How to Enable Auto-navigation in Diablo: Immortal?

How to enable auto-navigation in Diablo: Immortal?

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Diablo: Immortal has just been released for PC (beta), iOS, and Android platforms. Like with every new release there are tons of new features, gameplay changes, and mechanics that players need to be accustomed to before truly succeeding in the game. One feature that Diablo Immortal included is auto-navigation. So what exactly is auto-navigation and, how do you enable it?

Auto-navigation is enabled through the main menu settings, the option is disabled by default and you will be able to access it only after completing main quests in the zone through which you are trying to auto-navigate.

There you go, you have the short answer. If you want to find out more about this feature and how to use it, keep reading!

What is auto-navigation in Diablo: Immortal?

In its essence, it means that your character is moving without your input. It’s useful if you have a long trek ahead of you and you don’t exactly feel like taping the screen. Many other MMOs have similar features enabled. More precisely auto-run feature, allows you to cover great distances automatically without your input. How good that feature is, is a matter of debate. Auto navigation in Diablo: Immortal is off by default and we will cover why exactly that is in the rest of the article.  There are 3 ways to set your auto-navigation path.


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  • By opening your map and setting the marker at the already named and visited location
  • By setting the marker manually by tapping the screen
  • and the last way, through quests, you can simply tap the quest and your character will start to move toward it.

How to enable auto-navigation in Diablo: Immortal?

How to enable auto-navigation in Diablo: Immortal?

Auto-navigation is enabled through the main menu settings.  But there’s a catch. You can truly enable auto-navigation only after „clearing the zone“ through which you are trying to auto-navigate through.

You might be wondering why exactly that is? The theory is that Blizzard wanted to ensure that the players will truly explore and experience the zones in the way they were intended to be experienced before going on „auto-pilot“ mode. A lot of thought, work, and time goes into the level and zone design and it would be a shame to simply skip it because walking manually is sometimes dull.  


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We all love fast travel & auto-run features but sometimes it prevents us from seeing everything there is in a game. World of Warcraft has similar prerequisites for unlocking „flying mounts“ in specific zones. You need to complete the main story of the zone and grind achievement to get access to flying. Blizzard always wants to make sure you experience their games fully.

What are the cons of auto-navigation in Diablo: Immortal?

There are some downsides to using auto-navigation. While you’re auto-navigating your character is defenseless and won’t be able to attack anybody. It will run past its enemies and will always choose the fastest route.  

You will also not be able to loot anything. But there is a way around that. You can always enable the „auto pick up „ option in the settings which will enable you to automatically pick up all normal, magic, and rare items. So make sure to turn that on before you start to auto-navigate.  Auto- navigation feature is toggled off if you tap anywhere on the screen.

How to enable auto-navigation in Diablo: Immortal?

The Verdict?

Auto-navigation feature is quite useful if you are returning to an already cleared zone for events, bounties, and similar side quests and don’t feel like taping too much.  Since auto-navigation works by finding the fastest and shortest routes through zones, you will need to complete the main quests in the zones before auto-navigation will start to function.

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