Every Character That Died in Stranger Things (By Season)

Characters that died in Stranger Things

Season 4 of this remarkable and gripping tv-series is approaching and we are starting to remember things from the previous seasons. All kinds of different questions are starting to arise and it is not a bad idea to go back to all the episodes and think about everything that happened.

Strangers Things is full of gruesome and horrible deaths, everyone is in danger and the feeling of unease is constantly present somewhere, on-screen and behind it. We are certainly not lacking blood and gore and we have been dealing with numerous losses during these three seasons. We have lost many, so let us see who they are in this list of every character that died in Stranger Things.

Stranger Things Characters That Died in Season 1

Benny Hammond (killed by Connie Frazier)

Benny Hammond

The owner of the diner Benny’s Burgers, a family run business, Benny is the first human who laid eyes on Eleven in the first episode of the first season of Strangers Things. A small girl with a shaved head, wearing a hospital gown, entered his diner from the back and started eating fries that she found in the kitchen. 

When Benny managed to catch her, he bathed her, dressed and fed her and slowly started communicating with her. It was difficult at the beginning since she was reluctant to speak and pretty shy, but eventually, he managed to get closer to her. Still, there was something pretty odd about this little girl, she was behaving strangely and didn’t want to communicate.

Benny suspected she might be a victim of abuse, so he called social services and, unfortunately, made a huge mistake. Agent Connie Frazier, posing as a social agent, was the first to arrive at his place and immediately shot him and killed him, while the other agents tried to chase Eleven. Benny’s death was depicted as suicide, but it later became clear that Benny was the victim of cold-blooded murder. 

Barbara Holland (killed by Demogorgon)

Barbara Holland

An interesting character, a shy and peculiar girl, always keeping to herself, a good friend and best friend to Nancy Wheeler, Barb suffered a horrible death from Demogorgon, the monster who eventually became responsible for many deaths in this city. Barb mysteriously vanished in late 1983, which led Nancy and Jonathan Byers to start investigating her disappearance.

We saw her disappearance, the instant when Demogorgon pushes her into the pool from behind, after reacting to her scent. Barb ends up in the Upside Down, where she wakes up in its version of the pool, but empty. She tried to climb out of the pool and escape, but was dragged by Demogorgon and killed, although not completely devoured. Poor Barb was found by Eleven, in a state that no one wanted her to end up in.

Shepard (killed by Demogorgon)


Shepard was a government scientist who worked at Hawkins National Laboratory as the employer of Dr. Brenner. He was given a task to explore the Upside Down, so he entered it through a gate in his lab. He soon reported through the radio about his location, but several moments later noticed that he wasn’t alone inside this strange space.


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He heard a sound that belonged to Demogorgon, the monster living inside the Upside Down and although his cry for help was obeyed and his colleagues immediately jumped to his rescue, the cord was yanked and halted. When they managed to drag successfully pull back the wire, the only thing left on it was Shepard’s yellow suit.

Connie Frazier (killed by Eleven)

Connie Frazier

Although Demogorgon was the most vicious and scary antagonist in the first season, Connie Frazier proved that people have to fear people, too. She worked for, or alongside Dr. Brenner at Hawkins National Laboratory and was one of the agents that were involved in his investigation of Eleven. She found her at the Benny’s Diner, killed its owner and tried to catch Eleven, but failed at that point.

This evil and harsh woman was reluctant to capture Eleven and was constantly trying to find out her whereabouts. She finally managed it and found herself along with her agents at Hawkins High where they cornered Eleven. But, unfortunately for all of them, Eleven used her psychic powers to crush their brains and killed them. 

The Demogorgon (killed by Eleven)

The Demogorgon

The greatest and major antagonist in Strangest Things, this creature caused so much pain and left many characters without their loved ones. It was a predatory humanoid monster that entered Hawkins, Indiana from the parallel dimension, known as the Upside Down. It had the ability to travel between dimensions by creating temporary portals. 

With all its supernatural powers such as telekinesis, superhuman strength, interdimensional travel, superhuman durability, blood detection and regenerative healing factor it was obvious and pretty logical that it could be killed only by its strongest rival, Eleven. She saved her friends in the process of destroying Demogorgon when she confronted it and pinned it against the blackboard with her mind. She killed it by disintegrating it but vanished as well in the process.

There have been many other victims in the first season, but minor roles which we haven’t had enough time to get to know, or didn’t even see until their death. There are numerous unnamed Hawkins lab agents killed by the Demogorgon or Eleven, some unnamed Hawkins residents killed by the Demogorgon, Dale and his friend Henry who were killed by the Demogorgon while hunting and Sara Hopper, the daughter of Jim and Diane Hopper, who succumbed to cancer in 1978 and we see her only in flashbacks in this season.

Stranger Things Characters That Died in Season 2

Bob Newby (killed by juvenile Demogorgon)

Bob Newby

One of the major supporting roles in the second season was Bob Newby, Joyce Byers’ boyfriend who planned on moving out of Hawkins and starting a new, carefree life with her and her sons. Their plan was postponed due to Will’s seizures and attacks and, unfortunately, this brought only sadness into Byers’ lives. Bob was a good-hearted, clever guy, loved by Joyce and Will. 

Bob was the key figure in saving Joyce, Will, and the others from the strange dog-like monsters who came from the tunnel and attacked them trapped in the lab. Using his computer skills, Bob helped them escape but was unfortunately caught and killed by a juvenile Demogorgon in front of his loved ones.

Besides Bob, there were not so many deaths in the second season including important characters. There were many unnamed Hawkins Lab scientists ambushed and killed by Demogogs and even more unnamed Hawkins Lab employees killed by Demogogs as well. Some of them haven’t even been killed on screen, but are simply shown dead on the camera in their labs and hallways.

Stranger Things Characters That Died in Season 3

Bruce Lowe (killed by Nancy Wheeler)

Bruce Lowe

One of the main antagonists in this season, Lowe was the journalist for The Hawkins Post who treated female workers with disrespect, especially Nancy Wheeler. He became one of the Flayed, along with his boss Tom Holloway. They were possessed by the Mind Flayer, also known as the Shadow Monster.


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Bruce was sexist, he always made inappropriate jokes toward his coworkers, belittling their accomplishments and ideas. But his sexism towards Nancy worsened and enhanced after he was transferred into one of these monsters. He and his colleague confronted Nancy and Jonathan Byers at the Hawkins Memorial Hospital in an attempt of killing them, but in the end, Bruce ended up killed by Nancy.

Tom Holloway (killed by Jonathan Byers)

Tom Holloway

A journalist and Editor in Chief for the Hawkins Post, Jonathan Byers, and Nancy Wheeler’s boss, another one who treated women as unequal and especially enjoyed tormenting Nancy. He was possessed by the Mind Flayer after the possession of his daughter and soon fired Jonathan and Nancy, in fear of their further investigations.

He and Bruce Lowe decided to kill Jonathan and Nancy, but Tom also lost his life in this attack, being killed by Jonathan.

Dr. Zharkov (killed by Dustin Henderson)

Dr. Zharkov

Dr. Zharkov was a Russian scientist who worked for Commander Ozerov and specialized in torturing hostages. One of his specialties was revealing the truth by injecting truth serums into his victims and gathering important information. While he and Ozerov were torturing Robin and Steve, an alarm went off, forcing Ozerov to leave them. Dustin Henderson and Erica Sinclair entered the room and Dustin managed to tase Zharkov to death. 

Dr. Alexei (killed by Grigori)


Dr. Alexei was a Russian scientist, fluent only in Russian, a childlike figure who was forced to work on the Key beneath the Starcourt Mall. He stopped working after he got arrested by Jim Hopper, but he soon formed a bond with him, Joyce Byers and later Murray Bauman. 

He was shot by Grigori and didn’t make it since there was no one to tend to his wounds after Murray left him convinced that he was not gravely injured.

Grigori (killed by Jim Hopper)


Grigori was a Russian hitman working on the Key undercover under the Starcourt Mall. When they were discovered by Joyce Byers and Jim Hopper, Grigori got an order to kill them. He was the one Jim and Joyce fought against when they tried to close the Gate. Before managing it, Grigori confronted them and ended up being killed by Jim Hopper. 

Billy Hargrove (killed by the Mind Flayer)

Billy Hargrove

One of the major characters in the second and third season in general and one of the greatest antagonists as well. Max Mayfield’s stepbrother who enjoyed torturing his little sister and her friends. He was one of the biggest Mind Flayer’s helpers, who used him to kidnap various Hawkins residents after it possessed him.

He was an excellent means to Mind Flayer, due to his inborn maliciousness and evil personality. He gained lots of inhuman abilities becoming of the Flayed, which proved to be much stronger than the ones from other Flayed. He had a hive mind, enhanced strength and enhanced durability and perception. 

He was unearthed by Eleven and eventually decided to sacrifice himself to save her. He apologized to his sister for all the things he did to her and her friends. He died getting stabbed by the Mind Flayer.

The Spider Monster (killed by Joyce Byers)

The Spider Monster

This creature was the main antagonist in the third season. It was made from the melted parts of the Flayed and it served as a body for one part of the Mind Flayer. It was an enormous weapon created by the Mind Flayer to kill Eleven and her friends. She was the only thing in its way to annihilating the human race and conquering the Earth.

The final battle and its death played out in the Starcourt Mall where the monster was brought by Billy. He wanted Eleven to kill it, but before she managed to do it, the monster retaliated by stabbing him and mortally wounding him. Immediately after the key was destroyed, Joyce Byers and Jim Hopper managed to snuck into the Russian laboratory, close the Gate and kill its physical body, severing the connection once again.


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Many minor characters were killed by the Mind Flayer in the third season. David, Adam, Heather Holloway, Janet Holloway and Doris Driscoll are only some of them, along with many unnamed Hawkins residents. Joyce Byers killed a few more unnamed Russian scientists, Jim Hopper Russian guards and Eleven Russian soldiers. 

Bruce Lowe and Tom Holloway killed a few unnamed hospital people, Grigori killed an unnamed Russian scientist and several Russian scientists were killed by an explosion of a prototype Gate.

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