‘Constantine 2’ Progresses with Major Development Update

Constantine 2 Progresses with Major Development Update

It’s been almost twenty years, but there’s a chance we might see Keanu Reeves reprising his role as John Constantine on the big screen! In November 2012, filmmaker Guillermo del Toro struck a deal to make a Justice League Dark movie featuring DC Comics’ supernatural characters, including John Constantine. In November 2020, actor Peter Stormare hinted at a sequel possibly being in progress through an Instagram post. However, neither Warner Bros. nor Reeves themselves confirmed this at the time.

Then, in 2023, Francis Lawrence mentioned that he and Keanu Reeves were brainstorming ideas for the sequel, but every time they came close to something solid, the management at DC studio would undergo changes.

“But luckily, we managed to wrangle some control and started working on some ideas for Constantine 2, which we’re really excited about. It’s still the very beginning, as the strike put it on hold for a little bit. So we’re probably going to start getting back together after Thanksgiving, and dig back in to try and crack it.

This news might seem outdated, considering the SAG-AFTRA strike concluded over four months ago after lasting for three months. It’s odd that there hasn’t been much buzz about the movie until now. Production Weekly has reported that ‘Constantine 2’ has officially entered development, which suggests that Francis Lawrence is making good on his promise.

However, there’s a slight uncertainty. The movie isn’t explicitly listed as ‘Constantine 2’. This raises questions about whether the upcoming film will fall under the Elseworlds label, similar to ‘The Batman’, or if it’ll be part of the mainline DC Universe overseen by James Gunn.

Both theories have some backing. Francis Lawrence has reportedly been developing the sequel long before DCU was established. However, there are also rumors suggesting that the character was initially intended to debut in ‘Swamp Thing’ within the DCU.

Fans are keen on a reboot of ‘Constantine’ with minimal involvement of Keanu Reeves. However, for now, it’s almost certain that we’re getting a sequel led by Reeves, judging from past statements and the long-standing plans for the movie.

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