20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft to Try in 2023

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

Minecraft is a game we all love thanks to the amount of hard work put into the atmosphere and player experience, especially in the wildlife and other creatures. Over the years, Minecraft has continued to add more and more content into the game, at this point no one can complain of having limited animal mobs to work with. But there is always this sense that the game needs more animals to give players an almost life-like experience.

Obviously to incorporate every animal in existence would be a tough job for Mojang Studios, but the Minecraft community was quick to reduce that workload through the addition of mods. Thanks to these amendments, players can always enjoy an extra incentive while playing the game. If you are among those desperate for an extra flare or spark in the wildlife of your world, then keep reading and you just might spot the mod you didn’t know you wanted.

Best Animal Mods in Minecraft

This is a list of 20 of the best Animal mods currently available in Minecraft. Each of these mods offers players multiple features, unique animals, and even more items. So if you are having trouble looking for a Minecraft mod best suited for you, then this is a brief overview of the best available mods in 2021.

1. Animal Crops

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

There is a saying “Money doesn’t grow on trees” but Animal Crops beg to differ. It adds a unique flair unlike any other mod in the game. This alteration allows players to grow their mobs, completely changing the original stereotype we had for the term “Animal Farm”.

Players can grow all animals in the game, including rare animals like polar bears and mushrooms, you can even grow villagers. It is easy to use and saves time. I mean if an adjustment like this can reduce the stress I have to go through to lead animals and villagers back to my house, then I’m sold.


Download Animal Crops here

2. Quintessential Creatures

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

This mod focuses more on the ocean and underwater creatures in Minecraft. Quintessential Creatures doesn’t offer much in terms of animals added, but it does make up for that mishap by giving players well-designed and elaborate mobs. This mod adds in ocean creatures like Octopus and angular fish which naturally liven up the ocean.

It also adds in a tortoise, which can be used to enhance the storage capacity of chests, and is also pretty cool looking.

You can get Quintessential Creatures here:

https://www. minecraftmods.com/quintessential-creatures/

3. Rats

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

The rat isn’t everyone’s favorite animal in the world, but in this mod, a Minecraft rat offers players quite a lot of useful features. These rodents are tameable, and they assist players both in the mines and in gathering crops. They also assist players in combat.

Download Rats here.

4. Doggy Talents

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

Ever wanted your Minecraft dog/wolf to do what your real-life dog does for you? Well with this mod it sure can. The mod adds a lot of customizations for your wolves, and nearly a dozen more dog variants. But its most defining feature is it lets you train your dog to do things like hunting and fetching items.

Download Doggy Talents here.

5. Chickens

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

Much like Doggy Talents, this mod adds more features to the chicken. It increases the variety of chickens in the game and helps you get more value from them. Ever seen a chicken that lays gunpowder? Get this mod and you will.

You can also crossbreed some variants of chickens, to create ore chickens that lay their respective ores like Gold, Diamond, Iron. Sometimes I wonder why mods don’t work in real life, this is why we can’t have nice things.

Download Chickens here.

6. Mystical World

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

This mod adds in a lot of unique animals like owls, deers, beetles, silkworms, and frogs, all of which increase the dynamic of a Minecraft world. There are also tamable pets like the lava cat which are found in the Nether Realm.

Download Mystical World here.

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7. Better Animals Plus

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

The Better Animal Plus mod adds in about 40 new animals all of which are scattered to their various biomes in the game. It also packs a lot of awesome textures and mechanics that give the world a unique feel. The mod also has a new variety of blocks and armor all of which are based on the new animals added.

Download Better Animals Plus here.

8. Animania

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

This mod adds a bit of realism to your farm animals especially pigs, sheep, chickens, and cows. It adds a brand new texture and variations to the animals, and also introduces a new game mechanic in their caring system. Your farm animals will not only look great, but the alteration ensures you spend more time with them by cleaning up their pens and changing their food and water, otherwise they die.

Download Animania Here.

9. Lots O’ Mobs

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

Just as the name suggests, this mod adds in a lot of new animals and creatures to the game. These mobs are carefully split into whichever biome fits it the most. Lots O’ Mobs adds exotic animals like crocodiles, boars, bears, crabs, and sharks.

It also adds in 2 new dimensions, ice age, and Dinosaur dimensions, both of which have their very own unique creatures. There are also several new blocks and materials in this mod.

You can get Lots O’ Mobs Here:


10. Mo’Creatures

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

Mo’Creatures is one of the oldest mods in the game, and it is still among the best mostly because of the amount of content it has. Creatures like lions, tigers, bears, new versions of dogs and cats, even insects are all added. It also makes most of these animals tamable for the players.

There are also new enemies like the werewolves and ogres all of which have their unique mechanics.

Download Mo’ Creatures here.

11. Ice and Fire: Dragons

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

This mod creates a fantasy-like world in Minecraft by adding many mythical creatures like Dragons, Pixies, cyclopes, sea serpents, and many more. It adds 2 variations of dragons just as the name suggests, the dragons can either be Fire or Ice. I guess the ender dragon does have some competition after all.

If you want your Minecraft world to be an Elder scroll type RPG-based game, then this mod is right for you.

Download Ice and Fire: Dragons here.

12. Craftable Animals

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

It’s one thing to have animals that you can grow, but who would have thought we can also craft our animals? This mod gives players the ability to make any animal within the game appear without a mob spawner or spawn egg. The idea is solid, “Obtain the required items and craft the animal” but I do have to ask, how do these creators even think of these types of mods?

If you want the godlike ability to be able to create any creature you want at the push of a button, then consider getting this mod.

You can get Craftable Animals Here:

https://www. minecraftmods.com/quintessential-creatures/

13. Revamped Wolf

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

Wolves are one of the best pets to have in Minecraft, so it makes sense to give them the best treatment possible. Revamped Wolf gives the Minecraft wolves the much-needed mod it deserves. It adds multiple realistic colors and a new Wolf armor item, which is similar to a horse item.

The wolves in this mod are also stronger and smarter than normal wolves. Which lowers the chances of your pet killing itself. They also feed

themselves and move in a pack.

Download Revamped Wolf here.

14. More Nature

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

More Nature mainly focused more on beautifying the natural life of a Minecraft world. The animals in this mod are beautiful and harmless to players. Although, this mod can only be used in much older versions of Minecraft, which is kind of a bummer.

You can get More Nature Here:

https://www. minecraftmods.com/more-nature

15. Exotic Bird Mod

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

Minecraft lacks quite a lot of aerial animals, so mods like Exotic Bird are very necessary. The mod adds birds like Ducks, owls, pelicans, cranes, woodpeckers, swans, flamingos, hummingbirds, and penguins to whichever biome suits them. It even adds a feature where eggs spawn on trees.

Dowload Exotic Bird Mod here.

16. Zoocraft Discoveries Mod

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

This mod is a perfect example of quality over quantity because they added a limited amount of animals but focused more on the details of each. Animals in this mod include anteater, camel, capybara, chinchilla, frog, gecko, gemsbok, giraffe, hedgehog, porcupine, rhino, and tapir. It also introduces a new breeding system that utilizes items already in Minecraft like Wheat and Apple.

To further prove my point of quality over quantity, this mod allows you to craft actual bunny slippers and dye them whichever color you want. Now that’s worth looking into.

Dowload Zoocraft Discoveries.

17. Familiar Fauna Mod

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

This mod adds an extra set of animals to a Minecraft world and also improves the ambiance of the game. It adds animals like butterflies, turkeys, deers, dragonflies, Pixies, and snails. But its most standout feature is that it can support other mods, that’s 2 for the price of 1.

Download Familiar Fauna Mod.

18. Animalium Mod

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

If you are an explorer or wildlife enthusiast, then I’m sure you are definitely among those in need of more danger while on some of your expeditions. Luckily this mod was created just for you. Once it is active, it will be as if the whole world is out to get you, with the danger that appears from anywhere.

Naturally, the majority of Minecraft animals tend to behave passively unless provoked, but this mod brings out their killer animal instincts. It also adds some new killers like Brown bears, wild dogs, rodents, and piranha. Some new Craftable items can be used in mining or as body protection.

Download Animalium Here.

19. Zoo And Wild Animals Mod

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

This mod adds more animals to Minecraft, some of which are tamable. It also comes equipped with its very own Encyclopedia for every new animal added, so the maker thought things through when he was making this mod. There is also the addition of a tranquilizer gun and a taming item called Kibble.

Zoo and Wild Animals is also one of the oldest mods available. This was the first mod to have a Pufferfish even before it became an official sea creature in Minecraft.

Download Zoo Wild Animals here.

20. JurassiCraft Mod

20 Best Animal Mods in Minecraft (2021)

If you still think dinosaurs didn’t exist, then I hope this mod changes your mind. This shouldn’t sound unreasonable since you are very happy with a dragon in the game. It adds some new plant life, Dinosaurs, and a special type of machinery to the Minecraft world.

Just in case you’re wondering, the machine is used to create more dinosaurs in the world by extracting DNA samples from Dinosaur’s fossils. The fossils are scattered everywhere in the world, so I guess it’s time to unlock your inner archeologist.

Download JurassiCraft here