Batman vs Green Arrow: Who Would Win and Why?

Batman vs Green Arrow: Who Would Win and Why?

Batman is a symbol of a lot of things DC-related but there is another character that is, in many ways, similar to him – Green Arrow. The two of them are as different as they are similar, which is why it is going to be fun comparing them; to be more precise, we will see who would win in a fight between the two.

Batman would be able to defeat Green Arrow in a fight. Although the two of them are very similar in a lot of ways, Batman has more experience and has fought, and defeated, enemies that are stronger than Green Arrow. Plus, Batman’s gadgets seem to be more diverse than the Arrow’s.

Now that you have the short version of the answer, the rest of the article is going to be divided into several sections, each one comparing one specific aspect of the character’s set of abilities. In the end, we’re going to give our final verdict and explanation on why Batman would win against Oliver Queen.

Batman vs Green Arrow: Physique and Martial Arts

The first section of our article is going to deal with their basic powers and skills. Since neither Batman nor Green Arrow have any inherent superpowers, but are at the peak of human conditioning, their physique, as well as their martial arts skills are crucial for this section.

Batman Joker War hallucination

Batman has no inherent superpowers; he relies on his scientific knowledge, investigative skills, and athletic skills. Having undergone extremely intense physical training, incredibly rigorous specialized diets, and special treatments from a very young age, he has managed to develop a perfect body from every point of view.

Now he is endowed with strength, stamina, speed, agility, immune system, healing processes, senses, reflexes, and mental processes at the limits of human possibility; his athletic abilities are superior to even those of the greatest Olympic champions, which makes Batman so great.

Batman is highly disciplined and has the ability to act under great physical pain and resist most forms of telepathy and mind control.

According to official DC Comics ratings, he is often described as one of the individuals considered to be at the pinnacle of human possibility (the human peak), i.e. those athletes who can lift while standing, up above their head and all arms, over double their body weight, up to a maximum of 800 pounds (about 363 kg).

In terms of physical condition, he is easily capable of running Parkour-style rooftops. His reflexes allow him to deflect and dodge bullets, arrows, and even Superman’s heat rays. Batman has trained extensively in numerous fighting styles, making him one of the best hand-to-hand fighters in the DC universe.

He made full use of his photographic memory to master different forms of martial arts including Aikidō, boxing, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Capoeira, Eskrima, fencing, Hapkido, Judo, Kalarippayattu, karate, Kenjutsu, Kenpō, kickboxing, Kobudō, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Ninjutsu, Pancrazio, Sambo, Savate, Silat, Taekwondo, wrestling and different styles of Wushu (Kung Fu).


Being stranded on an island he was forced to learn to survive, it molded his body and mind, and allowed him to learn to use the bow through practice. He was trained in martial arts and swordsmanship by Deathstroke and perfected after several practice sessions with Batman, Katana, and Black Canary.

He is a skilled acrobat and consummate athlete in athletically perfect fitness, he has developed his own style of escape and strategic escape similar to parkour and possesses practical knowledge in tracking, hunting, and political science such as diplomacy and civics.

He is an expert martial artist in hand-to-hand combat, with knowledge of Boxing, Judo, Aikido, Kickboxing, and Karate. He is a skilled swordsman and knows how to use kali bars with a degree of skill that rivals that of Batman. He is a gifted pilot capable of flying different types of planes and helicopters.

His main specialty is the use of the bow and arrow, he has a fine aim that allows him to hit accurately at great distances and has extensive knowledge in physics, aerodynamics, and engineering that allows him to improvise a bow and arrows with waste materials, as well as create a whole range of multipurpose arrows.

This comparison was quite complex since there aren’t any major differences between these two characters. But, although Green Arrow does match Batman’s skills in some aspects, we have to consider Batman’s experience, as well as the fact that it was Batman who taught Oliver Queen, and not vice versa. This is why this point goes to Batman.

Batman vs Green Arrow: Weapons and Gadgets

This segment is going to include a brief overview of the technology associated with these characters, i.e., their gadgets and their weaponry.

Batman Best Movie Gadgets Comic Books

Batman uses a vast arsenal of gadgets to fight crime, which share the peculiarity of having a design inspired by a bat. Researcher Les Daniels credited Gardner Fox as responsible for having conceptualized Batman’s arsenal from the incorporation of the multipurpose belt as well as the Batarang and the Batgyro, the latter two cataloged as the first weapons with a bat-shaped design.

The main vehicle of the character is the Batmobile, which is described as an imposing black car with dorsal fins that resemble the wings of a chiropter. Other known means of transportation are a jet, a motorboat, a helicopter, and a motorcycle.

The prefix “bat” is rarely used by Batman to refer to his equipment; until the appearance of the television series in the 1960s and Hanna-Barbera’s animated productions such as the Super Friends, where a new “camp” context (the humor of the absurd) was given way.

In such a humorous context, it was recurrent that each object used by Batman had the prefix bat, such as the Bat-computer, the Bat-scanner, Bat-radar, the Bat-camera, the Bat-rope, among others. Batman keeps most of his gadgets in a multipurpose belt.

Over time, the belt is seen to contain a virtually limitless variety of useful tools for the war on crime in Gotham City. Some different versions of the belt have bags or cylinders attached to their surroundings that house each device inside. What has endured in all versions is that this belt (yellow) is the only colored object that the hero wears.


As for the Green Arrow, he has a wide variety of bows with varying degrees of tension and functionalities (folding, reinforced, with a telescopic sight, etc.), which allows him to shoot arrows from several kilometers away.

He also carries, or has invented, various multifunctional bolts and arrows with lethal capabilities (common arrows or with reinforced aluminum or Teflon tips, with incendiary capacity, and even with kryptonite tips) and non-lethal (flashing grenade, boxing glove, sticky bomb, etc.).

His uniform is made of flame-resistant fabric and capable of withstanding small caliber projectiles at point-blank range. In certain versions, he is seen carrying his own katana.

Now, the conclusion of this segment is that both of these are skilled inventors and that their weapons are truly great. Still, seeing how Batman has more experience in this, and a more diverse set of tools and gadgets, we have to give this point to Batman.

Batman vs Green Arrow: Who Would Win and Why?

The analysis we have provided above has, certainly, helped us come to a proper conclusion. Batman and Green Arrow are, as you might have deduced even before reading this article, very similar.

Neither have any inherent superpowers, they are at the peak of human conditioning and they have become great heroes thanks to their intelligence, their willpower, and, of course, their wealth.

The major difference between them is that Batman has consistently fought tougher opponents and has played a bigger role in the dealings of the Justice League and DC Comics in general. Sure, the two shared some common opponents (Deathstroke, for example; they even fought Superman together), but Batman’s Rogues Gallery is much more dangerous than Oliver’s.

This has, of course, given Batman a lot of chances to improve his skills, much more than Oliver Queen had. And Batman has made good use of these opportunities. He has garnered a lot of experience and has become a character capable of defeating even Darkseid. We highly doubt that Oliver Queen would be so resourceful.

Now, in a direct clash, Batman’s experience, as well as the diversity of his skills would come to the forefront. Sure, Oliver’s a master archer and they’re both great martial artists, but Batman’s skillset is simply more diverse and that would ultimately be the decisive factor. This is why this battle goes to the Dark Knight.

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