15 Best Anime Like Code Geass Every Fan Needs to Watch

anime like code geass

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Code Geass is one of the most widely celebrated anime series of all time due to its combination of animation, action, storytelling, and raw emotions. Set in a futuristic alternate world where robotic suits are used for combat, a young man seeks to reclaim his position within a tyrannical empire with the use of a mysterious power that he acquired called Geass. It is by using this power and his strategic mind that he was able to find a way to make a powerful empire tremble.

There have been a lot of great anime series released after Code Geass, but a lot of people still believe that this is one of the greatest anime series of all time. Of course, some fans are still hung up on the brilliance of Code Geass. So, if you’re someone who still wants to find an alternative to Code Geass’s amazing storytelling, we have a good list of anime like it.

15. Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor (2007 – 2008)


What It’s About: Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor is an anime series that follows the story of a gambler. In that regard, he isn’t your typical hero because he’s not even a role model at all, as the storyline focuses on a person who spends his days gambling and drinking. However, he uses his unconventional way of thinking and ability to take risks to get by with a life that’s quite troublesome.

Why It’s Like Code Geas: If you only look at the premise of Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor, it’s clear that its storyline is not even remotely close to Code Geass. However, what makes them similar to one another is the fact that they both follow storylines where the main character focuses more on his ability to use tactics that can be quite risky. In that regard, he is able to survive and beat the odds, thanks to his ability to take risks.

14. Aldnoah.Zero (2014 – 2015)


What It’s About: Aldnoah.Zero follows the story of a war between the more technologically advanced Mars empire and the people of Earth as the Martians launch an attack on Earth. Relying on the Aldnoah technology, the Martians have the advantage but end up realizing that the piloting skills of one high school boy are more than enough for them to handle.


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Why It’s Like Code Geass: Both Aldnoah.Zero and Code Geass happen in worlds where mechanized robots are the main weapons. Of course, they are also similar in the sense that one faction has a technological advantage over a weaker faction. In this case, the Martians have an advantage over the people of Earth in terms of their technological capabilities.

13. Re: Zero – Starting Life In Another World (2016 – Present)

re zero

What It’s About: Re:Zero – Starting Life In Another World is often called the greatest isekai anime of all time not only because it feeds on the fantasy of the audience’s dreams of getting transported into a new world but also because of the fact that is incredibly emotional and relatable. The story follows the journey of Subaru, who got transported into a fantasy world where he thought he could start life anew. However, he ends up discovering that life in a new world wasn’t what he thought it was because he kept on dying. To make things worse, his life resets whenever he dies, and this forces him to suffer the pain of dying over and over again.

Why It’s Like Code Geass: The reason why both Re: Zero and Code Geass are similar is the fact that both of the characters are given abilities that no other character in the series has. While Lelouch in Code Geass has the ability to absolutely compel anyone to do his will, Subaru of Re: Zero has a cheat code in the fact that his timeline resets every time he dies. As such, he has the advantage, even though every subsequent death affects him emotionally and mentally.

12. The Future Diary (2011 – 2012)


What It’s About: The Future Diary follows the story of a group of people who were selected to become the next god as long as they could win a battle royale. Their phones were changed into Future Diaries, which had unique abilities to see the future. As such, Yukitero now has to find a way to use the power of his Future Diary to stay alive and hopefully come out of the battle royale.

Why It’s Like Code Geass: Even though there are clear differences between The Future Diary and Code Geass, they have similar themes that focus on characters that use strategy to survive. Of course, in The Future Diary, the different characters have different Future Diaries, and it is up to them to know how to use them to their advantage.

11. Psycho Pass (2012 – Present)


What It’s About: Set in a dystopian future where society is governed by a person’s perceived capacity to commit a crime, Psycho Pass follows the story of law enforcers that determine whether or not a person is about to commit a crime based on their psycho pass. But the problem is that everything is governed by an algorithm that determines a person’s capacity to commit crime, and that means that there it is entirely difficult for the law enforcers to make a judgment call. The problem arises when a mysterious man who is immune to the system suddenly appears to make life harder for the law enforcers.

Why It’s Like Code Geass: Both of them are set in a futuristic world. However, the true similarity between Psycho Pass and Code Geass can be seen in the fact that it is very psychological in nature, similar to how you get to see the psychological aspect of Lelouch in Code Geass whenever he is in the middle of making tough choices based on the information and assets that he has.

10. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009 – 2010)

fullmetal alchemist brotherhood.jpg

What It’s About: Arguably the greatest anime series of all time, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood follows the story of two brothers who are on a mission to find a way to get their bodies back after an alchemy accident left Edward without an arm and a leg and Al without his body. However, as they go through their journey, they discover a much larger conspiracy happening in their nation, as the leaders of the entire country are involved in a dangerous scheme that could very well affect the entire world.


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Why It’s Like Code Geass: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood may not be similar to Code Geass in terms of its premise. But they are both beautifully crafted storylines that have similar levels of storytelling and raw emotions. Of course, they are both similar in the fact that they involve a larger conspiracy that is related to the possibility of the enemy obtaining godlike powers.

9. Guilty Crown (2012)

guilty crown

What It’s About: In Guilty Crown, an event releases a biological weapon called the Apocalypse Virus, which plunges the entire country into turmoil. A decade later, a high school student stumbled upon a special type of Apocalypse Virus that ended up giving him special abilities known as the Power of Kings. As such, he ends up joining a mysterious organization in the hopes of liberating the country.

Why It’s Like Code Geass: While they may have different storylines, Guilty Crown is similar to Code Geass because the main characters accidentally acquire powerful abilities called the Power of Kings. Of course, their powers are different from one another, but they both obtained abilities that allowed them to have an advantage over their enemies.

8. Akame Ga Kill! (2014)


What It’s About: Akame Ga Kill! is an anime series that follows a sad storyline wherein a group of powerful fighters with incredibly powerful weapons joins forces to go up against a corrupt government. In that regard, it is a storyline that allows you to see some of the futile efforts of the characters as they are up against the incredible power of an entire nation. And it doesn’t end well for the main characters in this storyline.

Why It’s Like Code Geass: The biggest reason why Akame Ga Kill! is similar to Code Geass is the fact that they both have main characters that are on the side of a rebellion against a corrupt and tyrannical government. While their stories may differ from one another, they both follow stories of how a small organization seeks to topple an entire nation.

7. No Game No Life (2014)

no game no life

What It’s About: No Game No Life is a story about siblings that were transported into an alternate world created by the God of Game. They are both pro gamers that have never been defeated before, but they are now in the middle of their toughest challenge yet, as they need to use their brains and skills to find a way to survive in a new world where everything is decided by games.

Why It’s Like Code Geass: No Game No Life may be a bit lighter compared to Code Geass and doesn’t have a premise where the fate of an entire world hangs in the balance. But the thing is that they both explore storylines where the main characters need to use their wits above any other asset to make sure that they come out victorious.

6. Monster (2004 – 2005)


What It’s About: Monster is one of the most realistic anime series we have on this list, as it follows the story of a doctor that ended up saving the life of a young boy instead of saving the life of a high-ranking official. However, he ended up losing his place in the hospital because of his choice. What made things worse was, on top of the fact that he lost his status, he ended up realizing that the boy that he saved grew up to be a monster that kills people for the sake of pleasure. As such, he now has to undo his mistake by going on a journey to end the life of the monster that he saved.


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Why It’s Like Code Geass: Monster may be quite realistic compared to Code Geass, but the thing about this series is that it is similar to the aforementioned anime due to the fact that different things like strategy, tactics, and psychology all play together in this psychological thriller. It may be a slow-paced anime, but it tends to leave a lasting impression on its viewers.

5. The Promised Neverland (2019 – 2021)

promised neverland

What It’s About: The Promised Neverland was one of the best anime series in recent memory if you’re only looking at the first season. While the second season was a rushed mess, the storyline of the first season was great. It follows the story of orphans living in an orphanage that was seemingly normal. However, after they learn that they were only in the orphanage to get harvested by man-eating monsters, they now have to use their intelligence to try to find a way to escape this literal farm.


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Why It’s Like Code Geass: The Promised Neverland may not be similar to Code Geass in terms of its plot, but they do share similarities in terms of how cerebral their characters are. In The Promised Neverland, the leaders of the orphans are three of the smartest kids. As such, they have to use their ability to think of strategies to learn the truth behind the orphanage and to find a way to escape their fate.

4. Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (2007 – 2009)


What It’s About: Mobile Suit Gundam 00 follows the story of a powerful organization with Gundam mobile suits that are much more powerful than the mobile suits employed by the different power blocs of the world. This secretive organization seeks to end all conflict in the world through force, and this forces the entire world to unite against them.

Why It’s Like Code Geass: Both Mobile Suit Gundam 00 and Code Geass are futuristic mecha anime series. But the biggest similarity between them lies in the fact that they are both storylines that follow a small and powerful organization that seeks to try to topple the world order in the hopes of advancing a more altruistic goal that is supposedly for the betterment of everyone else.

3. Steins;Gate (2011)


What It’s About: Steins;Gate is a series that probably isn’t for everyone because how it can be quite confusing, but it’s one of the greatest anime series of all time. The story follows a wannabee scientist that accidentally invents the time machine that forced him to enter a series of time-altering events that could very well have the fate of the entire world hanging in the balance. As such, he now has to undo the things that he did with the time machine without having to sacrifice the life of a female scientist and he ended up developing a good relationship.

Why It’s Like Code Geass: Unlike Code Geass, there is hardly any action involved in Steins;Gate, but this anime series is still similar to it due to the fact that its storyline involves a powerful ability (in this case, a machine) that only the main character has. And depending on what the protagonist does with his power, the fate of the entire world is hanging in the balance.

2. Attack On Titan (2013 – Present)


What It’s About: Attack On Titan is one of the most celebrated anime series of the 2010s. It follows the story of a nation that’s protected by a series of walls because there are man-eating titans that roam outside. However, all hell breaks loose when the walls break down, and the titans start invading the human settlements. Now, it is up to a group of brave soldiers to defeat the titans and discover the mystery behind these man-eating giants and how they came to be.

Why It’s Like Code Geass: At first, Attack On Titan is nothing like Code Geass, but for those who know the ending, you’ll be surprised to see just how similar they are in terms of their endings. Of course, both the main characters have powerful abilities that give them the advantage they need. In this case, Eren has the Power of the Titans, which allows him to see the future and plan ahead.

1. Death Note (2006 – 2007)

death note light

What It’s About: Death Note is one of the most cerebral anime series of all time as it is more of a storyline that focuses on the characters’ ability to think of strategies. It follows the story of a young man that ends up acquiring a notebook that allows him to determine the fate of a person and kill them as long as he knows the name and face of that person. Meanwhile, he is up against a mysterious genius detective who is trying to make sense of what has been happening in the world so that he can get to the bottom of the mystery behind the sudden deaths of different people.


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Why It’s Like Code Geass: Like Code Geass, Death Note follows an antihero protagonist with a powerful ability that allows him to gain an advantage over his enemies. However, like Lelouch, he has to rely on his intelligence and strategic mindset to find a way to outsmart his enemies while using any kind of resource available to him.

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