Demon Slayer: Does the Flame Hashira, Rengoku, Die?

Demon Slayer: Does the Flame Hashira, Rengoku, Die?

Kyōjurō Rengoku was a major supporting character in Demon Slayer. The former Flame Hashira is one of the most beloved characters in the franchise and one of the characters that has, despite his relatively short appearance (only one arc), managed to do a lot and influence the protagonists in a major way. He was a mentor figure to both Inosuke and Tanjirō, proving that, despite his quirky nature and demeanor, he was an exceptionally skilled and powerful Hashira but also a wise and noble leader. At the end of the Mugen Train Arc, Kyōjurō confronts the demon Akaza, the Upper-Rank Three, in one of the series’ best battles. In this article, you will find out whether Rengoku died in Demon Slayer.

After Enmu was defeated, the Infinity Train was attacked by Akaza, the Upper-Rank Three. Kyōjurō Rengoku immediately faced him, and Akaza, recognizing his strength, offered to turn him into a Demon, which Rengoku rejected. After an intense fight, Akaza punched through Rengoku’s chest, but Kyōjurō Rengoku persevered and almost succeeded in killing Akaza with Tanjirō’s help before ultimately dying.

The rest of this article will focus on Kyōjurō Rengoku and his death in the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba series. Kyōjurō Rengoku is a very popular and beloved character in the series that profoundly influenced the plot. His death was undoubtedly one of the most tragic moments in the whole series, and we are going to bring you all the details surrounding it. This article will contain some spoilers from the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba manga, so be careful how you approach it.

Kyōjurō Rengoku was ultimately killed by Akaza, the Upper-Rank Three

During the battle against Enmu, Tanjirō managed to use Total Concentration Breathing, which enabled him to defeat the dangerous Lower Rank One and save the people on the Infinity Train. However, the train itself was a wreck. And while it seemed that the battle was over, Rengoku sensed another enemy’s presence and immediately cut off its arm with his Second Form: Rising Scorching Sun. The Demon is then revealed to be Akaza, and Rengoku comments on how it is the first time he’s seeing him but that he already hates him a lot.

Akaza observes the situation and, acknowledging Rengoku’s powers and abilities offers him the chance to become a Demon. Akaza would turn him into one using Muzan’s blood, allowing Rengoku to become even more powerful. Kyōjurō, of course, rejects the offer, sagely responding that one of the most endearing aspects of people is their transience as dying animals and that what they refer to as strength is something unrelated to their physical constitution.


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A little while later, Akaza launches an attack, warning him that he will kill him at all costs if he rejects his proposal. He claims that of all the pillars he had destroyed, none had used fire and that he does not understand how someone with such extraordinary abilities could be so weak. With amazing agility, Kyōjurō reacts to his attacks and decides that it would be risky to let him attack at this distance. Therefore, he should get considerably closer and refrain from making any unnecessary movements.

Tanjirō attempts to help him again, but Kyōjurō warns him not to move because doing so could cause the wound to become fatal. Both of his opponents were attacked by him, leaving Kyōjurō severely hurt from numerous wounds and organ damage on his body, while Akaza fully recovered from the attacks due to his regeneration.

This time, determined to kill him, Kyōjurō gets to his feet and declares that he will carry out his duty and ensure that no one perishes. He lunges at the demon using the ninth form of flame breathing, and the monster strikes back in return. It only lasted a moment, but by the time the dust cloud cleared, Akaza had pierced his chest and killed him. Kyōjurō then recalled a conversation he had with his mother, who had advised him never to forget that someone as strong as himself was born into the world to protect the weak and that it had been a blessing for her to have such a kind and resilient kid. That was enough to give him confidence, and he used all of himself to chop off the demon’s head while maintaining control of its arm.

In response, Akaza did not think twice and aimed a blow at Kyōjurō’s head, but Kyōjurō deflected the blow. As a result of being unable to assault each other, Tanjirō and Inosuke left to assist their superior, who was battling Akaza, in keeping him from escaping because the sun would rise shortly. He escaped his hold by running away before the other hunters reached him, but he had to sacrifice his second arm in the process. Helpless, Tanjirō threw his Nichirin at the demon, screaming at him that he was a coward and Kyojuro had actually won this match.

He was moved by those comments and requested Tanjirō’s proximity, saying that this would be their final conversation, telling him that he recalled his father reading some letters the old Flame Hashira left behind that his father had gathered and read in their home.

He might get the solution to his question concerning the Dance of the Fire God (the Hinokami Kagura) if he went to his parent’s residence. He requested that she remember and share his final words with his loved ones as he approached death. Senjurō, his younger brother, should not worry about whatever road to take since if he is led by his heart, it will be right. May he take good care of his father, Shinjurō.


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Finally, he added that he knows Nezuko to be one of them and expressed his belief in both her and the future success of the young hunters. He then asked his mother if he was able to act morally, to which she responded that he did an incredible job. He gives one last smile before passing away.

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