. 2“Genos, Training”Win
Saitama vs. Simulation GenosMaji Drama CD Vol. 2“Genos, Training”Win
Simulation Saitama vs. Superalloy DarkshineMaji Drama CD Vol. 2“Genos, Training”Win
Saitama vs. Simulation SaitamaMaji Drama CD Vol. 2“Genos, Training”Win
Saitama vs. Speed-o’-Sound Sonic 11th MatchMaji Drama CD Vol. 3“Sonic, Becoming Saitama”Win
Saitama and Speed-o’-Sound Sonic vs. EnergiserMaji Drama CD Vol. 3“Sonic, Becoming Saitama”Win

Original One-Punch Man webcomic (spoiler-heavy)

Saitama vs. Vaccine Man11Win
Saitama vs. Crablante Pre-Series21Win
Saitama vs. Marugori31Win
Saitama vs. Subterraneans (Saitama’s Dream)41Win
Saitama vs. Subterranean King41Win
Saitama vs. Mosquito5, 62Interrupted by Genos
Saitama vs. Kamakyuri, Slugerous, Frog Man, Ground Dragon and Beast King7, 8,2Win
Saitama vs. Carnage Kabuto10, 113Win
Saitama vs. Hammerhead144Win
Saitama vs. Speed-o’-Sound Sonic14, 154Win
Saitama vs. Sneck165Win
Saitama vs. Genos175Win
Saitama vs. Speed-o’-Sound Sonic Round Two18, 196Win
Saitama, Bofoi and Genos vs. Meteor20, 21, 227Win
Saitama vs. Tanktop Tiger and Tanktop Black Hole237Win
Saitama vs. Seafolk248Win
Saitama vs. Deep Sea King30, 319Win
Saitama vs. Groribas3611Win
Saitama vs. Geryuganshoop37, 3811Win
Saitama vs. Boros38, 39, 4011, 12Win
Saitama vs. Giant Crow4413Win
Saitama vs. Octopus Claw Man Pre-Series4413Win
Saitama vs. Fubuki, Eyelashes and Mountain Ape47, 4814Interrupted by Genos and Sonic
Saitama vs. Speed-o’-Sound Sonic: Round Three4914Win
Saitama vs. Garou (Dine-and-Dash)55NoneWin
Saitama vs. Fubuki vs. King vs. Genos vs. Bang vs. Bomb (Hot Pot)57NoneDraw
Saitama vs. Overgrown Rover64NoneWin
Saitama vs. Flashy Flash65NoneWin
Saitama vs. Evil Natural Water86NoneWin
Saitama vs. Awakened Garou87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92NoneWin
Saitama vs. Metal Knight’s Defense System96NoneWin
Saitama vs. Forte98NoneForte gets hit by a car
Saitama vs. Pot Bellee, Tongue Stretcher, Man-Eating Capybara, Twin-Headed Tsuchinoko, and several other monsters100, 101NoneWin
Saitama vs. Tatsumaki101, 102, 103, 104NoneBoth parties back down
Saitama, Tatsumaki, and Feather vs. A-Class Bounty Big Iron and his group of criminals104NoneWin
Saitama and Tatsumaki vs. Kenzan Rat104NoneWin
Saitama and Tatsumaki vs. Speed-o’-Sound Sonic104NoneWin
Saitama vs. Genos (Round Two)108NoneGenos backs down
Saitama vs. Flashy Flash (Round Two)112, 113NoneInterrupted by Genos
Saitama vs. Speed-o’-Sound Sonic: Round Four114NoneWin
Saitama vs. Ninja Village Leader (Off-Screen)118NoneWin
Saitama vs. Mirror129NoneWin
Saitama vs. The Organization’s robots141NoneWin


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When did Saitama lose a fight?

So, if we put aside the video and regular game losses, Saitama has lost only two fights, both of which happened before he became One-Punch Man and early in his life and career. In this section, we are going to tell you what happened in these two fights. Both of them actually happened in the “200 Yen” extra chapter that was published alongside Volume 1, with the original release date being December 4, 2012.

This extra chapter is actually quite short and it only reveals fragments from Saitama’s past when he was a 12-year-old middle schooler. Among the scenes shown in the chapter is one where two delinquents, known as the Ripped Uniforms, ask weaker kids for their money. At one point, the two also stop Saitama and drag him out to the schoolyard, where they demand his money. Saitama does not want to give it to them and prepares for a fight, but had his butt kicked, as well as money taken, easily.

Piggy Bancon

Not long after that, a Mysterious Creature, whose existence had been foreshadowed earlier in the chapter, approaches them and takes the Ripped Uniforms’ money, including the money they had taken from Saitama. The mysterious creature is revealed to be Piggy Bancon.

After this happens, one of the delinquents states that he won’t be able to pay for his little brother’s lunch, to which Saitama – surprise, surprise – reacts. He gets up and chases after Piggy Bancon to get the money back for the delinquents who had beaten him up. That’s Saitama for you. He did catch Piggy Bacon and wanted to fight it, but was quickly knocked down and stayed like that for about an hour. After that, he went back to school. And these are the only two known instances in which Saitama was defeated in a fight in the whole series, but this was a 12-year-old Saitama and not One-Punch Man.

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