‘Chariot’: New, Trippy Trailer Released Starring John Malkovich as a Sinister Doctor


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Chariot is a science-fiction thriller film about a corporation and a eccentric doctor (John Malkovich) that oversees the process of reincarnation, and a young man (Thomas Mann) who becomes a glitch in the system when he encounters a woman (Rosa Salazar) he loved in a previous life.

Saban Films has just released a new trailer for the upcoming movie – full of trippy, psychedelic imagery and overflowing with eerie atmosphere.

In the trailer, we see Malkovich as a sinister looking doctor as he explains that the origin of the invention of the reincarnation process is still a mystery and that there is an occasional “glitch” in the system. We then see Mann’s character Harrison Hardy seeking help from Dr. Karn after series of bizarre dreams he had after meeting a girl.


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The trailer then gets darker and darker as we dive into the Harrison’s head who is constantly bothered by his dreams and is eagerly looking for their hidden, deep meaning, determined to find the connection he has with a young woman. Extremely suspicious Dr. Karn tells Harrison that he simply has a “very rare condition” and that he will need a particular “treatment ” in order to get rid of it.

Mann is best known for starring in Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl, but also for his roles in recently released feature films like Halloween Kills, Kong: Skull Island and Lady and the Tramp. Malkovich has appeared in a great number of movies during his rich career, but is especially recognized for his role in Being John Malkovich, Burn After Reading, and the two movies for which he was nominated for Academy Awards – In the Line of Fire and Places in the Heart.

Chariot becomes available on April 15 and you can watch it in theaters, on digital or on- command. See the trailer below:

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