Classroom of the Elite: What Is the Exact Goal of the White Room & Why Is It So Controversial? Explained!

Classroom of the Elite: What Is the Exact Goal of the White Room & Why Is It so Controversial? Explained!

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The third season of Classroom of the Elite has been running for some time now, and while we’re building on the hype, we wanted to talk about some important aspects of the series here on Fiction Horizon. We know that the Advanced Nurturing High School is a competitive and elitist place, but it is not the strangest educational institution in the series. The mysterious White Room is something that has been mentioned on more than one occasion but we still know very little about this educational institution. What is it? What is the goal of the White Room? Why is it so controversial? All these questions will be answered if you keep reading this article!

  • Article Breakdown:
  • In the lore of Classroom of the Elite, the White Room is the name of a mysterious educational institution in Japan that is run by Ayanokoji’s father, Professor Atsuomi Ayanokoji.
  • It is a very mysterious place whose dealings are kept away from the public. Their true goal is to create the perfect educational system that would – in 100% of the cases – bring up a genius.
  • The White Room has been a controversial topic in the series due to its enigmatic background as well as the fact that it uses highly inhumane and controversial methods to educate its students.

The White Room is an educational institution, but…

While all of the activity of Classroom of the Elite takes place within the boundaries of the Advanced Nurturing High School, this school is not the only important and specialized educational institution in Japan. The mention of the White Room is always special in the series, as the White Room is one of the most controversial aspects of the lore of Classroom of the Elite. This is why we have decided to tell you what you need to know.

The White Room is officially an educational institution that is run by Professor Atsuomi Ayanokoji, Kiyotaka’s father. It exists legally, but its dealings and activities are hidden from the public, which is why it is such a big enigma in the series. It doesn’t enroll many students and the public doesn’t really know what is done inside the White Room and what the conditions there are. But, through Kiyotaka, who was once a student at the White Room, before his escape, we have managed to learn something about it.

There are two main goals of the White Room, as it seems. The first one is to create a perfect educational system that would bring out the best in a student. This is why the students of the White Room have a reduced curriculum, i.e., all unnecessary subjects have been removed from the curriculum of the White Room. On the other hand, the essential parts are constantly subjected to change and the students are constantly provided with new focal points in their education as well as professors, the difference in whose approaches help in the formation of the perfect educational system.


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The ultimate goal of such a system would be to produce geniuses in each case. Namely, Professor Ayanokoji thinks that a genius can be made and that one becomes a genius through conditioning and education, as opposed to the theory that geniuses are naturally born (like Arisu). By creating the perfect educational system, he would be able to raise geniuses every time and ultimately prove his theory correct. But, as you might assume, this is not as ideal as it might seem.

The main issue with the White Room is related to its inhumane teaching methods

As we have said, the White Room is a very important place, but it is also highly controversial. It is quite obvious that the White Room is experimenting on its students and that they are using live children in a social experiment whose aim is to create the perfect system. Of course, the goal of the system is not to create a healthy and wholesome human being, but a genius who would have the highest practical output, but would be crippled in all other aspects.

The methods used in the White Room are inhumane and scarred children. They are subjected to a rigorous educational regime and their emotional lives, as well as their healthy psychological development, are almost completely ignored. They cannot really mingle or hang out with the other students either, as their sole purpose is to become geniuses and prove Professor Ayanokoji right.

As you can imagine, such an environment is far from healthy for a child, which is why the White Room is such a controversial place in the series. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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