Code Geass: Main Characters’ Ages, Heights, Birthdays, Zodiac Signs & Blood Types

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The Code Geass saga is well-known for flaunting some entertaining mecha elements blended with plenty of suspense, mystery, thrills, and everything in between. However, this title also features many fascinating characters with rather intricate backstories and personalities. Its unique blend of various characters partially makes this anime series so enjoyable for fans.

One of the most well-loved elements of the Code Geass series is just how engaging and compelling its characters are, an aspect that has really pulled fans in for the vast majority of the saga’s progression. Below is everything you need to know about the Code Geass characters’ ages, heights, birthdays, zodiac signs, blood types, and much more, including both main characters as well as major side characters.

Code Geass CharacterApproximate AgeHeight
(Ft & Inches/ cm)
Lelouch vi Britannia17 – 18 years old5’10″/ 178 cma.t.b. December 5, 1999
Suzaku Kururugi17 – 20 years old5’9⅝”/ 176 cma.t.b. July 10, 2000
C.C.16 years old
(500 – 700 years old)
5’6″/ 168 cmUnknown
Nunnally vi Britannia14 – 17 years old5’3″/ 160 cma.t.b. October 25, 2003
Kallen Kōzuki17 – 18 years old5’7″/ 171 cma.t.b. March 29, 2000
Rolo Lamperouge15 – 16 years old5’7″/ 170.5 cma.t.b. October 25, 2002
V.V.10 years old
(62 – 63 years old)
3’11″/ 120 cma.t.b. August 4, 1955
Cornelia li Britannia27 – 28 years old5’11″/ 180 cma.t.b. January 13th, 1990
Villetta Nu26 – 27 years oldUnknowna.t.b. June 1st 1991
Li Xingke24 years oldUnknowna.t.b. December 31, 1993
Kaname Ohgi26 – 27 years old6’0″/ 183 cma.t.b. March 18, 1992
Shirley Fenette17 – 18 years old5’9″/ 174 cma.t.b. July 8th 2000
Euphemia li Britannia16 years old5’9″/ 175 cma.t.b. October 11, 2000
Jeremiah Gottwald28 – 29 years old6’3⅞”/ 192 cma.t.b. August 2nd 1989
Nina Einstein17 – 18 years old5’5″/ 165 cma.t.b. August 27th 2000
Mao17 years old6’1″/ 186 cma.t.b. January 1, 2001
Lloyd Asplund29 – 30 years old6’0”/ 183 cma.t.b. February 2, 1988
Charles zi Britannia62 – 63 years old6’6″/ 197 cma.t.b. August 4, 1955
Schneizel el Britannia27 – 28 years old6’7″/ 200 cma.t.b. January 12th 1991
Anya Alstreim15 – 17 years old5’4″/ 163 cma.t.b. October 26, 2003

What Do We Know About the Code Geass Main Characters’ Ages?

Code Geass’ various characters do age throughout the storyline’s progression, primarily aging by approximately one year from the beginning of Code Geass Season 1 up until R2. While most of the characters are classified as human and age following a fairly linear timeline, there are a few characters who are shown at different interval ages in numerous releases – as well as characters with unknown ages due to their origins.

A handful of characters have only one recorded age throughout the entire storyline, such as Euphemia li Britannia, who is 16 years old, Mao, who is 17 years old, and Li Xingke, who is 24 years old in R2. However, most of the characters are portrayed at different ages throughout the series or in different installations.


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The leading star of the entire series, Lelouch vi Britannia, starts off at the age of 17 years old within Code Geass Season 1 and is 18 years old by R2, alongside other characters such as Kallen Kōzuki, Shirley Fenette, and Nina Einstein. Rolo Lamperouge is somewhere between 15 and 16 years old in Akito the Exiled and 16 years old in R2, while Anya Alstreim is 15 years old in R2 and 17 years old in Lelouch Of The Re;surrection.


Villetta Nu and Kaname Ohgi are both 26 years old in Code Geass Season 1 and 27 years old in R2, while Cornelia li Britannia is 27 years old in R1 and 28 years old in R2. Lloyd Asplund is noted as 29 years old in Code Geass Season 1 and 30 years old in R2, while Charles zi Britannia is noted as the eldest (debatably), being 62 years old in Code Geass Season 1 and 63 years old in R2.

However, other characters have seen more fluctuating ages throughout the entire story, such as Suzaku Kururugi, who was 17 years old in Code Geass Season 1, between 17 and 18 years old in Akito the Exiled, 18 years old in Code Geass Season 2, and 20 years old in Lelouch Of The Re;surrection. Nunnally vi Britannia also ages slightly differently, being 14 years old in Code Geass Season 1, 15 years old in R2, and 17 years old in Lelouch Of The Re;surrection.

Characters like C.C. are more complex by their very nature, as she has a physical appearance and biological age of around 16 years old but is believed to be between 500 and 700 years old at least. V.V. is another example, as he has a biological age of 10 years old but is 62 years old chronologically in Code Geass Season 1 and 63 years old in R2.

What Do We Know About the Code Geass Main Characters’ Heights?

V.V. is the shortest of all the Code Geass characters, resembling a 10-year-old child with an approximate height of 3’11″/ 120 cm. This is followed by characters who fall within the lower end of the 5-foot range, including Nunnally vi Britannia, Anya Alstreim, and Nina Einstein.

C.C. is 5’6″/ 168 cm in height, followed by Rolo Lamperouge and Kallen Kōzuki, who fall within the 5’6” range. Shirley Fenette, Euphemia li Britannia, and Suzaku Kururugi all fall within the 5’9” range, with Lelouch vi Britannia falling just under the 6ft mark at approximately 5’10″/ 178 cm in height.


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Only a handful of the Code Geass characters are well over 6ft in height. Kaname Ohgi and Lloyd Asplund are both 6’0”/ 183 cm, followed by Mao, who measures around 6’1″/ 186 cm in height. Jeremiah Gottwald, who is 6’3⅞”/ 192 cm in height, Charles zi Britannia, who is 6’6″/ 197 cm; and Schneizel el Britannia, who is the tallest of all the Code Geass characters at 6’7″/ 200 cm in height.

Main Code Geass Characters’ Weights

The only recorded weights for the Code Geass Main Characters specify that Rolo Lamperouge weighs 51 kg (112 lbs) and Lloyd Asplund weighs around 65 kg (143 lbs). A rough estimate of Charles zi Britannia’s weight has been recorded as well, stating that he may weigh around 108 kg (238 lbs) – although this figure has not been confirmed officially.

What Do We Know About the Code Geass Main Characters’ Birthdays?

All of the Code Geass main characters were born within the “a.t.b” era (“Ascension Throne Britannia”), which is reflected on the Imperial Calendar in the “World History” of the Code Geass universe. Apart from occasional inconsistencies or conflicting records, all of the characters’ birthdays remain the same throughout, irrespective of other details.

Schneizel el Britannia has some conflicting recorded birth dates, so fans are unsure when his official birthday actually is – although most believe he was born on January 12th, 1991, a.t.b. However, his birth date was noted as February 14th, 1991, in the past setting, while his birthday was recorded as April 1st, 1988, in-game – so, this leaves a fair amount of room for speculation as it would impact his recorded age by about 7 years.


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There is one notable gray area, however, specifically regarding Rolo Lamperouge, the main character’s brother – he is assumed to have been born as a replacement on a.t.b. October 25, 2002, but the true date remains unknown. Other than this general idea of conflicting or unconfirmed birthdays, there are also characters with unknown birthdays, such as C.C., as she is assumed to be ‘immortal,’ having lived for hundreds of years.

Main Code Geass Characters’ Genders & Blood Types

With that being said, there are quite a few other traits that the main Code Geass characters were born with, all of which seem to have remained consistent throughout the series’ progression. Below are the main Code Geass characters’ biological genders and blood types.

Code Geass CharacterGenderBlood Type
Lelouch vi BritanniaMaleA
Suzaku KururugiMaleO
Nunnally vi BritanniaFemaleAB
Kallen KōzukiFemaleB
Rolo LamperougeMaleUnknown
Cornelia li BritanniaFemaleO
Villetta NuFemaleB
Li XingkeMaleUnknown
Kaname OhgiMaleO
Shirley FenetteFemaleA
Euphemia li BritanniaFemaleB
Jeremiah GottwaldMaleA
Nina EinsteinFemaleA
Lloyd AsplundMaleAB
Charles zi BritanniaMaleAB
Schneizel el BritanniaMaleAB
Anya AlstreimFemaleUnknown

Main Code Geass Characters’ Nicknames/ Aliases & Zodiac Signs

While the Code Geass characters were born with certain traits, they also picked up a few notable nicknames along the way, some of which are only used by specific individuals within the storyline. Thanks to having access to these characters’ birthdays, we’ve also been able to identify their respective zodiac signs, as seen below.

Code Geass CharacterNicknames/ AliasesZodiac Sign
Lelouch vi BritanniaBlack Prince, The Demon Emperor, Treacherous Emperor Lelouch, Zero, Julius KingsleySagittarius
Suzaku KururugiWhite Knight, White Grim Reaper, ZeroCancer
C.C.Immortal Witch, Pizza Girl, Witch of Britannia, Gray Witch, ReifūUnknown
Nunnally vi BritanniaNunna, Nunnally Lamperouge, White WitchScorpio
Kallen KōzukiQ-1Aries
Rolo LamperougeLord KimmelScorpio
V.V.Unknown Leo
Cornelia li BritanniaThe Witch of Britannia, Goddess of VictoryCapricorn
Villetta NuChigusaGemini
Li XingkeUnknown Capricorn
Kaname OhgiUnknown Pisces
Shirley FenetteUnknown Cancer
Euphemia li BritanniaEuphy, Princess MassacreLibra
Jeremiah GottwaldOrange, Orange Boy, JerryLeo
Nina EinsteinUnknownVirgo
Lloyd AsplundEarl of PuddingAquarius
Charles zi BritanniaUnknownLeo
Schneizel el BritanniaWhite Prince, Cold Blooded StrategistCapricorn
Anya AlstreimUnknownScorpio

Main Code Geass Characters’ Status & Death Dates

It’s always tragic when a beloved anime character passes on, especially when fans aren’t quite sure if they could ever make a return – and Code Geass certainly features a handful of deaths. The next section will contain some major spoilers for those who have not yet reached the end of the Code Geass storyline, as it details the death dates or time frames for notable characters.

Just about all of the major character deaths take place in a.t.b. 2018. Characters who pass away within this general timeframe include the leading protagonist of the entire Code Geass series, Lelouch vi Britannia, alongside other main characters or major side characters such as Rolo Lamperouge, Charles zi Britannia, and V.V.

There are also a few characters who pass away prior to a.t.b 2018. Euphemia li Britannia makes her last appearance in At Least with Sorrow. It passes away on September 8, 2017 a.t.b (or on December 10th, 2017, within the Code Geass Light novel), while Mao makes his last appearance in Nunnally Held Hostage and he passes away on September 3, 2017 a.t.b.


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Some characters have an indefinite status, such as Li Xingke, who is presumed to still be alive within the series but is portrayed as deceased within Code Geass movies. On the other hand, characters like Shirley Fenette are portrayed as alive in Code Geass movies, but she is presumed to be deceased within the anime series (also around a.t.b. 2018).

That’s everything there is to know about the Code Geass main characters’ ages, heights, birthdays, zodiac signs, blood types, and more, with images and stats thanks to the Code Geass Wiki. While all of these characters have some incredible and complex backstories and arcs throughout the series progression, plenty of anime lovers still enjoy knowing a bit more about their favorite Code Geass characters’ origins.

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