Dark Knights of Steel #2: Wonder Woman Finds A New Love Interest In Zala-El

Dark Knights of Steel, the newest DC limited series released its second issue today. Created by Tom Taylor and Yasmine Putri, the latest issue of the series gave Wonder Woman a new love interest in Zala-El.

In Dark Knights of Steel, Princess Zala Jor-El is the daughter of King Jor-El and sister of Prince Kal-El and Bruce, a Kryptonian/human hybrid also known as the Bat-Prince. Zala-El made her first comic book appearance in Dark Knights of Steel #2. Although she’s a brand new character, she still has a crucial role in this limited series.

Now, Taylor and Putri wrote a new romantic story featuring Wonder Woman and the new Kryptonian hero. This incarnation of Wonder Woman made her first appearance in the second issue of the limited series. Wonder Woman and Zala-El shared a kiss, with Wonder Woman promising Zala she’ll be there for her after her father, King Jor-El, was killed.

As far as the DC romances go, it’s known that Wonder Woman’s love interest throughout history was mainly Steve Trevor, who had a crucial role in her origin story back in the 1940s. Trevor was a pilot who accidentally landed on an island of Themyscira, Wonder Woman’s home, and the rest is history. Although Wonder Woman had romances with other known DC characters, including Batman and Superman, it was always known that Wonder Woman is canonically queer, and although that was mentioned a lot in the comics, the newest limited series finally showed it.

Since the newest issue of the series was just published, it’s unknown how this relationship is going to develop, but we’re looking forward to the next issue which is set to be published on January 4, 2022. Dark Knights of Steel will consist of 12 issues in total.

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