Charlie Hunnam Declined To Play Green Arrow in the DCEU ”I Don’t Know Who Green Arrow Is’

Charlie Hunnam Declined to Play Green Arrow in the DCEU I Dont Know Who Green Arrow Is

The final moments are ticking away for the DCEU, with ‘Aquaman and the Last Kingdom’ set to debut in just seven days. Snyder has left the turbulent cinematic universe behind, now focusing on promoting his latest film, ‘Rebel Moon,’ which has garnered mixed reviews.

Charlie Hunnam, renowned for his role as Jax Teller in FX’s Sons of Anarchy and a star in Snyder’s new project, revealed in an interview with that he had the chance to collaborate with Snyder years ago, portraying Green Arrow in the DCEU.

As Hunnam explained, he was frequently associated with the iconic DC comics archer, but the offer to play Green Arrow came from “people in suits,” not Snyder specifically. Despite the enticing prospect they presented, Hunnam, upon closer examination of Green Arrow in the comics, opted to decline the role, though he admitted not recalling the identities of the key decision-makers.

I did not share their enthusiasm. I don’t know who Green Arrow is. So I don’t want to offend anyone. I just looked at one picture, and I was like, I’m not sure green’s my color, and I’m pretty sure spandex isn’t my material, and beyond that, I was like, one image. Thanks.

The ultimate verdict is in: the top fan pick for Oliver Queen didn’t materialize due to a lack of interest. This conclusion puts an end to the ongoing debate within the fandom, as the favored choice remains the top pick for portraying the iconic character.


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