Could the Night King Be One of the Targaryens? Theory Explained

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One of the entities that we’ve seen in Game of Thrones is the Night King, who was explained in House of the Dragon as the very entity that prompted Aegon the Conqueror to unite the Seven Kingdoms into one. Of course, we know that the Night King is an incredibly powerful entity with supernatural abilities that are unlike any other. But there is a theory that points to the possibility that he could be a Targaryen. So, could the Night King be one of the Targaryen?

It is highly unlikely that the Night King is a Targaryen. That’s because the Night King was created more than 10,000 years before the events of Aegon’s Conquest. At that time, the only humans that inhabited Westeros were the First Men, and that rules the Valyrians and the Targaryens out.

The fact that the Night King was able to do things that only Targaryens could do was what made people believe that he could be a Targaryen. Nevertheless, as magical and as powerful as he may be, he was never a Targaryen because the Targaryens were never even in Westeros when the Night King was created. But let’s go over this topic for you to understand it in greater detail.

Could The Night King Be One Of The Targaryens?

Throughout the events of Game of Thrones and even House of the Dragon, the one entity that was always at the center of the problems faced by the characters was the Night King. In Game of Thrones, Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch dedicated their lives to uniting the realm in the hopes of stopping this being from wreaking havoc on the rest of the Seven Kingdoms. Meanwhile, in House of the Dragon, it was revealed that Aegon the Conqueror united the realm to prepare for the coming of the Night King.

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Of course, there is a good reason why the Night King is such a threat to the world of the living. He is capable of commanding supernatural powers that allow him to cause powerful blizzards, produce ice spears, and freeze people with a single touch. The Night King is also capable of reviving the dead and making them a part of his large Army of the Dead. And above all that, he is incredibly difficult to kill, as not even dragonfire could destroy him.

But it was the fact that he is resistant to dragonfire that made people wonder who the Night King actually is. That’s because the only other person capable of resisting flames is Daenerys Targaryen, whose Targaryen blood and magical properties make her almost immune to fire. On top of that, the Night King is also capable of riding a dragon, and that’s something that only someone with Targaryen blood could do in the events of Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon.

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Given all of that, there is good reason to believe that the Night King could be one of the Targaryens. But the fact is that history tells us otherwise. And that’s because it is impossible, as far as history is concerned, for the Night King to be a Targaryen or even one of the Valyrians.


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While Bran was training to become the next Three-Eyed Raven, he was brought back to the past when the Night King was created. Back when the First Men were the only humans inhabiting Westeros, they were at war with the Children of the Forest, who were the first creatures to live on the continent. Because the First Men outnumbered them, the Children of the Forest used dragonglass to create the Night King by piercing it through the chest of a man. The purpose of this entity was to protect the Children from the Forest from the First Men, but it ended up rebelling against them and forming his own army to destroy the world of the living.

The interesting part about that is the fact that this all happened more than 10,000 years before the events of Game of Thrones. That means that the Night King existed long before the time of the Targaryens in Westeros.

Another interesting fact to take note of is that the Targaryens were once part of the Valyrian Freehold, which ruled a good part of Essos during the height of this empire’s might. Of course, the Valyrians became the most powerful people in the known world due to the strength of their dragons. But the Valyrian Freehold existed for approximately only 5,000 years, and that means that the Valyrians didn’t even exist during the time of the Night King. And let’s not forget that the Valyrian Freehold is far away from Westeros.

In that regard, it is impossible for one of the Targaryens or any of the Valyrians to be the Night King. The Targaryens and the Valyrians probably didn’t even exist during the time of the creation of the Night King. That’s because the Night King existed 5,000 years before the Valyrian Freehold was even established.

Of course, the only humans that were on the continent of Westeros during the time of the creation of the Night King were the First Men. Before the First Men, there were no humans in Westeros. And it took a while for the Targaryens to actually make it to Westeros as this only happened more than a hundred years before Aegon’s Conquest, as that was when House Targaryen moved from Old Valyria to Dragonstone.


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So, if the Night King isn’t a Targaryen, why was he resistant to dragonfire and why was he able to fly a dragon? Well, he is resistant to dragonfire because he is the very embodiment of the cold, and that means that his body is able to negate the heat produced by dragonfire. Meanwhile, the only reason why he was able to fly a dragon was the fact that he was the supreme commander of all of the dead that he reanimated. Considering that Viserion was a reanimated dragon, the Night King had complete control over it.

Who Exactly Is The Night King?

While we did see the creation of the Night King during the events that happened thousands of years before Game of Thrones, the one thing that was never explained was the exact identity of the Night King.

The only thing that we know is that, during that time, the Children of the Forest wanted a protector that could help protect them against the First Men, and that’s why they created the Night King using one of the First Men. As such, this man couldn’t have been a Targaryen or even a Valyrian because the Valyrians probably didn’t even exist at that time.

But we don’t know who exactly this person was and why he was the one chosen by the Children of the Forest. It is possible that the Children of the Forest simply captured a random human belonging to the First Men and then used dragonglass and magic to create the Night King. As such, the true identity of the Night King is unknown, as he may just be a random guy that happened to be unlucky enough to be captured by the Children of the Forest.

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