Who Plays Sauron in The Rings of Power? Meet Anson Boon (Not Eminem)


The trailer of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power was finally released, and it allowed us to see more about the characters that are going to be in it. Of course, no LOTR story will ever be complete without Sauron, the big bad of Peter Jackson’s original trilogy. In that regard, Sauron (or the person he used to be before he turned evil) can be seen in the trailer of the Rings of Power. So, who is Sauron in LOTR: The Rings of Power, and who plays him?

Sauron used the name Annatar, who is a fair man that described himself as the “Lord of Gifts” so that he could corrupt Elven lords, Dwarf kings, and the kings of Men using the rings of power. He is portrayed by Anson Boom, who everyone thought was Eminem because he looks like Marshall Mathers.

It is worth mentioning that LOTR: The Rings of Power is set thousands of years before the events of the LOTR trilogy and happens during the Second Age. In that regard, Sauron was not yet the overpowering dark lord that he eventually became, as the series will possibly tell his origin story. That said, let’s look at who Sauron is in The Rings of Power and who plays him.

Who Is Sauron In LOTR: The Rings Of Power?

Amazon Prime Video dropped the trailer for the upcoming The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power series, which is a story that is set during the Second Age and when the Rings of Power were about to be forged. Of course, we do know that the name that remains constant when it comes to the Rings of Power is Sauron, who we learned in The Lord of the Rings was responsible for forging and presenting as gifts several Rings of Power to some of the most powerful leaders in Middle Earth.

In LOTR, one of the things that we know about Sauron is that he used to be an imposingly large humanoid clad in dark armor and is capable of wiping out several men with a single strike from his iconic sword. But when he was defeated by Isildur and the One Ring was taken from him, he eventually lost his power and became the Necromancer. Then, in the events of The Hobbit, he lost his humanoid form and became the fiery eye on top of a tall tower in Mordor.


What Happened to Sauron After the Ring Was Destroyed?

The trailer was wildly expressive in the sense that it allowed us to see several characters that are going to play crucial roles in what is set to become the biggest Prime Video production of all time. But while we do know that Sauron took on the form of a large man in a suit of armor and, eventually, a fiery eye, he was mentioned a few times in the trailer.

Then again, we never saw the large armored man in the trailer, even though most of us usually think of that image when we are talking about Sauron. But the thing that needs to be understood by those who never read the books is the fact this series takes place thousands of years before the events of LOTR and when Sauron was still rising to the height of his power right after Morgoth, who served as the original dark lord of the First Age and was Sauron’s master, was defeated and banished.


We specifically hear in the trailer that they had believed that peace could finally reign in Middle Earth after a great battle, which we believe refers to the war against Morgoth. But then again, Galadriel sees an image of men getting powered by orcs during an age that could possibly be darker than Morgoth’s own reign of terror. And, of course, these dark times are courtesy of Sauron himself.

Nevertheless, we never saw the same Sauron in the trailer. But we did see someone who might be Sauron, who was mentioned in the trailer to go by many different names. Of course, this is due to the fact that Sauron himself, like Morgoth, is a master shapeshifter that could take on several forms.

What we know about Sauron during the forging of the Rings of Power was the fact that he took on a different form. After the defeat of his master, he took on the form of a fair-looking man that’s handsome and kind of pale. At that time, he used the name Annatar, a man described as the “Lord of Gifts,” probably due to the fact that he was the one responsible for giving the kings and lords of Middle Earth the Rings of Power. And in the trailer, we saw a man that could very well be Annatar.

annatar 1
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As such, those who are looking for a man clad in a suit of armor or a fiery red eye won’t be able to find Sauron. Instead, they should be looking at a fair man that looks like an elf. This is most likely Sauron as Annatar as he seeks to find a way to rise in power once again.

The entire series is set to tell the story of how Sauron manipulated an Elven lord into teaching him how to forge the Rings of Power, which will ultimately play a key role in his rise to power as the next dark lord of Middle Earth and as the big bad villain that Frodo and the rest of the LOTR heroes are trying to stop from rising once more at all costs.

Is Eminem Playing Sauron In The Rings Of Power?

When the trailer was revealed, one of the things that people thought was that the man who is said to be Sauron or Annatar kind of looks like one of the most popular rappers of all time in Marshall Mathers, who goes by the stage name of Eminem. So, is Eminem the one playing Sauron or Annatar in The Rings of Power?

As much as fans of the rapper would like to see him playing a huge role in an equally huge production, Eminem is not the actor playing Sauron in The Rings of Power. Of course, there were probably a lot of things that went into casting the role of Sauron/Annatar, and youth was probably one of the categories used because of the fact that the series is set to have at least five seasons.


How & Why Did Sauron Die When the Ring Was Cut Off?

Of course, as youthful and as good-looking as Marshall Mathers may be, Sauron is supposed to be a young and fair man as Annatar. But in terms of his appearance, he would have made a nice Annatar, especially because he already looks the part.

Who Plays Sauron In The Rings Of Power?

As mentioned, Eminem is not the one who is going to play Sauron in The Rings of Power. Instead, the role was given to a young actor named Anson Boon, who was born in England in 2000 and had only been acting since 2014.

At this point in his career, Boon is yet to see roles in large productions, but he did appear in TV shows like The Defeated and Pistol. However, his upcoming role as the man people believe could be Sauron is set to be the biggest role in his career and could be Game of Thrones-like in terms of how it could help catapult his career into larger roles in the future.

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