Could the Boy Theo Be Sauron? Why Does He Bear the Mark?

Rings of Power Theo

The early portion of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power allowed us to see how the boy named Theo, who is Bronwyn’s son, could be related to everything that’s going to happen in the future of the storyline. Of course, that’s because he is a brash young boy that actually stole a sword hilt that had Sauron’s mark and even used it to kill an Orc in episode 4 when it transformed into a full sword. Of course, after that, the old cook of his village confronted him about the possible return of Sauron. So, does that mean that Theo could be Sauron himself?

Theo probably isn’t Sauron because he would know that by now because the dark lord has only been hiding ever since Morgoth fell. Instead, there is a good chance that Theo could be someone else and someone who we know is loyal to Sauron. Yes, there’s a chance that Theo could be the Witch-King himself.

At this point, we don’t know who Sauron is or where he could be. All we know is that he has been biding his time to regain his power while his pawns and minions muster up his forces. Because he is a cunning Maia, there is little to no chance that he is Theo. But Theo could be someone entirely else but still as dangerous as Sauron, and that’s something we are here to look at.

Could Theo Be Sauron?

Ever since the beginning of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, the one thing that has remained a mystery was Sauron’s identity and his whereabouts. Not even Galadriel, who scoured the land for decades, could find him because he did a fine job in hiding and in making everyone in Middle-Earth believe that he had become a mere memory.

Of course, there are a lot of different theories as to how Sauron could be and where he could be hiding. But one such theory is in relation to the boy named Theo, who was introduced as Bronwyn’s rebellious and curious son. We already saw how Theo wasn’t quite fond of the Elves, especially because he didn’t treat Arondir well. Of course, there’s also the fact that Theo wields a broken blade with Sauron’s mark (he himself also has the same mark).

theo sword.jpg

In episode 4, we saw that the Men of the Southlands were able to make their way to the abandoned Elven watchtower to keep themselves safe from the Orcs that had begun to attack the different towns there. When their rations were already running out, Theo suggested that he go back to town to get any food that might still be there. Of course, Bronwyn didn’t like the idea of her son going back to town, but the rebellious boy still did so.


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It was during the trip to town that Theo wielded the sword hilt against an Orc that attacked him. In his attempt to protect himself, the sword activated and formed a blade to help Theo protect himself. This meant that he and the sword hilt with Sauron’s mark were compatible with one another.

Meanwhile, when he got back to the tower, old man Waldreg, the one who owned the bar where Theo stole the sword hilt from, confronted him about the mark that he had on his arm because they both shared the same mark. The old man didn’t even ask him about the sword because he probably understood that the hilt had a connection with Theo. However, the old man did ask Theo if he knew who made the sword and what the mark represented.

That was when Waldreg talked about Sauron’s possible return and about how the comet from the sky (which was the very same comet of the Stranger) was the one that signaled the return of the dark lord. So, does that mean that Theo could be Sauron?

It is unlikely that Theo is Sauron because of the very fact that the dark lord is a master of deception and is someone who is likely aware of what he is doing. In that regard, Sauron being reborn as a boy to a man isn’t probably, considering that he was never found or killed during the First Age. After Morgoth’s defeat, he most likely just hid in plain sight while biding his time until he became strong enough to once again cover the world in darkness.

Is Theo Going To Be The Witch-King Of Angmar?

While there is little to no chance that Theo could be Sauron, the thing is that there is also another person that Theo could be. And those who have seen The Lord of the Rings trilogy by Peter Jackson would be familiar with this foe.

We hardly saw Sauron in the LOTR trilogy because of the fact that he was supposedly weakened after he was defeated at the end of the Second Age. However, the one who mostly acted on his behalf was his most loyal lieutenant, named the Witch-King of Angmar.

Witch king

Like all of the Nazgûl, the Witch-King of Angmar used to be a king of Men that was corrupted by Sauron while they were wearing their Ring of Power. In that regard, Theo could be one of the future kings of men that ends up getting corrupted by the dark lord himself.


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We know for a fact that the Witch-King of Angmar wields a sword. In fact, in one of the promotional materials of The Rings of Power, a mysterious figure wields the same sword that Theo wields but wears gauntlets that are kind of similar to the ones that the Witch-King wore during the events of The Lord of the Rings.

ring of power promotional material

As such, there is a good chance that he could be the very same servant that ends up becoming Sauron’s most loyal lieutenant. Of course, this could be related to the fact that the sword probably has the ability to corrupt people.

From what we have seen so far, Theo is unusually drawn to this sword hilt such that it seemingly corrupts him and tempts him. On top of that, even when they left their home to take refuge in the Elven watchtower, Theo couldn’t separate himself from the sword hilt. 

It is possible that this hilt is what eventually lures him to darkness and makes him Sauron’s loyal servant. And after he eventually receives a Ring of Power from Sauron, his transformation into a wraith will become complete.

This sword is also quite possibly related to the fact that Adar is searching for the same sword hilt. He told Arondir that he was not a god but was soon going to become one. And it is possible that wielding this sword will allow him to become a godlike figure that is akin to a being as powerful as Sauron himself.

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