Darth Malgus: Origin, Powers, Abilities, & More


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The Star Wars universe has massive lore that is full of potential because of the amazing history behind the events that we see in the current Star Wars movies and shows. Of course, the time of the Old Republic is one of the stories that are yet to be seen in the movies and shows. One of the most prominent characters during the time of the Old Republic is the Sith Lord Darth Malgus. But who is Darth Malgus?

Darth Malgus was a human Sith Lord that lived through the resurgence of the Sith Empire during the time of the Old Republic and the Galactic Wars. He is a master of lightsaber combat and mostly uses acrobatics and the Jar’Kai form to full effect. And he is also proficient in the use of dark Force powers. 

As one of the most popular characters in the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG, Darth Malgus has a special place in the hearts of diehard Star Wars fans and gamers. This is why current Star Wars fans should try to learn more about this ancient Sith Lord, as he might play a bigger role in the continuity if Lucasfilm decides to make a movie or series based on the Old Republic.

Who Is Darth Malgus In The Star Wars Universe?

The Star Wars universe has so much potential that there is a huge part about the lore that is yet to be explored by the movies and series. While this part of the Star Wars lore has become quite prominent in the games, the era of the Old Republic has so much history behind it because of how there are plenty of characters in both the light and the dark sides of the Force that have become quite popular.

One of the most popular Star Wars characters that existed during the time of the Old Republic is Darth Malgus. He plays a huge role in the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG as one of the most prominent antagonists. But who exactly is Darth Malgus?

Darth Malgus was born on 3700 BBY, which is nearly four millennia before the time of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. As a young boy, he started displaying his talents in the dark side when he killed a servant in his father’s estate. Eventually, he found himself attending the Sith Academy on the Sith Empire’s capital on Dromund Kaas, where he was trained in the ways of the dark side of the Force as a Sith Warrior.


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Malgus went on to participate in the battles between the Sith and the Jedi, as he led the victorious campaign to recapture Korriban, a known Sith world. However, because he saw his master getting injured by a Jedi, Darth Malgus murdered him, as it was never rare for Sith apprentices to kill their own masters.

During the wars against the Jedi, Malgus became quite prominent even amongst the strongest Sith Lords because he was able to defeat and kill numerous Jedi Masters, especially during a mission wherein he was tasked to lead a strike team against the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. And because of his success in the campaign against the Jedi, he helped destroy the temple, kill half of the Jedi Council, and allowed the Republic to perceive the Jedi to be weak against the Sith.

SaberThrow Deceived

As a Sith Lord, he also took a Twi’lek slave named Eleena Daru, with who he had a relationship. However, he eventually decided to murder Daru during the time when he was doubting the Sith Empire and when he believed that being in a romantic relationship was a sign of weakness. Preserving his place in the Empire, he killed the politicians who he believed were responsible for allowing the Republic to survive after the attack on Coruscant.

After the death of the Sith Emperor, Darth Malgus declared his own Empire but was eventually defeated by the forces of both the Republic and the Sith Empire. He returned to the Sith Empire during the Third Galactic War under Empress Acina. However, he went rogue once more because he felt that staying with the Empire or any other authority figure was acting as a mental and physical restraint that held him back.

What Was Darth Malgus’s Real Name?

Darth Malgus wasn’t always Malgus, just like how many Sith Lords change their name after rising to power as Sith. Instead, he was born with the birth name Veradun on the Sith Imperial capital of Dromund Kaas.

As a young boy, many Force users served as his master before he even attended the Sith Academy. This was when the masters realized his potential with the Force. And when his eventual master Darth Vindican saw his potential for greatness, he was personally selected to be his apprentice. After he was selected as an apprentice, that was when he changed his name to Malgus.

Darth Malgus Powers & Abilities

Like any Sith Lord, Darth Maglus’ powers and abilities are focused on his mastery of lightsaber and his talents with the dark side of the Force. And even when compared to the best Jedi Masters and Sith Lords, his abilities in both fields were quite exceptional.

Lightsaber Combat

As a lightsaber combatant, Darth Malgus was almost unmatched by both Jedi and Sith. He was an exceptionally talented swordsman who relished lightsaber combat because of how he was able to make use of his boundless rage and freakish size to good use.

Darth Malgus was a master of using his anger to his advantage during lightsaber combat. His rage allowed him to overpower any other lightsaber combatant he faced in battle. Standing at over seven feet tall, his size and strength allowed him to use brute force in a duel. And even without a lightsaber in his hand, he could still overpower anyone in the fight because he was an exceptional fighter.

While he may have been bigger than most of the people he faced, Darth Malgus also utilized his speed and agility in combat. He was so fast that regular humans would have trouble keeping up with his speed with their naked eyes. And despite his size, he could also make use of acrobatic movements in lightsaber duels.

What Form Did Darth Malgus Use?

Due to his mastery of the lightsaber, he relished being on the frontlines, which was how he killed plenty of Jedi Masters during his time. He didn’t have a specific lightsaber form, but he was almost always a single-saber duelist. However, he could also fight in the Jar’Kai style.

Malgus Return

One of his most notable kills included using the Jar’Kai, a dual-blade fighting style, to defeat Jedi Battlemaster Kao Cen Darach, who also mastered the same fighting style. But his most notable victory was when he killed Jedi Master Ven Zallow in his invasion of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

Force Abilities

Even though Darth Malgus is more of a lightsaber combatant, he also displayed an amazing level of mastery over plenty of different Force powers and abilities. This allowed him to defeat plenty of Jedi during his time, as he mastered the basic Force powers such as the Force push, choke, and lightning.

Malgus, whose anger was boundless, was able to use his emotions to his advantage whenever he was using his Force powers. This allowed him to practically overpower anyone with his Force abilities, as he could use his powers to handle multiple opponents at the same time, such as when he killed three Jedi with a blast of Force lightning.

3881379 darth malgus

One of the other specialties that Malgus has that not a lot of Sith could use is the Force scream. He uses his hatred to scream and destroy anyone within the path of his voice. His screams are so powerful that they could leave a trail of destruction. He could also use Force waves to the degree that is quite similar to how he uses his Force scream.

As a master combatant, Darth Malgus has the ability to augment his speed using the Force, as he could easily blitz different opponents using fast attacks. And when he uses this Force power, regular people struggle to keep up with his movements.

Who Defeated Darth Malgus?

As powerful as Darth Malgus may have been, it wasn’t rare for him to face defeat as well because there were plenty of powerful fighters on the side of the Jedi. At one point, he faced defeat at the hands of future Jedi Grandmaster Satele Shan.


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When he became disillusioned with the Sith Empire and following the death of the Sith Emperor, Darth Malgus went on to establish his own empire. An allied force that was composed of the Republic and the Sith Empire tried to put a stop to this new empire. The allied forces were able to weaken Malgus’ resolve when his space station came under attack. When he was cornered in his throne room, a combination of Force powers and pulse grenades pushed him over the edge of a platform, as it was assumed that he was killed then and there.

However, Darth Malgusd survived the attack after faking his own death. He soon returned to the Sith Empire under the Sith Empress. Malgus then went on to participate in the Third Galactic War. It is still unknown how he would die in the Old Republic.

Why Does Darth Malgus Wear A Mask?

One of the reasons why Darth Malgus is so popular is that he wears a respirator mask that makes him Darth Vader. However, he doesn’t wear a full helmet, unlike the former Anakin Skywalker, because he wasn’t as gravely injured.

Malgus wears a mask because he was injured during a fight with the Jedi on Alderaan. This happened when he used his Force lightning to full effect against the Jedi such that the attack started burning his skin. He survived that battle on Alderaan, but his injuries required him to wear a respirator mask that allowed him to breathe.

How Strong Is Darth Malgus?

Darth Malgus is said to be one of the most powerful Sith Lords during the time of the Old Republic because he was so strong in combat. He could take on numerous Jedi Masters all at once and was known for being able to beat even the best Jedi in single combat with ease.

His ability to fight with a lightsaber is almost unparalleled during the time of the Old Republic because of how he was so proficient at lightsaber combat due to the fact that he relished using his anger in a fight. Malgus also used his Force powers to augment his already impressive and imposing physical abilities so that he could easily overpower any Jedi in front of him.

Malgus using Force maelstrom BoS

Of course, his Force powers are also so great that he could use his Force lightning to full effect so that he could kill multiple Jedi with one blast. And he is also quite durable, as he has the ability to withstand Force abilities that are used against him.

Is Malgus Still Alive?

In the current timeline in the Star Wars canon, Darth Malgus has long been dead. That’s because he was born 3,700 years before the events of A New Hope. On top of that, for centuries already, the Sith have followed the Rule of Two, which states that only two Sith at a time can exist. Given that only Darth Sidious and Darth Vader existed during the Galactic Empire and that the Sith were presumed to be dead following the events of Return of the Jedi, it would be impossible for Malgus to still be alive.

Meanwhile, if we are talking about the Star Wars: Old Republic timeline, then Malgus is still alive, even after he was presumed dead following the fall of his own empire. He was last seen dueling with Jedi Padawan Sa’har Kateen.

How Did Malgus Survive?

Darth Malgus survived his supposed death after the Republic and the Empire destroyed his own empire. After falling over a platform and when his space station exploded, Malgus survived on the planet Ilum and hid from the public for quite a while.


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The new Sith Empress Acina took Darth Malgus back and placed him on a tight leash because she didn’t want him to attempt another coup. She gave him the title of “Empire’s Wrath.” However, he still managed to go rogue once more.

How Old Is Darth Malgus?

Darth Malgus was born in 3700 BBY. Meanwhile, there isn’t a clear timeline regarding the events of the Star Wars: The Old Republic game. However, it can be presumed that he is somewhere between 50 to 90 years old in the events of the game. 

Who Was Darth Malgus Master?

Darth Malgus served as the apprentice to Darth Vindican, who is a Pureblood Sith Lord. Vindican saw the potential in Malgus and decided to bring him in as his new apprentice. However, after Vindican got injured at the hands of a Jedi, Malgus decided to end his master and take his power for himself.

Who Were Darth Malgus Apprentices?

On top of being a ferocious combatant, Darth Malgus also had apprentices during his time as a Sith Lord. Darth Karrid was his most notable apprentice, as she was strong enough to earn a seat at the Dark Council. However, she eventually perished ahead of her master.

After Karrid, Malgus took in another apprentice named Cytharat. However, the Sith Lord Cytharart also perished during the events of the Old Republic, as he died before his master just like how Karrid did.

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