Do Nezuko and Zenitsu Get Together?

Do Nezuko and Zenitsu Get Together?

It is a well-known fact that shonen anime series like Demon Slayer rarely focus on the romantic relationships between the characters, although romance itself is present; the series simply avoid talking about the relationships until the epilogue, when it is usually revealed who ends up with who. This is what happened in Demon Slayer as well. In this article, we are going to tell you whether Zenitsu and Nezuko, Tanjiro’s sister, end up together after the events of Demon Slayer.

Despite having an intense fear of Demons, Zenitsu develops a crush on Nezuko, who was a demon at the time. He tries to convince her to marry him on several occasions and never fails to mention his admiration for her whenever he sees her. Eventually, Zenitsu and Nezuko do end up together, and would marry and start a family as evidenced by their descendants.

The rest of this article is going to give you all the details about the relationship between Nezuko and Zenitsu. You’re going to find out how the relationship started, how it evolved and how it ended. We’re also going to tell you a bit about the personalities of Zenitsu and Nezuko so that you can see whether they were compatible for yourselves.

What is Nezuko like?

Nezuko’s original personality as a human was that of a kind and caring girl who thought of others before herself much like her older brother, Tanjiro. Additionally, she was a responsible older sister for her younger siblings and often put their needs first rather than her own. Nezuko isn’t afraid to put herself in harm’s way though, protecting her friends from demons even after being returned to a human state.

Nezuko’s human and laid-back demeanor is also shown to support this fact after Tanjiro apologizes to her. As a demon, she is still very caring and protective of humans whom she considers members of her family, though this is mainly due to the influence Sakonji Urokodaki had on her while she slept for two years.


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Nezuko also retains some of her human emotions, as she has been seen crying when sad and smiling when happy, but in general she seems more detached than her human cohorts, though she is still much more calm and less malevolent than most demons. Nezuko also tends to see images of her siblings in other humans, such as Rokuta Kamado and Yushiro.

On the rare occasions that Nezuko attempts to speak, she has been seen to stutter a lot, which may be due to her bamboo mouthpiece, which is rarely removed, and the fact that she did not speak for several years afterwards. his transformation. However, after developing a resistance to sunlight, which allows her to get out and interact with others more often, her speech has shown signs of improvement and she is able to fully pronounce the words if someone speaks. another has just uttered them, or hears them repeated quite frequently.

What is Zenitsu like?

Zenitsu is a coward, always saying he’s going to die soon because of his risky job as a demon slayer. He also has a rather low self-esteem despite his strength, to the point of thinking he’s useless. Zenitsu is scared all the time, constantly crying and always trying to run away at the slightest sign of danger, claiming that he wants to live a normal and modest life instead of being a slayer.

However, despite these weaknesses, Zenitsu still wants to live up to the expectations people have of him and tries his best if he can. He has great respect and admiration for his fellow students and his deceased teacher, Jigoro Kuwajima, his focus and wish to avenge him always helps him put aside his cowardice and doubts at the critical moment.


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Zenitsu also seems to be a womanizer too. Coming from the desire not to be single if he were to die; he tends to pick up and try to seduce women he finds cute and ask them to marry him, which ends up irritating them. This character trait overrides his docile personality, especially when he believes his comrades are flirting with pretty girls, he becomes hysterical and complains at length.

During these moments, he is also shown to be physically aggressive. Being the only boy in the trio who grew up in the city, Zenitsu s hows more knowledge of how the city works and is constantly embarrassed by his partners’ naivety. Before the assault on the Infinite Dimensional Fortress, Zenitsu gives off a different and more serious vibe, as if focusing on something important.

This development happened after receiving a letter from Chuntaro, which revealed his master’s death and Kaigaku’s role behind it. During his fight against Kaigaku, Zenitsu is stern and becomes enraged, causing him to yell angrily at him for disrespecting their trainer. His sudden change surprises his senior, as Zenitsu shows a more mature personality compared to his usual cowardice.

Does Nezuko fall in love with Zenitsu and do they end up together?

Seeing her for the first time, Zenitsu falls in love with Nezuko at first sight. She apparently considers Zenitsu a “weird dandelion” and didn’t initially seem to return his feelings. Although the two are rarely seen interacting together, Zenitsu treats her with affection and care. Despite his cowardly nature, Zenitsu finds the courage to climb Natagumo Mountain upon realizing that Tanjiro (and by proxy Nezuko) were in Spider Family territory, intending to protect Nezuko.

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During their recovery training, Zenitsu would sit next to her box and tell her stories about Tanjiro and their recovery training. Nezuko often responded by moving and scratching her box, suggesting that she enjoyed listening to Zenitsu’s stories. As Nezuko returns to humanity, she begins to remember her time as a demon and in particular a memory of Zenitsu giving her flowers, hinting that she sees him in a good light.

Although at first she was nervous that he would ask her to be his wife, the two along with Inosuke and Tanjiro would come to live together and in due time the two would get married and form a family that would bear great grandchildren in the present time.

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