Darksaber: Everything You Need to Know About the Black Lightsaber

Darksaber: Everything You Need to Know About the Black Lightsaber

Blasters aside, everyone who loves Star Wars loves Star Wars because of the lightsabers. Okay, not just because of that, but the lightsabers are such an integral part of the Star Wars mythos that you cannot simply ignore them. Now, blue, green, and red were the basic colors, but as the mythos expanded, the colors did as well. Today, we have a variety of different lightsaber colors and one of them is completely unique – the black lightsaber, also known as the Darksaber. In this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the black lightsaber.

The Darksaber was an ancient black-bladed lightsaber created by Tarre Vizsla, the first Mandalorian to join the Jedi Order. The weapon was later kept in the Jedi Temple after Vizsla’s death. The Darksaber was passed down by members of House Vizsla even after the pacifist ideals of the New Mandalorians replaced the warrior traditions of Mandalore.

The rest of this article is going to give you all the information you need to know about the Darksaber. We’re going to provide you with some relevant information about the blade’s origins as well as in-universe elements regarding the Darksaber’s history. This article is going to be your ultimate guide to the Darksaber, its history and its importance.

Who created the Darksaber?

In the days of the Old Republic, the Darksaber was kept in the Jedi Temple, following the death of its creator, Tarre Vizsla, the first Mandalorian admitted to the Jedi Order. However, it was taken over by the Mandalorians of House Vizsla, who raided the Jedi Temple during the fall of the Old Republic. The descendants of House Vizsla used the Darksaber to kill many Jedi and rule Mandalore for many years.

How was the Darksaber made?

Well, the story goes like this… okay, we’re joking – there is no story. The real answer to this question is – George Lucas thought it cool to include a black lightsaber in the canon and he simply made it happen. No in-universe explanation was provided for this. We know that Tarre Vizsla created it through the combination of classic and some specific methods, but the latter haven’t been revealed so we don’t know the exact in-universe origins of the Darksaber.

How did the Darksaber become black?

As with the answer above, no official explanation was given about the color of the Darksaber. The most common explanation is that it simply contains a synthetic kyber crystal that was created using some special techniques by Tarre Vizsla. Since we know that kyber crystals are sentient objects, it probably took some complex Force manipulation for Vizsla to turn a kyber crystal black.


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We know that this specific color embodies the suffering of the Mandalorian people, so these emotions probably played a part in its creation. Whatever the reason might be, the Darksaber remains a unique weapon whose origins still have to be properly explained and we are looking forward to finding out what they are.

Is there only one Darksaber?

Yes, the Darksaber is a completely unique weapon, although the exact in-universe reasons behind this have not been revealed. From what we can gather, the Darksaber resonated with Tarre Vizsla in a unique way and that resonance has never manifested itself later. This is probably due to the unique combination of skills and emotions (related to the sufferings of the Mandalorian people) that was put into the creation of the Darksaber.

Can there be another Darksaber?

While there probably won’t be one and while the process definitely was unique, there is nothing in the series to suggest that the process could not be reproduced. It is obviously very difficult and the whole process is a secret, but there is nothing implying that someone else couldn’t reproduce that same process, so there probably could be another Darksaber.

Is the Darksaber a lightsaber?

Due to its special aspects, the Darksaber is unique not just because of its story, but also because of its shape and size. We have explained some aspects of its uniqueness and in this section, we are going to deal with its structure. As far as the first question is concerned, the Darksaber definitely is a lightsaber. It has a special shape and a unique color, but the Darksaber definitely is a lightsaber and there is no doubt about that in the canon.

Does the Darksaber use a kyber crystal?

As we know very well, the kyber crystal is an essential part of every lightsaber, so it’s really difficult to conceive that the Darksaber, however unique it might be, functions without a kyber crystal and it does not. The Darksaber, just every other lightsaber, uses a kyber crystal. The only difference is that the Darksaber uses a black kyber crystal, which is extremely rare, while other lightsabers use more common colors.

Why is the Darksaber shaped differently?

As with a lot of questions related to the Darksaber, this one is officially a mystery. Neither Lucas nor anyone else has provided us with an explanation as to why exactly the Darksaber was constructed in such a way. It is probably due to the fact that it was constructed by Tarre Vizsla, someone who had little knowledge of the ways that the Jedi (and the Sith) actually constructed their lightsabers, so he just went about with what he knew, which accounts for its unique shape.

Is the Darksaber a broadsaber?

A broadsaber lightsaber is a special kind of lightsaber that uses special focusing lenses and emitters. Because of this, both the handle and the blade of the weapon had a different appearance compared to a regular lightsaber, being wider. The handle did not have the usual cylindrical shape, and the wide surface of the blade made it impossible to deliver stabbing blows.

Because of this, such lightsabers were not particularly popular among members of the Jedi Order. Many Jedi Masters considered these weapons to be less elegant, but because these weapons were ideal for Form I combat, some skilled swordsmen favored such blades. Based on what we know, the Darksaber is not a broadsaber.

How strong is the Darksaber?

We have already said that the Darksaber represented the Mandalorians’ fight against the Jedi and was a very powerful tool in battle; it also represented the emotions of the Mandalorians (something the Jedi avoided) and their murderous rivalry with the Jedi. In that aspect, the Darksaber does indeed have a long and notorious history behind it, but there doesn’t seem to be anything to suggest that it is stronger than any other type of lightsaber. It was made using the same technology and is used in the same way.

So, why do fans and people around the Internet think it’s that powerful? It is probably because of its notoriety and the fact that is a fully unique object in the whole franchise. But, that doesn’t make it more powerful – it just makes it unique. Any lightsaber can be tweaked using several methods (it can be made waterproof, have a longer battery, a less stable crystal, it can be a dual blade-type, etc.), but as far as we know, the Darksaber wasn’t enhanced in any of those ways, which means that it is as powerful as any other lightsaber that has not bee tweaked.

Is the Darksaber stronger than a lightsaber?

The Darksaber symbolizes the Mandalorians’ fight against the Jedi and was a very powerful tool in battle; it also represented the emotions of the Mandalorians (emotions are something the Jedi avoided) and their homicidal rivalry with the Jedi. At one point, the Darksaber was taken by the Jedi and kept under lock, until it was stolen by the Mandalorians and returned to the descendants of Tarre Vizsla.


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The owner of the Darksaber also claims the title of the ruler of the Mandalorians and the only way to legitimately claim ownership over it is to defeat the former owner in combat (i.e., kill them). In that aspect, the Darksaber has a long and notorious history behind it, but there doesn’t seem to be anything to suggest that it is stronger than any other type of lightsaber. It was made using the same technology and is used in the same way, so it’s not stronger than any other lightsaber and its power depends on the powers and skills of the wielder.

Can the Darksaber cut through Beskar?

As far as we know, the Darksaber cannot cut through Beskar. Beskar, also known as Mandalorian iron, is a metal used in the creation of Mandalorian armor, known for its high resistance to extreme damage. Beskar could withstand a direct hit from a blaster and could also withstand a blow from a lightsaber.

Created for the Galactic Empire by the Mandalorian Sabine Wren, a superweapon called the Pulsed Arc Generator heated metal to such a state that it burned everything covered with it, and was used against Mandalorian warriors clad in Beskar armor.

Now, Beskar is extremely resilient and has a higher tolerance to heat than most other alloys. This is probably the reason why the Darksaber cannot cut through Beskar. The Darksaber is just like any other lightsaber and since a regular lightsaber cannot cut through Beskar, neither can the Darksaber. Of course, this is no official reason, as no official reason for this has been given, but it is a very probable reason behind the fact.

Can the Darksaber deflect blaster bolts?

As we have said – the Darksaber is a lightsaber just like any other. It has symbolic value, but in reality – it functions the same way as any other lightsaber. This means that it can deflect blaster bolts and shots just like any other lightsaber out there.

Owners of the Darksaber

From its inception in the franchise, the Darksaber has had many different owners. Disney messed things up when it revamped the canon but we’ll just ignore that and bring you the list of owners from the Expanded Universe:

  • Tarre Vizsla
  • Pre Vizsla
  • Maul
  • Kanan Jarrus (briefly)
  • Sabine Wren
  • Bo-Katan Kryze
  • Gideon
  • Din Djarin

In the sections that follow, we are going to talk about the history of the Darksaber’s owners.

Who owns the Darksaber now?

Shortly after Grogu’s capture in The Mandalorian, Djarin tracked down Bo-Katan and Reeves and recruited them to help free him. Bo-Katan granted his request when Djarin promised her the Darksaber in return. Following their successful infiltration of Gideon’s cruiser by Djarin, Bo-Katan, and their allies, the Mandalorian defeated Gideon in a duel and snatched the Darksaber from his hands.

He then escorted the Moff to the bridge and then tried to bequeath the weapon to Bo-Katan, who refused to take it. Gideon scoffed at Djarin, who was unaware that Bo-Katan was, in turn, to win the saber in combat from him if she actually wanted it. Djarin proceeded to reassure her, wanting to fulfill his promise and avoid trouble, but Bo-Katan started staring at him coldly and once again refused to take the saber. So, the current owner of the Darksaber is Din Djarin, the titular Mandalorian from Disney’s show.

What does Mando do with the Darksaber?

As we have seen in The Book of Boba Fett, Din Djarin has kept the Darksaber as tradition dictated it. He had won it fairly in a duel, and has thus earned the right to own it. He doesn’t seem to care for it that much though; it is of practical use to him, but he doesn’t attach any specific value to the weapon per se. We shall have to wait for new episodes of The Mandalorian to air before seeing what he actually intends to do with it.

Does the Darksaber make you Mandalorian?

It does not. The Mandalorians, as we know well, were actually a clan-based ethnic group founded on the planet Mandalore. Contrary to popular opinion, they’re neither a race, nor a people but a multi-ethnic group comprising of members of different species and races (but are predominantly human) bound together by a code. This means that anyone who adheres to the Mandalorian code and the associated culture can become a Mandalorian.

The Darksaber is a symbol among the Mandalorians but it doesn’t make you a Mandalorian. It has nothing to do with the Mandalorian code and it is not a part of their common ideology, so possessing it doesn’t make you a Mandalorian.

When did Darth Maul get the Darksaber?

During the Clone Wars, after the former Sith Lord Darth Maul and his brother Savage Opress had been discovered near their camp on Zanbar, Vizsla agreed to seal an alliance with them and join the nascent Shadow Collective. Vizsla used the Darksaber on Nal Hutta against the Nikto guards of the Hutt Council when it was necessary to “convince” them to join their alliance.

When the Shadow Collective was able to rely on the Death Watch, the Black Sun, the Pyke Syndicate, and the Hutt Clan, they set off for Mandalore where they took on the Sundari police. Vizsla used the Darksaber to confront Opress in a staged duel before stopping him. The leader of Death Watch was acclaimed by the population for this feat of arms.

Having become the leader of Mandalore, Vizsla imprisoned all his opponents, including Maul, to reign as sole master, thus betraying them. The Sith did not remain in the prison of Stygeon for long, however. Sidious’ former apprentice returned to Sundari and challenged Pre Vizsla to a duel. After a fierce fight, Maul gained the upper hand and killed Vizsla, thus gaining ownership of the Darksaber.

How did Kanan get the Darksaber?

The Darksaber remained on Dathomir during the era of the Galactic Empire, guarded by Maul in the lair of the Nightsisters. Sabine Wren used it against Ezra Bridger when she was possessed by the spirit of a Nightsister. Bridger used his lightsaber and Darksaber to destroy the altar from which the spirits had emerged. Wren then picked up the Darksaber before the Rebels left the planet. After they returned to Chopper Base on Atollon, she gave the lightsaber to Kanan Jarrus for safekeeping.

Sometime later, Jarrus showed the saber to Fenn Rau who then recounted the legend surrounding the creation of the saber and its use by House Vizsla to unify Mandalore. Rau and Hera Syndulla convinced Sabine to learn swordsmanship so they could attempt to unify House Vizsla and get them to join the rebellion. This is when her trials began and after that, Kanan simply handed the Darksaber over to Sabine.

How did Gar Saxon get the Darksaber?

During the Age of the Empire, after Sabine Wren had passed her trials and returned to her mother, Countess Ursa Wern was shocked to find that her daughter had the Darksaber in her possession. When she realized that her daughter hadn’t gotten it by confronting Maul, she explained to Sabine that she couldn’t claim it.

Subsequently, Ursa Wren offered Gar Saxon, Viceroy of Mandalore and Hand of the Emperor, the Darksaber, and the lives of the two Jedi present in exchange for amnesty for her daughter. Saxon traveled to Krownes where Ursa gave him the weapon. Seeking revenge for the events that took place on the third moon of Concord Dawn, Saxon declared Clan Wren guilty of treason for harboring rebels.

Quickly, a clash pitted the Imperial Super Commandos against the rebels and members of Clan Wren. During the fight, Saxon attempted to assassinate Ursa Wren with the Darksaber. However, Sabine Wren intervened with Ezra Bridger’s lightsaber. The duel between the two Mandalorians brought them to face each other on the frozen lake near the Wren stronghold.

There, Sabine managed to wound Saxon and retrieve the Darksaber. Sabine refused to kill Saxon as Mandalorian tradition dictated. However, when he tried to kill the young woman, Ursa Wren shot him killing him. After these events, Sabine stays with her family and helps reunite the Mandalorians.

Why did Sabine give Bo-Katan the Darksaber?

Eventually, Sabine led a mission to Mandalore to free her father, Alrich Wren, from Imperial imprisonment. She fought with the Darksaber during an assault on a remote prison and then when they attacked the convoy bringing her father back to Sundari. During this mission, Sabine met Bo-Katan Kryze and offered her to carry the sword.

Because of her past, Bo-Katan considered that she had already had her chance to rule over Mandalore. She refused Sabine’s offer, explaining to her that she was unworthy of this weapon. Later, Sabine and Bo-Katan attacked Governor Tiber Saxon’s Star Destroyer in order to destroy the Duchess, the superweapon Sabine designed when she was at the Imperial Academy.

After the superweapon was destroyed, she persuaded Bo-Katan to accept the Darksaber when she showed him that the other clans were willing to follow her. Bo-Katan accepted the saber in memory of his sister Satine. Now, this would lead to a lot of issues, since Bo-Katan never obtained the Darksaber through combat, which is the only “lawful” way to do it.

How did Bo-Katan lose the Darksaber?

After claiming the Darksaber, Bo-Katan would eventually lose the weapon after the Great Purge of Mandalore, and leave Mandalore. The exact circumstances have never been described so we don’t know what exactly happened, whether she lost the Darksaber by accident, whether it was stolen from her, or something else. Years later, the Darksaber ended up in the possession of Moff Gideon, a former Imperial war criminal who had built a powerful remnant of the Empire, and who had participated in the Great Purge.

Is the Darksaber good or bad?

The Darksaber is an object, a weapon. In that aspect, it doesn’t have any magical abilities (like, for example, Sauron’s One Ring) and it doesn’t influence the owner in any way. This means that the Darksaber is neither good nor bad. It just – is. The Darksaber can be wielded by both good and bad characters, but in itself – it has absolutely no moral alignment. Its longstanding history full of ownership changes aligned it more often with the antagonists, but currently, it is in the possession of one of the Galaxy’s greatest protagonists.

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