‘Day Shift’ Ending, Explained: Why Are Vampires Trying to Kill Bud in Day Shift?

Day Shift

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This is the ending explained for Day Shift, the new Netflix action adventure film produced by 87Eleven Entertainment. This production company has been made famous thanks to their work in the John Wick series of films and other projects. 87Eleven Entertainment has the mission of taking action cinema to the next level by allowing the stunt crew and directors to be the real stars of the show. Day Shift is just the latest entry in their movie output. The film combines the excellent action set pieces that we are used to from the company with the secret world of vampires.

The film is directed by J.J. Perry and serves as his directional debut. The film stars Jamie Foxx and Dave Franco, with even a cameo from Snoop Dogg. The city of Los Angeles serves as the setting where all these different races of vampires hide and live among us. The script tries to be funny, but many of the jokes have trouble landing. This movie is better if it is watched as a simple action comedy and nothing more. The action does reach John Wick’s levels of hype, and the story lacks surprises.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Day Shift. Read at your own risk.

Why Are Vampires Trying To Kill Bud In Day Shift?

The film begins with the introduction of Bud, our main character. He is a vampire hunter who works the day shift, meaning he only kills vampires during the day. It is explained that vampires are weaker during the day, sunlight hurts them massively, and they are mostly confined to their homes during the day. It is the perfect chance to exploit their weaknesses and kill them in the easiest possible way. Bud takes advantage of this and works under the pretension of being a pool cleaner.

Bud enters a house, and there he finds an old lady. He shoots her, revealing that the old woman is in fact an ugly vampire. They fight, and thankfully, Bud manages to kill her. Before leaving, Bud extracts the vampire’s fang. There is a market for them, and Bud sells them to improve his payment at the end of the day. Bud is separated from his wife, and her daughter needs to jump between places. Bud learns that his wife plans to move and will soon sell the house unless Bud can get the money to pay the debts, so they can keep it.

Day Shift

Thus, Bud gets a mission of great importance, he needs to get enough money in a week so he can save not only the house but also his family. Here, he makes an important decision. He needs to become part of the Vampire Hunter Union if he wants to get the best pay for his hunting. He asks for the help of an old friend named Big John, a very respected vampire hunter in the community. Big John uses his influence and gets Bud back inside the union once more. However, Bud will need a union representative with him at all times.

He meets his union representative, a clerk named Seth. Seth has never been on the field, and at the start, his relationship with Bud is a bit strained. However, bit by bit, they managed to start trusting each other. Meanwhile, a vampire named Audrey discovers the corpse of the vampire old lady and swears vengeance upon Bud. Bud also meets a new beautiful neighbor, called Heather, who is now living right next to him.

While on a raid, Bud, Seth, and other hunters discover that the new neighborhood that is being built might be the center of a vampire hide, where different races live together. Seth finds this strange, as these races would never live together unless they had to.

Does Bud Save His Family At The End Of Day Shift?

Audrey is ever so close to getting her hands on Bud, but first, he goes and attacks his family. Bud will do anything to save them, but they are taken away from him by Audrey and her minions. Audrey is the owner of the new neighborhood, and Bud has been messing with her plans. Audrey also messes up Seth quite a bit and has even transformed him into a vampire. He also discovers that his neighbor, Heather, is a vampire who is working against Audrey. They all join forces and get ready to save Bud’s family.

Bud and his allies attack Audrey’s HQ, and they kill quite a big number of vampires, but there are too many. However, before being overwhelmed by the vampires, Big John makes an appearance and saves the day. They all enter the compound and get separated. Big John gets hurt and stays behind to give Bud the time to go save his daughter and wife. Big John sacrifices himself by using some powerful grenades.

Day Shift

Bud, Seth, and Heather finally face Audrey. It is revealed that the old vampire lady from the beginning was actually Audrey’s daughter, and that is why she is so angry at Bud. They fight, and Bud uses an old trick using a silver string to cut Audrey’s head off. Ending her plans for vampire expansion in the city of Los Angeles.

Heather takes Seth under her wing to teach him how to be a vampire and control his powers. Meanwhile, Bud gets reunited with his family, who now understand that he is actually a vampire hunter, so all of his night calls and weird behavior are easily explained.

At the end of the film, we see a manhole being opened, and Big John comes out of it, proving how much of a good hunter he is. He smokes a cigar as he declares his love for Los Angeles and all the vampires living in it.

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