Christopher Nolan Found The Main Star And The Release Date For His Next Movie

Christopher Nolan Found The Main Star And The Release Date For His Next Movie

Christopher Nolan, one of the best directors of this century is preparing a new movie! A movie that will tell the life story of J. Robert Oppenheimer, the theoretical physicist who was remembered by history as the father of the atom bomb.

Today, Deadline confirmed that Oppenheimer will be played by Cillian Murphy, who already worked with Nolan multiple times in the past. Murphy played Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow in Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy, Robert Fischer in Inception, and one of the soldiers in Dunkirk. The movie about Oppenheimer will be Nolan’s and Murphy’s sixth collaboration.

The movie will follow the life of Oppenheimer, showing us how was he the lead man in creating the atom bomb, but after he realized what he actually created, he opposed the creation of the hydrogen bomb, an even deadlier weapon, and wanted to put nuclear weapons under control during the Cold War.

After Nolan severed his ties with Warner Bros. (which distributed all of his previous movies) because he disliked their policy of releasing movies in theaters and on streaming service (HBOMax) simultaneously during the pandemic (although his latest movie Tenet wasn’t part of that deal), he decided to make this next movie for Universal Pictures.

With the main star, it’s also confirmed that the movie will start filming next year, and it will be released in July 2023.

Considering the great reputation Nolan has in Hollywood, we are sure this next project is widely anticipated!

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