‘Deaimon’ TV Anime Announces April Premiere and Other Details

deaimon anime

On January 28, the official website of Rin Asano’s Deaimon manga released the news for the upcoming TV anime adaptation’s premiere date. According to the news, the anime is set to air this coming April, during Japan’s cherry blossom season. 

The official website of Deaimon has fluttering pink cherry blossom petals flowing across the screen. In addition to the premiere date, a new visual and two character designs were also unveiled. 

Check out the new visual below: 


The visual features the story’s protagonists Nagomu Irino, played by Nobunaga Shimazaki, and Itsuka Yukihara, played by Kozue Yuki. The phrase “ゆっくり歩いて行こう” (Yukkuri Aruite Ikou) translated to English as “let’s walk slowly.” 

Deaimon is set in Kyoto in a quaint sweets shop. The story starts off with Nagomu, a young man who dreams of being a musician, traveling to Tokyo to pursue his aspirations. However, he soon returns to Kyoto to take care of his hospitalized father’s sweet shop. 


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However, while Nagomu was busy pursuing his dreams as a musician, a young girl, Itsuka, began working in the sweet shop. Itsuka doesn’t think highly of Nagomu since he left his family to become a musician. She even objects to his taking over the sweet shop and instead announces that she will take over. 

Deaimon’s official website released the character designs for Heigo and Fuki Irino, Nagomu’s parents. Rikiya Koyama will be voicing Nagomu’s dad Heigo, while Sayaka Ohara as Nagomu’s mom Fuki. 

You can view the character designs for the two characters below: 

deaimon charasettei 20220128 01
deaimon charasettei 20220128 02

In the following months, before spring, more information will be released regarding the upcoming anime. 

Source: Comic Natalie, Official Website of Deaimon

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