10 Best Movies Like Day Shift You Can Watch Right Now

Best Movies Like Day Shift

Day Shift is an action-comedy fantasy movie released on August 12, 2022. The movie stars Jamie Fox and dave Franco and is directed by J.J. Perry. Bud Jablonski ( Jamie Fox ) is a dad who is trying his best to spend time with his daughter and get his ex-wife back in order to put his family together once again. In order to do so, he needs to earn money and his goal is to do so by having an unusual profession, hunting vampires.

The movie is packed with some cool action sequences and some funny bits also. So, if you liked the Day Shift and would like to find more movies about vampires, zombies, or ghost hunting, look no further. We bring you some of the best movies like Day Shift you can watch right now.

1. Vampires vs. the Bronx

vampires vs the bronx review

A group of kids is living in the Bronx and everything seems to be normal. However, things change when they find out that the vampires emerged in the Bronx. When they try to warn the neighborhood about it, no one seems to take them seriously so they take matters into their own hands. Armed with, garlic, a cross, and other necessities to fight vampires, they embark on a quest to make Bronx vampire-free once again.

2. Men in Black

men in black

Agents J and K are part of a secret organization that monitors and deals with extraterrestrial activity on Earth. When an alien threat that could destroy the world emerges, they must give their best to prevent that from happening. An action-packed movie that’s filled with laughs, suspense, and some great action sequences. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones make a funny duo in this one. Men in Black is a classic when it comes to hunting down aliens and peculiar beings of all sorts, so we had to put it on this list.

3. Ghost Busters


The third movie on our list of best movies like Day Shift is Ghostbusters. Any list about hunting paranormal beings just wouldn’t be complete without this classic. Ghostbusters are a team of people specialized in hunting down ghosts that just won’t stay dead. While their job is very important and the treats that are bestowed upon the world are not to be taken easily, somehow ghostbusters keep their coolness and comedic approach to all of it, and that is what makes this movie so great. There are also modern installments of this franchise released more recently, but I would recommend the 1984 installment as it is more of a classic and everyone should watch it at least once.

4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

buffy the vampire slayer movie

Buffy is an ordinary girl and a high-school cheerleader. Her world changes when she finds out that she is the chosen one to stop the vampires that started to emerge. Although hesitant at first, she starts her training to prepare herself for the mission of her life. The movie has a more comedic approach to the all-vampire hunting and slaying theme, but nevertheless, it is still a fun and easygoing movie to watch. If you like vampire-themed movies with a light-hearted approach, this movie is the right one for you.

5. From Dusk Till Dawn

from dusk till dawn 25

The Gecko brothers are two criminals that kidnap a man with his two kids. While trying to find a place to hide and lay low they think they found the perfect place. However, they soon enough find out that the bar they are in is actually crowded with vampires. The two brothers must team up with their hostages in order to defeat the vampires and get out of there alive. This movie stars George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino, and in my opinion, it is very underrated. It has everything, funny bits, and action scenes against the vampires and the cast is very good, hence it is on this list of best movies like Day Shift.


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6. The World’s End

ww 1

Five friends reunite after 20 years and they are in for some great time, or at least they thought so. Their main goal is to finally finish the ultimate pub crawl and conquer 12 pubs. However, they find out that their hometown changed dramatically and is possessed by human-like robots. The only way for them and their town to survive is to finish their pub crawl. They have to make it to the last pub ‘The World’s End’ no matter the cost, while fighting robots along the way.

7. Fright Night

Fright Night one 1

Number 7 on our list of best movies like Day Shift is Fright Night. Charlie Brewster is a senior in high school and has everything he could wish for as a teenager, popularity and a hot girlfriend. However, when in the house next door new neighbor arrives, and weird things start happening. Charlie is the only one who notices that there is something strange about this dude, although he seems normal and polite at first. After the revelation that his neighbor is actually a vampire, Charlie has no choice but to take matters into his own hands and confront him once and for all. An entertaining movie with some suspenseful moments and decent action.

8. Blade


With some of the more comedic approaches to the genre already being mentioned, the next few movies will be on a more action-packed side. Any list about vampire hunters would not be complete without Blade in it. Blade is a vampire hunter and he is a semi-vampire also as his mother was bitten by a vampire just before he was born. His main mission is to hunt down vampires and get revenge for his mother’s death. When the threat called the Blood Tide appears which threatens to turn all of humanity into vampires, Blade must do everything in his power to prevent this. Based on Marvel’s character of the same name, Blade is an excellent addition to this list of best movies like Day Shift.


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9. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter


The story of Abraham Lincoln and his importance to the USA’s history is unparallel, but in this movie, you get to experience a slight twist on it. Besides being a lawyer and a president, Lincoln is also a vampire hunter. Vampires exist and one of them killed Lincoln’s mother so he has sworn himself to hunt them down all while trying to build a free nation. Although there was much skepticism regarding the idea behind this movie, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is an excellent movie with a great storyline and action sequences that will entertain any fan of the genre. One of the most historic moments mixed with vampire themed storyline, it seems absurd but it works very well.

10. Van Helsing


I’m going to finish this list of best movies like Day Shift with Van Helsing. Van Helsing is a notorious hunter that is sent to Transylvania to stop Count Dracula. He dedicated his whole life to hunting down evil monsters and killing them, but people are unaware of his mission and consider him a murderer. When he arrives in Transylvania and kills a vampire, the local people greet him as a hero because no one was able to do that in hundred years. However, when he finds out about Dracula and his plans, he must find a way how to kill him and put a stop to an ancient curse.

So, there you have it, a list of movies like Day Shift you might enjoy. Some of them are more comedic, while some are more action-packed vampire-hunting-themed. Regardless, all of these movies are very entertaining, so we hope you’ll find them satisfactory to your preferences.

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