20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft to Try in 2023

best minecraft animal mods

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Minecraft is a game we all love thanks to the amount of hard work put into the atmosphere and player experience, especially in the wildlife and other creatures. Over the years, Minecraft has continued to add more and more content into the game, at this point no one can complain of having limited animal mobs to work with. But there is always this sense that the game needs more animals to give players an almost life-like experience. This is where animal mods come on and we decided to present you with 20 best.

Editor’s Note: This post was updated in October 2023 to provide you with the latest mods compatible with the most recent versions of the game.

1. Animal Crops

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

The saying “Money doesn’t grow on trees” doesn’t apply to Animal Crops, a unique mod in the game that adds a special twist. Unlike other mods, it lets players grow mobs, completely changing the typical “Animal Farm” concept. You can grow all kinds of animals, even rare ones like polar bears and mushrooms, and yes, villagers too. It’s user-friendly and time-saving—imagine the relief of not having to herd animals and villagers back to your house. If it makes life that much easier, count me in!

2. Quintessential Creatures

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

This mod zeroes in on the ocean and its denizens in Minecraft. While Quintessential Creatures might not introduce a plethora of new animals, it compensates by presenting players with meticulously crafted and intricate mobs. The highlight includes ocean creatures like octopuses and angular fish, injecting life into the underwater world. Additionally, a stylish tortoise is introduced, serving the dual purpose of expanding chest storage capacity and adding a cool aesthetic to the game.

3. Rats

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

The rat isn’t everyone’s favorite animal in the world, but in this mod, a Minecraft rat offers players many useful features. These rodents are tameable, and they assist players both in the mines and in gathering crops. They also assist players in combat. You can check out Rats by following this link.

4. Doggy Talents

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

Dreamed of your Minecraft dog mirroring your real-life canine companion? Doggy Talents makes it happen. Offering a plethora of customizations and introducing almost a dozen new dog variants, it stands out by allowing players to train their virtual pups to perform tasks like hunting and fetching items.


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5. Chickens

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

Similar to Doggy Talents but for chickens, this mod enhances the feathered creatures in Minecraft. It not only diversifies the types of chickens available but also boosts their utility. Imagine a chicken laying gunpowder—Chickens makes it a reality. Moreover, you can crossbreed certain chicken variants to spawn ore chickens that lay ores such as Gold, Diamond, and Iron. It’s a Minecraft dream come true, but alas, real life doesn’t seem to work that way. If only mods could make life more interesting!

6. Mystical World

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

Mystical World introduces a variety of distinctive animals—owls, deers, beetles, silkworms, and frogs—to add a dynamic touch to the Minecraft world. Additionally, players can acquire tamable pets, including the intriguing lava cat, found in the Nether Realm.


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7. Better Animals Plus

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

The Better Animal Plus mod brings in around 40 new animals distributed across different biomes in the game. With impressive textures and mechanics, it imparts a unique vibe to the Minecraft world. Additionally, the mod introduces a fresh range of blocks and armor inspired by the newly added animals.

8. Animania

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

Animania adds a dose of realism to farm animals like pigs, sheep, chickens, and cows. It gives them a fresh texture and variations while introducing a new caring system game mechanic. Now, in addition to looking fantastic, your farm animals demand attention—you must clean their pens and maintain their food and water, or they face the risk of demise.

9. Lots O’ Mobs

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

True to its name, the Lots O’ Mobs mod introduces a plethora of new animals and creatures to the game, carefully distributed across suitable biomes. Expect exotic additions such as crocodiles, boars, bears, crabs, and sharks. The mod goes a step further by unveiling two distinct dimensions—the Ice Age and Dinosaur dimensions—each hosting its own set of unique creatures. To top it off, the mod brings in several new blocks and materials, expanding the diversity of the Minecraft experience.

10. Mo’Creatures

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

Mo’Creatures, a venerable and enduring mod, remains among the best due to its extensive content. Lions, tigers, bears, revamped dogs and cats, and even insects join the array of creatures it introduces. Most impressively, players can tame a majority of these animals. The mod doesn’t stop there; it introduces formidable foes like werewolves and ogres, each with its own distinctive mechanics.


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11. Ice and Fire: Dragons

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

Transform your Minecraft world into a fantastical realm with this mod, introducing a myriad of mythical creatures such as Dragons, Pixies, cyclopes, sea serpents, and more. The highlight includes two dragon variations—Fire and Ice—providing some competition for the ender dragon. If you fancy turning your Minecraft experience into an Elder Scrolls-style RPG, this mod is a perfect fit for you.

12. Craftable Animals

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

Ever wished you could craft your own animals in Minecraft? Well, Craftable Animals makes it possible. Say goodbye to mob spawners or spawn eggs—simply gather the required items and craft the animal of your choice. It’s a solid concept, but one can’t help but marvel at the creativity of mod creators. If the idea of having the godlike ability to create any creature with a simple button press intrigues you, then this mod is a must-have.

13. Revamped Wolf

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

Wolves are top-tier pets in Minecraft, and the Revamped Wolf mod ensures they get the treatment they deserve. It introduces various realistic colors and a new Wolf armor item, akin to horse equipment. These modded wolves are not only visually enhanced but also stronger and smarter, reducing the risk of your loyal pet meeting an untimely end.


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14. Better Nature Mod

better nature mod

Better Nature brings diverse biomes, each with its unique music, including discs with various tracks. It introduces numerous blocks and items such as Mud, Mossy Stone, Tertinium Ore, Glowing Crystals, and leaves with fruits like apples and plums. Additionally, new plants, mobs like Iceob and Warped Cow, and structures like Nether Villages and End Lakes enhance the Minecraft experience.

15. Exotic Bird Mod

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

Minecraft’s aerial wildlife gets a boost with essential mods like Exotic Bird. This mod introduces a variety of birds, including Ducks, owls, pelicans, cranes, woodpeckers, swans, flamingos, hummingbirds, and penguins, each finding a home in the biome that suits them best. Additionally, the mod features a unique touch—eggs spawning on trees, adding a realistic touch to the avian experience in the game.

16. Zoocraft Discoveries Mod

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

Zoocraft Discoveries exemplifies quality over quantity by introducing a select number of animals with meticulous attention to detail. Included are creatures like anteaters, camels, capybaras, chinchillas, frogs, geckos, gemsboks, giraffes, hedgehogs, porcupines, rhinos, and tapirs. Notably, it introduces a new breeding system using existing Minecraft items like Wheat and Apples. As a testament to its focus on quality, the mod even lets you craft and dye bunny slippers in various colors—an enticing detail that sets it apart.


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17. Bizzare Animals

Bizzare Animals

Bizzare Animals introduces a variety of new animals to the game, with most being passive or attacking only when provoked. The creatures exhibit special interactions, such as lizards or frogs eating flies, penguins laying eggs, and lions chasing giraffes. The current list includes lions, frogs, dart frogs, flies, lizards, tarantulas, giraffes, beavers, penguins, green pythons, crows, and grizzly bears, while the latest additions feature octopuses, sharks, zebras, sun bears, goblin sharks, maned wolves, wombats, vultures, okapis, ants, anteaters, mosquitoes, and dwarf caimans.

18. Animalium Mod

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

For the daring explorers and wildlife enthusiasts seeking more danger in their expeditions, Animalium is tailor-made for you. Once activated, the Minecraft world transforms into a perilous place where danger lurks from every corner. While most Minecraft animals are typically passive, this mod unleashes their killer instincts. It introduces new threats such as brown bears, wild dogs, rodents, and piranhas, along with craftable items useful for mining or providing body protection. Get ready for a wild and challenging adventure!

19. Zoo And Wild Animals Mod

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

This mod enriches the Minecraft experience with additional animals, including some that are tamable. Notably, it features a comprehensive Encyclopedia for each new creature, showcasing thoughtful design. The mod introduces practical tools like a tranquilizer gun and a taming item called Kibble. Notably, Zoo and Wild Animals stands as one of the oldest mods, predating the official inclusion of the Pufferfish as a sea creature in Minecraft.


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20. JurassiCraft Mod

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

If you’re content with dragons in the game, this shouldn’t sound far-fetched. JurassiCraft introduces new plant life, dinosaurs, and a unique machinery element to Minecraft. The machine’s purpose is to create more dinosaurs by extracting DNA samples from fossils scattered throughout the world, turning players into virtual archaeologists on a prehistoric adventure.

Have animal mods to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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