Carrie-Anne Moss Reveals Details About Jedi Master Indara in ‘The Acolyte’:“She’s Very Physically Strong”

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“Star Wars: The Acolyte” is the latest chapter in the Star Wars franchise, premiering on Disney+ on June 4th. This series promises a unique adventure, set during the High Republic Era, the Golden Age of the Jedi Order.

Creator Leslye Headland aims to explore the idea that the Jedi don’t have a monopoly on the Force and can also be seen as villains when viewed in a different context.

Apart from the setting, the most intriguing aspect of the show is undoubtedly its characters. Leslye Headland, the creator, revealed that while some characters are original, others, like Vernestra Rwoh, are drawn directly from the books.

Headland highlighted one particularly exciting character, Jedi Master Indara, who will be portrayed by Carrie-Anne Moss. Moss, best known for her iconic role as Trinity in ‘The Matrix’ franchise, recently discussed her new character in an interview with Empire.

We meet her in a mysterious way, and initially through a very powerful fight. She’s very physically strong, she’s very mentally strong. I loved a lot of things about her. But [particularly] the containment. I love that word. I love words. And that word, ‘containment’ – even just saying it, I can feel what I had to access to play her. You’re fighting against so much to keep it right here [gestures to her centre], but also to have the power. When you have power through containment, that’s my sweet spot. This was, I think, one of the most contained characters I’ve ever played

Moss also remarked on how different this role is compared to her portrayal of Trinity in ‘The Matrix’ franchise:

Yeah, I think all of my history of learning to fight and- This was very different though, because I was by myself. I had always done [The Matrix] with my co-stars, and there’s a certain energy. [On The Acolyte] I was on my own, with my team, which was great because I got to ignite and access a part of myself. I was like, ‘I want to do everything.’ I loved it more than I can remember loving doing something in a long time. ‘I’m strong. I can learn this. I can show up, and I can find that containment.’ With fighting, it’s very hard for me not to make faces – to constantly bring it back in, where it’s almost effortless. It looks effortless, and yet it’s not. [laughs] That was fun to play with. I told Leslye, ‘I do not want to be making a lot of faces. I want it to be right.

We can’t wait to meet Jedi Master Indara! Do you have any thoughts to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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