25 Best The Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs You Need to Try

Best Sims 4 Clutter Mods & CC Packs

When it comes to bringing your Sims 4 home to life, there may be a few open areas that just feel unloved. From bareboned walls to empty tabletops, plenty of Sims 4 players can agree that there’s much more to a comfy home than a select range of potplants.

Thankfully, there are tons of incredible Sims 4 clutter mods and CCs that can add even the most minuscule details for a homey and liveable space! Stick around to find out about the best Sims 4 clutter CCs to try out.

25. Farmers Market

If your sims in the Sims 4 have got a keen eye for plant life and some green thumbs to match, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a clutter CC that’s absolutely perfect for you! The Farmers Market set ads a variety of fresh produce topped with some rustic decor and containers that really make gardening or farming feel like a dream.

Farmers Market

Players will be able to set up the additions to show off fruits and vegetables that have been homegrown, or create a lovely farmers market table for sims to grab some fresh food. There are numerous options for stalls and additional decorative produce for players to choose from.

24. Alberta Decor

Offices are definitely one of the most clean-cut areas in the Sims 4 – perhaps, too clean. Let’s be honest, no office or desk would be complete without some healthy clutter – like books, stationery, electronic devices, and more.

Alberta Decor

The Alberta Decor set is ideal for any businessman or businesswoman in the Sims 4 – or maybe even a class or college student, the limits are endless. This set adds well-organized desk clutter that can revive even the most burned-out sim while adding color to a space that can feel far more dreary than it should.

23. Breakfast Clutter

Even if you’re not an early bird, there’s no denying that there’s nothing like the smell of fresh coffee and pastries in the morning. Whether you prefer tea and scones with a side of fresh honey and cinnamon or roasted coffee coupled with sweet berries, this set has something for everything to enjoy.

Breakfast Clutter

The Breakfast Clutter set adds some much-needed love and deliciousness to any Sims 4 kitchen, making for a truly perfect sunrise each and every day. Now you can bring the taste of home into your Sims 4 world – topped with some essential kitchen table clutter like cereal boxes, golden toast, and much more.

22. Mist Livingroom Decor

Many Sims 4 players feel like the living room just doesn’t feel as liveable as it should, often featuring blank walls and empty tables. With such an interior design, it really doesn’t seem like the sims are living at all, which makes the Mist Livingroom Decor set absolutely ideal.

Mist Livingroom Decor

If you’re looking for a way to bring some classy and tasteful interior decor items into your Sims 4 home, this set may be perfect. It includes tons of little details that can really elevate the room’s atmosphere, such as bookends, coffee table books, and even incense.

21. Annie Bathroom Set

The Annie Bathroom Set is an amazing option for any Sims 4 player seeking a touch of detail and life in their bathrooms. Bathrooms definitely aren’t given as much attention as they deserve in the Sims, as although sims don’t spend most of their time in these areas, they still love soaking in hot baths after long days.

Annie Bathroom Set

This rustic yet homey, relaxing, and warm set is absolutely beautiful, flaunting pale blue color tones combined with neutral and natural hues such as light browns. It has just enough clutter to feel realistic and lived-in, such as potted plants, towels, and numerous types of soap.

20. Antique Stacks

Ever wished you could add beautiful stacks of thick and unique books as decor around your Sims 4 home? Well, if you’re keen on letting your sims have a home filled with intellectual items and timeless novels, the Antique Stacks set may be perfect.

Antique Stacks

This book clutter set adds a ton of detailed, old-school, and perfectly proportionate books to your Sims 4 world – many of which can be compared to Hogwarts hardbound books. While these books aren’t exactly readable, it’s an amazingly tasteful clutter option for any wise or curious sim.

19. Witchy Things V1

If you’re looking to create a magical and mystical home that’s filled with mystery and excitement in Sims 4, the Witchy Things V1 set may be ideal. It’s a perfect option for all of the sim witches and wizards out there, sure to bring the spark back into the spiritual side of sims.

Witchy Things V1

The set includes classics like tarot cards, smudging, a selenite wand, and much more. While you won’t be able to brew up potions, you’ll certainly be able to brew up a hot drink for your sim and unwind with some top-quality spiritual cleansing rituals.

18. The Art Side of Life

The Art Side of Life is absolutely perfect for all the creative sims out there, allowing players to truly embrace their paintbrushes and artistic streaks with pride. The Art Side of Life CC adds even more whim and finesse to the already existing creative items in the Sims 4, including everything your sim might need to fashion a new masterpiece.

The Art Side of Life

It features everything from cans of paint, tubes of guache, and aged paintbrushes to fresh inspiration boards, polaroids, and much more. With this CC, your sim can finally have the art studio they’ve always dreamed of!

17. Mares Pantry

Although sims generally see to have endlessly stocked fridges that they can simply open up and perform magical acts of cooking, there isn’t much going on in the realm of storage. Where are the eggs, the milk, the candy? Now, players can have visual access to their favorite food items in the Sims 4 – even if they never get used.

Mares Pantry

The Mares Pantry set adds just that, a fully stocked pantry-styled storage clutter system for sims of any cooking caliber. It’s been completely loaded with tons and tons of food that just about any sim would love.


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There’s a lovely collection of shelves that are filled to the brim with things like milk bottles, canned goods, spices, and much more. But, at the same time, it’s fully organized as well – so your sims will have no trouble finding that bag of chips they’d been looking for.

16. Ice Cream Cups

Ever wanted to kick up your heels with a fresh tub of soft, melt-in-your-mouth ice cream? Well, surely your sims would love the idea, too! Now, players can let their sims indulge in only the finest ice cream products – whether it be your favorite flavored soft serves, fresh scoops, fro-yo, or gelato.

Ice Cream Cups

The Ice Cream Cups set adds some adorably colorful and whimsical ice cream cups into your Sims 4 world. While there are no toppings available other than sprinkles, players can choose from 8 different ice cream tub color swatches and fill it up with chocolate or vanilla.

15. Peg To Differ

Puns aside, this set is an absolute must for anyone wanting to spice up hallways and entrances. Peg To Differ is ideal for all sims, whether living in a modern villa or a quaint, cozy cottage.

Peg To Differ

It includes 10 pieces of warm and aesthetic pieces that represent your sims’ personalities, such as lights, smart speakers, and a dresser. This entryway set is by no means flashy or extravagant, but it’s certainly tasteful and homey – sure to make any guest feel welcome.

14. Storage Squared Cubby Inserts

The bedroom often houses some of our most prized, cherished, sentimental, and often useless possessions. There’s no shame in that, it’s just part of living in a homey and personalized home – so, this should definitely be the case in the Sims 4 as well!

Storage Squared Cubby Inserts

Still, it’s quite common for the bedrooms in the Sims 4 to feel freakishly spick and span – no storage, no boxes under the beds. Now, players can add some additional details to their sims bedrooms without it feeling messy and chaotic.


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The Storage Squared Cubby Inserts set adds some cubby holes and storage sots for all of your sims trinkets and old gadgets. While your sims may no longer have a practical need for these items, they can serve well as interior decor pieces until they’re sold at the next yard sale.

13. Decor Shoes

Any fashionable sim would understand the pain of not having any visible accessories around the home. What’s the point of being promoted in the Sims if you can’t show off your new trendy getups?

Decor Shoes

Now, your sims can stack their favorite kicks and heels with the Decor Shoes clutter set, which adds a functional show rack for any sim. While it doesn’t necessarily change how your sim gets dressed, it’s still nice to feel like your sim has far more outfit options than they actually do.

12. Kitchen Jen Part 3

Kitchens in the Sims 4 can often feel plain and underused, mainly featuring a selection between countertops and appliances – but, not much else. The Kitchen Jen Part 3 set adds a ton of detail and style to any Sims 4 kitchen, making this area feel like something straight out of a cooking show.

Kitchen Jen Part 3

It features some stunning color palettes like rustic golds and neutral woods that can perfectly complement just about any sims style and decor preferences. There are tons of things to love bout this set, especially if you prioritize the cooking or even the gourmet cooking skills in the Sims 4.


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This set adds some well-needed detail through realistic yet organized kitchen clutter, including 10 awesome items that would make any sim instantly pick up a cookbook. It features items like bowls, bottles, plates, and even kitchen tools to make cooking in Sims 4 feel more like a hobby than a chore.

11. Music Posters Add-on

It’s safe to say that the Sims 4 world can be pretty short on wall decor, with quite a select category of painting decals. If you’re looking for something casual yet effective to fill up the empty spaces around the house, then the Music posters add-on may be perfect for you.

Music Posters

This set will make it look as if your sims have been plastering posters of their favorite stars and celebs for ages – very in-tune with many homes in real life. The set features 20 posters that are creative and attractive, designed to add color and personality to any sim home.

10. Kitchen Objects

If you’re looking for much more to add to your kitchen in the Sims 4, this one may be ideal since it considers interior decor that’s functional – and, almost indispensable in real life. The Kitchen Objects set includes tons of items that can be found in just about any kitchen, breathing life into the Sims 4.

Kitchen Objects

The set includes 9 kitchen clutter items, such as glass bottles, oil and vinegar containers, baskets for onions, a cutting board, and much more. These items may feel like clutter, but it’s all part of fashioning a well-organized kitchen, both in real life and in the sims world.

9. Housework

Sims seem to have a special ability for keeping the place tidy. While there may be stacks of plates covered by green mist and occasional mysterious puddles around the home, the clean-up process is surprisingly simple.


The sims would generally whip out a mop, or simply wash up in a sink – or, in some cases, just toss out dirty dishes instead of cleaning up. But, there is a fun and simple way to add much more variety for your more cleanly and hygienic sims.


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The Housework set adds some realistic clutter, including tons of items that are essential in every clean home. It features items like brooms, scrubs, vacuum cleaners, colorful trash bins, spray cleaners, sponges, and even an iron to ensure that your sims have everything they need for any trash pile or puddle.

8. Wine & Champaign Pt 1

Many sims enjoy winding down after a long day at work by playing games on their computer or reading a book. But, there are certainly a few sims that wouldn’t say no to a tall glass of bubbly – or, perhaps something even more classy.

Wine Champaign

The Wine & Champaign Pt 1 set adds just that – a variety of alcoholic beverages for your sims. While sims cannot actually indulge, these bottles can be used as decor at bars or on dining tables, or placed down at parties to show off your sims’ exceptional taste in fine wines.

7. Healing Stones

If you’re looking for some natural and earthy decor that can add a mystical and magical yet calm and intimate atmosphere, the Healing Stones CC may be just for you. This set adds some uniquely shaped and textured crystals for sims of all ages and preferences, sure to match just about any interior design scheme as well.

Healing Stones

The set includes 9 different petite, rough, and uncut crystal options for players to choose from. Players can place down moonstone, crystal quartz, and aventurine as decor items and select from a variety of colors to make the most out of each crystal’s unique healing properties.

6. Franxius Office Decorations

The Franxius Office Decorations set is yet another office clutter option for busy sims and workaholics. But, this office clutter set is slightly more in-tune with a work-from-home setup compared to the classic desk or office setup.

Franxius Office Decorations

It features quite a few items that your sims can use to get work done around the clock, such as notebooks, dainty stationery holders, office supplies, and even wall organizers. The design is simplistic and minimal yet beautiful and incredibly functional, sure to keep any left-brained sim happy until they clock out.

5. Nicole’s Fav CC Collect

Many of the decor items in the Sims 4 can feel out of fashion at times, although many of the designs are classics that can be styled up with the right trimmings. Still, it would be nice to have some in-season furniture and details around the home – even if it’s simple yet homey items that don’t take up too much space.

Nicoles Fav CC Collect 1
Nicoles Fav CC Collect 2

The Nicole’s Fav CC Collect August Edition is an absolute must for any Sims 4 player seeking some warm, comforting interior decor items that lift the mood on even the dullest days. This boho-rustic collection has a broad range of timeless classics that never go out of style, and it’s quite different from many other Sims 4 clutter mods out there.


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It has everything from cozy sofa blankets and scented candles to baskets of books and hot castiron skillet raspberry pancakes. Each of the items in the collection has a separate download as well, meaning players can choose to only take the ones they love most.

4. Ikea Inspired Kitchen Set

If you’re an avid fan of IKEA in real life, you’re going to love the Ikea Inspired Kitchen Set. This Sims 4 clutter set features pretty much everything your sims will need to make your entire cooking area feel realistic and enjoyable.

Ikea Inspired Kitchen Set

The set has simple shelves that make storage feel easy as pie, topped with some top-notch organization. From spice racks, cooking equipment, and junk food to bins and containers, all of your sims’ home-living dreams will become possible.

3. Create Your Clutter

While plants are nothing new to the Sims 4 world, they are certainly a staple that never goes out of fashion. In addition to interior design, there’s just something special about caring for a living piece of nature – they’re almost part of the family.

Create Your Clutter

However, what makes Create Your Clutter so special is that players can mix and match items with plants to make them truly unique. Start off small by pairing plants with items like office accessories, or go all out with some high-quality plant containers to breathe life back into your Sims 4 home.

2. Little Ceramics

Little Ceramics is absolutely perfect for any sim who wants to get as much decor and aesthetic out of each of their potted pants as possible. It’s pretty simple, as plants are classic in the Sims 4, but the holders are undeniably adorable.

Little Ceramics

Players can choose from a wide range of unique, modern, and timeless potted plant holders to ensure that their natural elements match any interior design scheme they’re going for. In addition, the plants included in this set are truly stunning as well.

1. Mirake Conversions

While getting your hands on clutter that’s typically within one genre or topic can be great for decorating your Sims 4 home, it may still feel more like ‘decor’ than actual clutter. There’s just something special about ‘clutter’ specifically, as it should represent multiple facets of personality and life – hobbies, interests, career, and much more.

Mirake Conversions

The same can be said for clutter decor in the Sims 4, and the Mirake Conversions CC pack is the pinnacle of this kind of clutter. The mere nature of the set in relation to realistic clutter is the number one reason why it’s landed the top spot on this list.

This set is not logical at all, and it contains numerous unrelated items that embody clutter from all stages of your sims’ lives. Players will find a stereo, frames, bamboo vase, sewing basket, and numerous other trinkets that could have been bought from just about anywhere – great for filling up gaps in any room around the home.

The Sims 4 is filled with standard furniture and appliances, but sim homes could definitely do with some extras here and there. Although the ranking for these Sims 4 clutter mods and CCs are debatable, they all offer something special for Sims players – irrespective of style, personality, or preferences.