Here Is What Happened to Ezra Bridger After ‘Star Wars Rebels’


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Ezra Bridger has become a fan-favorite Star Wars character due to his great storyline and development in ‘Star Wars Rebels,’ which allowed us to see his growth from a street rat to a true Jedi. Of course, at the end of ‘Rebels,’ we saw that Ezra didn’t have the best kind of ending, even though he was able to help his friends and allies survive the wrath of the Empire. So, what happened to Ezra Bridger, and is he still alive?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Ezra Bridger sacrificed himself to defeat Grand Admiral Thrawn at the end of ‘Rebels’ by staying in the Chimaera and allowing the Purrgil to send them away from Lothal.
  • In ‘Ahsoka,’ which takes place around a decade later, Ezra is confirmed to have survived in Peridea together with Thrawn.
  • Ezra was able to return to the known galaxy at the end of season 1 of ‘Ahsoka.’

Ezra’s sacrifice at the end of ‘Star Wars Rebels’

The storyline of Ezra Bridger in ‘Star Wars Rebels’ allowed us to see the amazing growth of an immature and young street rat as he became a true Jedi at the end of the series. Of course, Ezra encountered many problems and personal issues along the way. Still, the greatest challenge to him and his allies was the threat of Grand Admiral Thrawn, whose ability to develop the best strategies made life difficult for the Rebels.

What Happened To Ezra Bridger? Is He Still Alive?

Ezra, the Spectres, and their allies finally worked together to take Lothal back from the Empire and prove to the entire galaxy that the Imperials were not unbeatable. But before they could liberate Lothal, Thrawn appeared and started bombarding the entire capital city. Ezra gave himself up to Thrawn to save his friends on the planet’s surface. He boarded Thrawn’s flagship, the Chimaera, as that was the Grand Admiral’s demand.


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But Ezra had a backup plan in mind. After rejecting Emperor Palpatine’s offer to join him as his apprentice, Ezra worked his way to the bridge of the Chimaera to confront Thrawn. He had previously told one of his allies to attract the Purrgil, space whales who could travel through hyperspace, to Lothal. The Purrgil took care of most of Thrawn’s fleet and grabbed onto the Chimaera to send it away from Lothal.

Before the Purrgil left, Ezra told his allies he needed to stay in the ship to restrain Thrawn and keep the Stormtroopers away from the bridge. He needed to see this through as the Purrgil entered hyperspace, taking Ezra and Thrawn with them while they were in the Chimaera.

ezra sacrifice

Ezra’s sacrifice allowed the Rebels to liberate Lothal from the Empire. The Imperials never returned to that planet during the Rebellion period. Five years later, the people of Lothal were seen celebrating the Rebels’ victory over the Empire at the Battle of Endor, but Ezra was still missing.

Where did Ezra end up?

In the years that followed Ezra’s disappearance, the different members of the Spectres worked hard to search the galaxy for Ezra’s whereabouts. However, none of them were able to succeed in that regard. As such, even though Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren went on a mission to look for him, Ezra was still nowhere to be found.


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But in the ‘Ahsoka’ series, it was discovered by Morgan Elsbeth that Grand Admiral Thrawn was in Peridea, which is located in an entirely different galaxy that required specific coordinates and a powerful hyperdrive for any ship to reach. So, the fact that Thrawn was in Peridea also meant that Ezra was in Peridea as well.

Peridea was the homeworld of the Nightsisters of Dathomir before they migrated to the known galaxy to re-settle on Dathomir. This planet was also known to the Purrgil as one of the places they migrated to from time to time, as it served as their final destination at the tail-end of their lifespans. That is the reason why the Purrgil can get to Peridea.

How did Ezra survive on Peridea?

As seen in the ‘Ahsoka’ series, which takes place around ten years since Ezra’s disappearance, Peridea was a harsh and barren planet that served as the graveyard of the Purrgil. There was also a good reason why the Nightsisters left Peridea a long time ago. Of course, Thrawn worked with the Great Mothers on Peridea to contact Morgan Elsbeth in the known galaxy. Thrawn was also active on Peridea as he still had an army of Night Troopers at his disposal.

ezra and sabine.jpg

On the other hand, Ezra was not with Thrawn and the Chimaera. Instead, he was traveling with a nomadic group called the Noti, who were experts on surviving on Peridea. Ezra befriended these alien creatures and started traveling with them on Peridea while acting as their protectors from bandits.


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Ezra was also able to evade Thrawn’s troopers while they were on Peridea, as the Grand Admiral nearly gave up on hunting down the one Jedi who was able to defeat him ten years ago. This allowed Ezra to survive a decade on Peridea after escaping from Thrawn’s ship when they got to that planet.

Ezra comes home

In the ‘Ahsoka’ series, Ahsoka and Sabine reunited with Ezra Bridger on Peridea ten years after Ezra’s disappearance. The trio confronted Thrawn to prevent him from escaping Peridea, as they didn’t want him to spark a war back in the known galaxy.

ezra sabine ahsoka

During the battle with Thrawn’s forces, Sabine assisted Ezra using her awakened Force abilities. However, instead of joining Ezra onboard the Chimaera, which was about to escape the planet, Sabine stayed behind to help Ahsoka fight Morgan Elsbeth and the Night Troopers.

Meanwhile, Ezra defeated two Night Troopers and took the identity of one of them while the ship was on its way back to the known galaxy. The Chimaera succeeded in its escape from Peridea, leaving Ahsoka and Sabine stranded in a different galaxy. 

However, thanks to his ingenuity and resourcefulness, Ezra kept himself hidden from Thrawn and the other troopers before escaping on an Imperial shuttle. He reunited with Hera Syndulla and the New Republic Defense Fleet as ‘Ahsoka’ ended. Ezra was finally home ten years after making a heroic sacrifice on Lothal.

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