Demon Slayer: Does Zenitsu Die? (Or Does He Live on Happily)


One of the main characters of Kimetsu No Yaiba or Demon Slayer is Zenitsu Agatsuma, who is known as one of the funniest characters in the series due to his cowardice and dual personality. Of course, as one of the main characters, Zenitsu has been in the middle of almost every action involving the demons, and that is where his story becomes interesting as he is actually involved with one of the 12 Kizuki or Moon Demons. In fact, this Upper Moon Demon he is involved with used to be his senior and was looking to kill him. So, does Zenitsu die, or does he live on happily?

Zenitsu doesn’t die in Demon Slayer. In fact, he kills one of the Upper-Rank Demons and works with Tanjiro and the other Demon Slayers in the fight against Muzan. Sometime in the future, Zenitsu marries Nezuko and starts a family with her until their line reaches the present day.

Like all of the other main characters of Demon Slayer, Zenitsu gets to live on to have a happy life that no longer involves fighting demons. He was an important part of the final battle that forced demons to go extinct, and that was the reason why he was able to live through the events of Demon Slayer despite starting out as a coward that was afraid of fighting demons.

Does Zenitsu Die?

While we all know that the main character of Demon Slayer is Tanjiro, he is also accompanied by several other characters that are just as important to the storyline of the series. One such character is Zenitsu Agatsuma, who he met in a weird way and was forced to travel alongside with. Nevertheless, ever since Zenitsu became one of Tanjiro’s traveling companions, he became one of the most useful characters in a weird way.


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Initially introduced as a coward that never liked killing Demons because of how skittish he is, Zenitsu is extremely powerful whenever he is asleep as he was able to master Thunder Breathing First Form: Thunderclap and Flash to the point that he could do it in his sleep. In that regard, he was most useful in fights whenever he was asleep as he ended up wondering what happened to him and to the enemies whenever he woke up.

Of course, in the anime, Zenitsu is still alive and is set to play bigger roles in the future of the series. But the thing that manga readers already know is that Zenitsu is on his way to facing one of the toughest challenges in his life. And we are talking about his own senior under Jigoro Kuwajima, who used to be the Thunder Hashira.

Manga readers know that Kaigaku was Zenitsu’s senior under Kuwajima and was far more talented than Zenitsu. In fact, Kaigaku often bullied Zenitsu for his lack of talent and strength, as Kuwajima was the only one who actually believed that Zenitsu could be strong. And the thing is that Kaigaku eventually became a Demon when he encountered Upper Rank 1 Kokushibo, who was more than willing to turn him into one of their own. 

Due to his natural abilities and strength as a Demon Slayer, Kaigaku rose to become the Upper Rank 6 in the 12 Moon Demons. This is where Zenitsu’s story becomes interesting because he is the one who was supposed to kill and defeat his former senior due to the connection that they share. On top of that, their master was forced to commit seppuku as atonement for failing his student, who became a powerful demon.

In that regard, Zenitsu had to face Kaigaku in the final arcs of the storyline in the manga as he needed to be the one to defeat his senior. Nevertheless, Kaigaku is not only a more talented swordsman but was enhanced by his demonic powers. So, does Zenitsu die in Demon Slayer?

The inevitable happened when Zenitsu was forced to fight his senior in a battle between Thunder Breathing users. While Kaigaku was still stronger and more talented, Zenitsu managed to behead and defeat him by using Thunder Breathing Seventh Form: Honoikazuchi no Kami, which is a technique of his own creation.


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As Kaigaku was dying, he frustratingly showed his anger toward Zenitsu because he thought that their master favored him more for teaching him a technique that he never knew existed. But Zenitsu said that their master never favored anyone and that he was the one who developed the Seventh Form so that they could fight as equals.

zenitsu and master.png

Despite the fact that Zenitsu won the fight while Kaigaku’s head was about to disintegrate, the demon noted that Zenitsu was going to die due to severe exhaustion. In a way, he was right because Zenitsu sort of died and met up with his master in the afterlife, where he apologized for not being able to get along with Kaigaku. But Zenitsu was rescued by Yushiro before he completely died as Kaigaku screamed in anger before his head disappeared.

What Happens To Zenitsu At The End?

Before Zenitsu was rescued by Yushiro and brought back to the world of the living, his master in the afterlife told him that he was his pride and joy. This gave him the resolve he needed to keep on fighting as he and the others were able to fight Muzan together and defeat the most powerful demon of all time.


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After the battle with Muzan, the storyline of Demon Slayer was fast-forwarded to the present time, where we saw what happened to the main characters. It became apparent that Zenitsu survived the final battle together with Tanjiro, Nezuko, and Inosuke.

At some point in his life, Zenitsu actually won Nezuko’s heart despite the fact that she always tried to avoid his advances during the storyline of Demon Slayer. They ended up marrying and starting a family together. In modern times, their great-grandchildren were shown. And before he eventually died of old age, he wrote a book about the adventures of the Demon Slayer Corps and their battle with Muzan.

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