Here’s All 5 Hashira That Survived in Demon Slayer

Here's All 5 Hashira That Survived in Demon Slayer

The Hashira in Demon Slayer are considered to be the most powerful members of the Demon Slayer Corps. They can use complex Breathing Techniques and are generally considered to be able to defeat most demons, save for Muzan Kibutsuji. Still, although strong, the Hashira were never actually invincible, and throughout the series, their numbers have been reduced from time to time, as some Hashira ended up dying or being killed. In this article, we are going to bring you a list of all the Hashira that survived the main plot of Demon Slayer, both current and former (at the time).

Now, we have to note that, eventually, by the time the manga’s epilogue panels ended, all the Hashira had died. This is because they weren’t immortal and died of old age or other reasons. But we’re not going to consider that in this article. This article will contain only those Hashira that survived the events of the main plot, i.e., ending with the Corps’ battle against Muzan and a Muzan-infected Tanjiro. The Hashira are not going to be listed in any particular order.

Sakojni Urokodaki

Sakonji wearing his hood

The master of Giyū Tomioka—then Tanjirō Kamado—who takes care of the Kamado siblings after Nezuko’s transformation into a demon. He is a retired Demon Slayer and also the former Water Harhisa.

Despite his initial reluctance after sizing him up, fearing that the young man’s kindness could cause his downfall to demons and then being tested, he spent the next two years training Tanjirō to become a Demon Slayer himself. Promising to watch over Nezuko (after having considered, like his disciple, that they were not ordinary) during his absences.

During her prolonged sleeping bouts, Urokodaki managed to condition Nezuko into treating humans as “family” and Demons as enemies. As the training progresses, he becomes attached to the siblings and apprehends with a palpable fear the selection test of his new student, who learns the reason for it on the spot: over half a century, and except Giyū, all of his other students—including Sabito and Makomo—were targeted and slaughtered in their own test by the same demon who, captured by Urokodaki during the Edo Period and motivated by personal revenge against him, targeted his pupils.


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In order to make the organization and the Hashira accept the unusual presence of Nezuko with her brother, who has become a Slayer, he formally promises to their leader Kagaya Ubuyashiki, in whom he has full confidence, that if Nezuko were to ever harm or eat a human, her brother, Giyū and himself would kill her, and then cut open their own stomachs to atone for their wrongdoing. Having become a master of arms training future candidates for the organization, he lives on Mount Sagiri and hides his face under a tengu mask. After the first arc, he was later seen taking care of Nezuko before she turned back into a human when it was also confirmed that he survived.

Shinjurō Rengoku

Shinjuro Rengoku Anime

The former Flame Hashira and the father of Kyōjurō and Senjurō, he was, as a former Hashira, formerly a person very dedicated to his training, however after the tragic death of his wife, he completely abandoned his role as a swordsman. He withdrew from the Demon Slayer Corps upon realizing that his Flame Breathing Style was inferior to the original breathing style, the Sun Breathing Style. Since then, he spends his days drinking sake at home until he receives Kyōjurō’s final message for him, asking his father to take care of his health by himself.

At first, he treats little Senjurō quite badly, in addition to having partially destroyed the texts about the Flame Breathing Style, until the arrival of Tanjirō, whom he initially treats hostilely when noticing that he wears Hanafuda earrings, which he recognizes as those belonging to Yoriichi Tsugikuni, the creator of the Sun Breathing Style. However, Tanjirō manages to free himself and gives him a strong headbutt, and seriously injures him.

However, this experience with Tanjirō makes him reconsider his past mistakes. He finally stops drinking and allows himself to cry for the loss of his son Kyōjurō, as well as to apologize to everyone, including Tanjirō, for having treated him hostilely the first time they met and also send him a copy of the manuscripts on the Flame Breathing Style and that maybe he will find what he was looking for to understand the Hinokami Kagura. He is once again seen during the final battle against Muzan, protecting the Ubuyashiki family with Tengen.

Tengen Uzui

Tengen surprised by Kagaya27s words

Tengen Uzui was first seen during the meeting of the Hashira and was introduced as the Sound Hashira. Coming from a clan of shinobi, he is, however the ironic antithesis of discretion: possessing an imposing size as well as a natural beauty that attracts attention, he tends to be as ostentatious in appearance as he is eccentric in manner, making a splash wherever he appears. Like his younger brother Inosuke Hashibira, he is ambidextrous, wielding large twin Nichirin Blades linked by a chain and carried on his back.

He also has exceptional hearing, like his younger brother Zenitsu Agatsuma. His family is, by tradition, polygamous. He has three women who also work for him as scouts. According to his personal and counter-intuitive scale of values – compared to what his duty as a Pillar would suggest, he places the lives of his wives well before that of any other Human (and even the hunting of demons) and situates his own in third position, after that of the “Respectable Humans.”


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He retires after losing an arm and an eye in a fight against Gyūtarō, the Upper-Rank Six, in the Entertainment District. He did, however, survive, as he did not participate in any additional battles, although he was in the Butterfly Mention alongside former Hashira Shinjurō Rengoku, protecting the Ubuyashiki family.

Giyū Tomioka

Giyu learning about Kyojuro27s death

Giyū Tomioka, the Water Hashira, is the first demon slayer Tanjirō encounters in the series’ first chapter. Initially, he tries to kill Nezuko for being a demon, but after seeing her protect Tanjirō, despite his status as a demon, he decides to spare Nezuko’s life and is also responsible for placing Nezuko’s characteristic bamboo muzzle in her mouth.

As a precaution and to prevent it from devouring a human. Following this encounter, he sends Tanjirō and Nezuko to his former mentor and former water pillar Sakonji Urokodaki, hoping that Tanjirō can one day succeed him as Water Hashira and possibly find a cure for Nezuko’s condition. He does not consider himself a true Hashira, despite fully mastering Water Breathing, as he considered his fellow apprentice Sabito more suitable for the role, who died saving other fellow members of the body of Demon Slayers.

In addition to the ten classic Water Breathing postures, Tomioka has, over time, developed an additional eleven postures that only he knows about. Two years after the first meeting with Tanjirō and Nezuko in a snowy forest, Tomioka meets these two again after a battle with a demon named Rui, who is one of Muzan’s Demon Moons and now sees Tanjirō as one of them. But he hasn’t forgotten about Nezuko either because of her status as a demon.

It is also revealed during a meeting at the Demon Slayers corps headquarters, along with the other Pillars (Hashira) and the corps leader patron, that Tomioka, along with Master Urokodaki and Tanjirō had sworn to sacrifice their lives through the Seppuku ritual in the case that Nezuko ever got to devour a human. During the final battle against Muzan, Tomioka loses an arm in combat but luckily survives after the demon is destroyed.

Sanemi Shinazugawa

Sanemi angry at Tanjiro

Sanemi Shinazugawa was the Wind Hashira. He is Genya’s older brother, with a violent and brutal personality in a scarred body. Being the most openly resistant to the acceptance in their ranks of the unusual presence of the Kamado siblings, he takes the initiative to tempt Nezuko by brutally wounding her with the blade of his Nichirin Sword — while she is helpless in her box — then slashing himself with his own weapon to induce his demonic hunger with his special blood and demonstrate that she would only be a devourer of Humans like the others.


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Tanjirō impresses the Hashira by standing up to him to protect his sister (while he had his hands tied behind his back and on the ground), taking advantage of the help of their counterpart Giyū Tomioka to break free and hit him with one of his masterful headbutts of which he has the secret.

Beyond his strong and intractable character as well as his outbursts, he seems to carry as much weight as the others in decisions and also knows how to show reverence and respect towards someone: their superior, Ubuyashiki. He participates in the final battle against Kokushibo, along with Himejima, Tokito, and his brother Genya, but manages to survive it, along with Gyōmei, although he has to witness the deaths of both Muichiro and Genya.

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