All 4 ‘Date A Live’ Seasons in Order (Including Movies & OVAs)

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Date A Live‘ is one of the masterpieces of the anime world. It perfectly combines comedy, science-fiction, romance, fun, thrills, and action. But to enjoy the experience fully, you must have a proper ‘Date A live’ watch order. The ‘Date A Live’ franchise so far consists of 4 anime seasons with 46 episodes, 2 OVAs, and two spinoff movies. As you can see, there is quite a lot of content to cover, so without further ado, let’s proceed to the watch order.

Editor’s Note: This post was updated on October 2023, and includes all seasons, OVAs, and movies released so far.

All ‘Date A Live’ seasons, OVAs & movies in release date order

‘Date A Live’ franchise started in 2013 and so far has four seasons with 5th season on the way. The success of the original anime series gave rise to a two-part anime film adaptation serving as the spinoff to the main franchise. Here are all seasons, movies, and OVAs in their release date order:

  1. Date A Live(Season 1) (2013)
  2. Date A Live: Date To Date OVA (2013)
  3. Date A Live (Season 2) (2014)
  4. Date A Live: Kurumi Star Festival OVA (2014)
  5. Date A Live Movie: Mayuri Judgment (2015)
  6. Date A Live (Season 3) (2019)
  7. Date A Bullet: Dead or Bullet (2020)
  8. Date A Bullet: Nightmare or Queen (2020)
  9. Date A Live (Season 4) (2022)

Are all ‘Date A Live’ seasons connected? What’s the best way to watch them?

All ‘Date A Live’ seasons, OVAs, and movies are connected and are set within the same continuity. Even the ‘Date A Bullet’ spinoff is set within the same universe but follows a different main character. It primarily follows the character Tokisaki Kurumi, a popular character from ‘Date A Live,’ and explores her background and adventures in an alternate setting. The best way to watch ‘Date A Live’ franchise is in release date order, which coincides with chronological order.

As far as the canon goes, ‘Date A Live Movies: Mayuri Judgment’ is not canon, so you can skip it altogether. When it comes to spinoff movies, you can either watch them after season 2 OVA or after season 3. It’s completely up to you.


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‘Date A Live’ anime in chronological order

Now that we’ve covered the proper way to view the franchise let’s proceed to the chronology of the events.

1. ‘Date A Live’ Season 1 (2013)

Date A Live Watch Order: The Complete Guide (Including Movies)

Shido Itsuka encounters spirit girls with destructive powers, aiming to neutralize their threat by dating them. Shido, recruited by an organization to save both spirits and humanity, embarks on a series of dates with these supernatural beings. The narrative unfolds with a mix of romance, action, and the high-stakes mission to prevent catastrophic events.

2. ‘Date A Live: Date To Date’ OVA (2013)

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‘Date A Live: Date To Date’ is a segment of the broader ‘Date A Live’ light novel series featuring charming girls in the guise of spirits or demons. The story revolves around a missionary boy tasked with winning the hearts of two adorable girls, Tohka and Origami. The overarching goal is to prevent Tohka and Origami from erasing humanity itself.

3. ‘Date A Live’ Season 2 (2014)

Date A Live Watch Order: The Complete Guide (Including Movies)

A high school student, Shido continues his mission to save spirits by dating them. The story introduces new spirit characters, each with unique challenges and backgrounds. As Shido navigates complex relationships, he faces heightened stakes and threats to both the spirits and humanity.

4. ‘Date A Live Watch II: Kurumi Star Festival’ OVA (2014) 

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In the “Date A Live II: Kurumi Star Festival” OVA, the focus shifts to Kurumi Tokisaki, a complex spirit with time-manipulating powers. The storyline delves into Kurumi’s past and motivations, providing insight into her character. As the narrative unfolds, Shido Itsuka faces new challenges and endeavors to understand and connect with Kurumi on a deeper level.

5. ‘Date A Live Movie: Mayuri Judgment’ (2015)

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In ‘Date A Live Movie: Mayuri Judgment’ (2015), the storyline revolves around a mysterious entity that disrupts the timeline, putting the existence of spirits at risk. Shido Itsuka must navigate the temporal chaos to save his friends and the world. The movie explores the consequences of altering time and the challenges faced by Shido in preserving the delicate balance between spirits and humanity.

6. ‘Date A Live’ Season 3 (2019)

Date A Live Watch Order: The Complete Guide (Including Movies)

Shido Itsuka continues his mission to save spirits by dating them but faces escalating challenges as mysterious entities threaten the world. New spirits with intricate personalities and powers emerge, complicating Shido’s quest. As the stakes rise, Shido must navigate romantic entanglements and confront powerful adversaries to ensure the safety of both spirits and humanity.

7. ‘Date A Bullet: Dead Or Bullet’ (2020)

تويتر \ Kiyoe (ピーター) على تويتر: "Date A Bullet will have 2 Movie.  #date_a_bullet 1. Date A Bullet - Dead Or Bullet (14/08/2020) 2. Date A  Bullet - Nightmare or Queen (13/11/2020)"

The narrative centers around the character Tokisaki Kurumi, exploring her past and the events leading to her becoming a spirit. The storyline delves into the alternate setting of the “Date A Live” universe, providing a unique perspective on the overarching narrative.

8. ‘Date A Bullet: Nightmare Or Queen’ (2020)

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In a flashback, young Kurumi discusses relationships with her friend Sawa Yamauchi. Amidst conflicts and alliances, the group faces the revelation that the White Queen plans to destroy the Neighboring World. Kurumi uncovers a disturbing truth—that Hibiki is the White Queen in disguise, and a fierce battle ensues. As the dust settles, the true identity of the White Queen is revealed to be Sawa, who sought revenge and ultimately reconciles with Kurumi before her demise. With the Neighboring World’s challenges behind them, Kurumi vows to escape and reunite with Shido, with Hibiki offering to accompany her.


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9. ‘Date A Live’ Season 4 (2022)

Date A Live Watch Order: The Complete Guide (Including Movies)

Kurumi Tokisaki rescues the captured Spirit Nia Honjou, also known as “Sister,” from a D.E.M. facility. Shido, undergoing medical checkups, encounters Nia, a Spirit and manga artist, who, for amusement, decides to go on a date with him but discloses that she has never fallen in love with anything outside the realm of fiction.

Where to watch all aforementioned seasons, movies & OVAs?

The first two seasons of ‘Date A Live’ can be watched on Amazon Prime, while the third and fourth seasons can be found on Crunchyroll. ‘Date A Bullet: Dead or Bullet’ and ‘Nightmare or Queen’ can also be watched on Crunchyroll, as well as ‘Mayuri Judgment.’


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Will there be more seasons of ‘Date A Live’?

There will be more seasons of ‘Date A Live.’ The fifth season of the mega-popular anime is scheduled to be released in 2024. The date is still not available, but we’ll certainly have more info the closer we get to the possible release dates. We will update this as soon as we have more info.

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