Captain America vs. Soldier Boy: Who Would Win in a Fight Between Patriots?

Rogers vs Soldier Boy

Soldier Boy is becoming quite popular in The Boys today because of how the story of season 3 focuses on his character quite heavily. But we do know that Soldier Boy is actually a parody version of Marvel’s Captain America, who is the original patriot superhero. There are some differences between them, but the similarities are obvious. So, in a fight between Captain America and Soldier Boy, which of the two superhero patriots would win?

It might be possible that Captain America is the better soldier in terms of his training, strategic mentality, and discipline, but Soldier Boy is just simply a lot more powerful and more durable than he is. There’s only so much that Captain America’s superior training can do to an invincible supe.

Captain America is one of the most iconic heroes in the history of comic books and superhero movies, but he is just simply a juiced-up soldier that is fighting a man that’s exponentially more powerful than any ordinary human being. In that regard, Soldier Boy will win against Captain America. But let’s look at this conversation in a more detailed manner.


When Captain America was given the super soldier serum, he was able to gain enough strength that allowed him to reach peak human strength, and that means that he is as strong as the strongest ordinary human being or a world-class powerlifter. On top of that, his other physical attributes were also increased to peak human levels, and that’s why he can reach in excess of 800 pounds and run and move as fast as the best athletes in the world. Think of him as having all of the qualities of the strongest, fastest, and greatest athletes the world has ever seen.

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Soldier Boy used to be the strongest supe before Homelander came into the picture and replaced him as the poster boy for Vought. He is so strong that he carries a shield that’s so heavy that Hughie, who was not juiced up on V24, couldn’t even it one inch from the ground. Meanwhile, Soldier Boy could swing the shield around like it was made out of plastic. On top of that, he was able to surprise Homelander with his own strength, even though we all know that Homelander is the strongest supe in the world of The Boys.

hughie shield

As strong as Captain America is when compared to a regular human being, he doesn’t have a chance against Soldier Boy, whose strength levels are exponentially higher. This is why Soldier Boy takes this round.

Captain America 0, Soldier Boy 1


As he said it himself, “I can do this all day.” Captain America is durable enough that he could take a lot of hits and will still be left standing. He was even able to survive an onslaught from Thanos, who is strong enough to take down Hulk. Cap is strong enough to be able to survive hits that would knock out or kill regular people, but his indomitable will to keep on fighting is what allows him to stay on his feet regardless of how strong his opponent is.

Soldier Boy is very durable and is impervious to almost any kind of damage, as seen in the experiment done on him by the Russians. He is bulletproof and can take hits from someone who is as powerful as Homelander, who is the strongest being in the world of The Boys. Soldier Boy was not injured after getting punched and choked by Homelander, who could easily kill a person with a gut punch. That means that almost nothing can kill Soldier Boy.

soldier boy vs. homelander

Even though Captain America is impressive when it comes to his durability and will to keep on fighting, he doesn’t stand a chance against Soldier Boy’s ability to withstand any kind of damage. Again, this is a no-contest.

Captain America 0, Soldier Boy 2

Powers And Abilities

In his base form, Captain America has no powers and simply relies on his enhanced physique and superior fighting capabilities. He uses his Vibranium shield as his main weapon for both offense and defense. We could also factor in the fact that he is worthy enough to wield Mjolnir and can blast his opponents with lighting. Captain America is adept at wielding Mjolnir and has shown a level of mastery that is similar to Thor’s own mastery over the weapon.

Before the experiment that the Russians conducted on him, Soldier Boy’s only power was his powerful body, just like how Captain America has no powers as well. After all, he is a knock-off of the legendary Marvel superhero. However, after the Russian experiment, he gained the ability to shoot nuclear energy blasts from his body. And these blasts are powerful enough to cremate supes and humans alike and could even take away the powers of a supe.


Captain America is strong and capable with or without Mjolnir, but there is only so much that he could do against a walking nuclear reactor like Soldier Boy. This is why Soldier boy once again takes this round.

Captain America 0, Soldier Boy 3

Combat Skills

Captain America’s best asset is his fighting ability because he has the military training, experience, and background that allows him to excel as a hand-to-hand fighter. He doesn’t always rely on his enhanced physical abilities because he could actually win a fight with his fighting prowess. Captain America is also a disciplined fighter that knows when to attack and when to wait for an opening. He may not have the same kind of fighting skills that Black Widow or the Punisher has, but he is still a great combatant.


Soldier Boy may have been a soldier, but it doesn’t look like he is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant. He can fight in close quarters but doesn’t have the martial arts skills or the advanced training that other supes like Black Noir and Queen Maeve have. This is probably due to the fact that he always relied on his strength throughout his entire life and had no need to develop fighting skills.

Even though Soldier Boy is a lot stronger than Captain America, a great fighter might be good enough to bridge the gap. That is why Captain America may have a chance against the supe if he could overwhelm him with his advanced fighting skills.

Captain America 1, Soldier Boy 3


There is a reason why Captain America was the leader that the rest of the Avengers looked up to. He may not be as intelligent as Tony Stark or Bruce Banner, but he is a great tactician and battle coordinator. Cap is great at calling tactics on the fly and is able to dictate what his teammates should do based on their own strengths. This is due to his military training and background, but he has always been a great leader with the intelligence and charisma that allows him to think of different ways to win a fight.


Grace Mallory once said that Soldier Boy was the biggest idiot out of all of the members of Payback, and that’s because he truly is an idiot. He was never the smartest supe in The Boys because there aren’t a lot of supes that are actually intelligent. Meanwhile, the strongest and most spoiled supes tend to be the dumbest. And that was what Soldier Boys has displayed so far as he has actually proven himself an idiot in all of the appearances that he made throughout season 3.

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Captain America may not be the most intelligent character in Marvel, but he has the military smarts and instincts of a great strategist and leader. These are qualities that Soldier Boy never had, and that’s why Cap takes this round.

Captain America 2, Soldier Boy 3

Captain America vs. Soldier Boy: Who Would Win In A Fight Between Patriots?

It might be true that Captain America is the better hand-to-hand fighter and has the better feats as a leader and strategist, but there is no doubting the fact that there is only so much that his combat skills and intelligence can do against a powerhouse like Soldier Boy. He may not be smart or skilled, but Soldier Boy is a walking nuclear bomb that has a punch that can hit like a truck. That is why Soldier Boy is the stronger of the two patriots in this head to head battle.     

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