Can Teenagers Get Pregnant in Sims 4? Here Is How

Can Teenagers Get Pregnant in Sims 4? Here Is How

The Sims games are one of the best simulators in the gaming world. It provides players with many different features where they can fulfill their fantasies or just play the game and live in that world through their Sims characters. Sims can do almost anything as real people – eating, drinking, socializing, cleaning, hanging out with other Sims, and even starting a family. Some players wanted to go even further and play with pregnant teenagers in the Sims 4. In this article, we will discuss if teenagers can get pregnant in Sims 4, and if they can, how.

By default, the Sims 4 game does not allow Sims teenagers to get pregnant. The minimum pregnancy age in the Sims 4 game is a Young Adult Sims that is presumably around twenty years old. Even though EA did not allow teen pregnancies, modders of the Sims 4 community provided the players with the special mod that allows teen pregnancies.

We will discuss this topic further and provide you with reasoning on why teen pregnancies are not allowed and recommend a mod that allows players to have pregnant Teen Sims in the Sims 4 game. If you are interested in this topic, stay with us until the end of the article.

Can a Teenage Sim Have a Baby in Sims 4?

Sims games were always one of the most popular life simulators in the gaming world. Yes, there were online games like Second Life, but they never got good as the Sims games, which from its beginnings provided players with the most immersive and real-life elements in the game ever. Real-life simulators can be wonky and limited. which Sims slowly but surely started to change.

Amongst hundreds of the features Sims games introduced in their games, one became quite important – pregnancy of the Sims. This feature was introduced in the second Sims game that was released in 2004, and since then appeared in every Sims game to date, but with various mechanics.

Can Teenagers Get Pregnant in Sims 4? Here Is How

Pregnancy is a slippery slope in every game we saw to date, but because Sims was a real-life simulator, it did not bring any judgment or criticism on how the pregnancy is presented in the game. Why is this mod fascinating some Sims players? Probably because of the challenge – imagine being a teenager with no money trying to raise a child alone. Too realistic and a situation that hits some people close to home, but some players just love that kind of gameplay but that is maybe for some other article.

Anyway, to make Sims pregnant in the Sims 4 game, players Sim needs to be in a relationship with other Sims and have a hundred percent love and romantic feelings for each other. After spamming the “Woohoo” option where two Sims engage in sexual intercourse, after some time, a player gets an option called “Try for a baby”.

When one does that, after some time, your Sim will be pregnant. However, that only works if the Sim is at minimum young adult. Teenagers cannot have babies in the game.

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Can You Get Pregnant As a Teenager In Sims 4?

As we already mentioned, pregnancy is a slippery slope in every game, and even though Sims games get a free pass because of their genre, sometimes even the simulator can become a target for criticism and controversies. EA Games decided to not put an option for teenagers to have babies or get pregnant in the game for a good reason.

Teenage pregnancies in the real life are hard and a sensitive topic in our society, and even though this is a realistic state of life and teenagers actually get pregnant all the time, EA Games never put that feature in the Sims games.

Can Teenagers Get Pregnant in Sims 4? Here Is How

However, some fans wanted to change that – some wanted to create a realistic storyline in the Sims 4 games and immerse themselves by creating a story similar to the movie Juno, for example. Other players just wanted to recreate a life in Sims 4 that maybe they or someone close to them lived through.

We did make a few lists on our website about CCs and Mods that enhance the Sims gaming experience, so it is not surprising that there are mods for teenage pregnancies out there. You can go on YouTube, write in a search bar “teenage pregnancies” and dozens and dozens of videos will pop out which mostly consist of storylines you can see in Hallmark movies or reality shows like “Keeping up with Kardashians”.

All in all, by default, you can’t have pregnant teenagers in the Sims 4 game, but of course, there are actually teen pregnancies mods available.

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How Do You Get a Teenager Pregnant on Sims 4 Command Center?

As you know, for most of the mods in Sims 4 (and generally in the modded games), you need to first install the special engine or a program for those mods to actually work. The program MC Command Center or just MCCC is one of the most popular Sims 4 mods out there. It is essentially a group of mods that, once installed, can be found in the Sims game and used for various purposes.

Of course, one of the dozen options is to make your Sim pregnant and the MCCC actually replaces all cheat commands of the game and becomes the main grid for adding or removing features.

Installing the Sims 4 Command Center is quite easy:

  • After you download the file for Sims 4 Command Center, proceed to open or extract the downloaded file.
  • Usually, your mods and CC are in the folder where the Sims 4 game is installed, so copy all the script files of the downloaded item and paste it to the mods folder which is located where the Sims 4 is installed on your computer.
  • When you go over those steps, just launch the Sims 4 game and go to your game settings.
  • In the game settings, you must enable Script Mods & Custom content to be able to add mods to your Sims game.
Can Teenagers Get Pregnant in Sims 4? Here Is How

After you installed the Command Center, you must download the teen pregnancy mod, more specifically, a mod called Inteen 4 Sims 4. To make it work, download the resource file provided in the link, to the folder where your other mods are installed. The creator provided you with their instructions on how to enable the mod in Sims 4, which includes changing the script of the downloaded mod from unpacked to inteen and putting the script in the right order.

It is not hard, just follow the instructions in the description and comment section of the mod.

This is it for this article. If you are interested in a few more topics, check out our list of best Harry Potter and Fairy CC mods.

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