Diablo: Immortal Free Codes & How to Redeem Them on All Platforms

Is Diablo immortal Crossplay game?

Diablo: Immortal is the latest game in the Diablo franchise. This long-running series is known for its over-the-top demon-slaying action and memorable story. Like with every new release there are tons of new features, gameplay changes, and mechanics that players need to be accustomed to before truly succeeding in a game. One of the questions the fans mostly have is what are free codes in Diablo: Immortal and how to redeem them?

Free codes are a way to acquire hilts, platinum, and other goods and in-game currencies free of charge. You can redeem those codes in your account settings once you have completed the tutorial and unlocked your settings fully.

Now that we’re covered what the codes are you are probably wondering whether there is a detailed explanation. There is, so keep reading.

Diablo: Immortal – Free Codes

Diablo: Immortal was originally supposed to be released only on mobile platforms, iOS, and  Android. After a pretty serious backlash from Diablo fans, they decided to also release it on PC. So at its core Diablo: Immortal is a mobile game and that means, microtransactions baby!

Don’t get me wrong microtransactions are starting to be a problem in gaming across all platforms, but somehow they are in their worst forms on mobile platforms. There’s always a much more pleasant alternative, and those are free codes. Free codes are a way to acquire items, buffs, game-time, energy, in-game currency whatever you want to call it – completely free of charge and without spending a dime.

While currently there are no free codes available for Diablo: Immortal, since the option to redeem them exists, it’s logical to assume that codes will also exist.  


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How to redeem codes on PC, Android, and iOS in Diablo: Immortal?

Diablo: Immortal Free Codes & How to Redeem them on all platforms

We’ve already mentioned Diablo: Immortal is cross-play & cross-platform game. Codes redeemed on your phone will show up in your PC version as well and vice versa. But how to redeem them?

On PC and Android, it’s pretty straightforward. After you complete the tutorial you get full access to your account options. So launch the game, go to the main menu, from there go to „Settings“, tap on the Account tab, and from there go to account settings. There should be a redeem code option which leads you to redeem code screen where you should enter your code.


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If you’re playing on an iOS device, you’re out of luck since redeem code option does not even exist at the moment. They might be planning to implement that feature in the future.

So are there any free codes at the moment?

There aren’t any active (or expired) codes at the moment. But have no doubt that there will be in the future, free codes are usually active during special events, holidays, and certain in-game milestones. If you want to be up to date with all the free codes make sure to follow the game’s official social media (Facebook, Twitter)  and communities on Reddit and Discord. They are usually the most up-to-date with free codes and various other giveaways.

So there you have it. Now you are familiar with free codes in Diablo: Immortal and the ways to redeem them. If you are playing on iOs, you’re out of luck (for now at least).

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