Diablo Immortal: How to Solve the Mirror Puzzle (Guide)

Diablo Immortal: How To Solve The Mirror Puzzle (Guide)

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Diablo: Immortal the latest installment in Diablo Franchise has just been released, the story so far revolves around locating world stones and stopping demons from empowering themselves using the said stones. Like every MMO out there a vital part of the game are quests, through which you learn the game mechanics and the story of the game. They are necessary throughout the leveling part of the game. One of the quests that had fans scratching their heads is the „Lost Runes“ quest in Library on Zoltan Kulle which features a certain puzzle with mirrors and lamps. So, How do you solve the Mirror Puzzle in Diablo: Immortal?

The puzzle is solved by reading the book that contains the answer. To be more precise all 4 of the corner lamps need to be lit and then the center lamp needs to be activated. Solving this puzzle leads you to the mirror puzzle, in which only two mirrors need to be moved in order for the light to bounce off of their surface and hit a crystal to illuminate the final rune.

You’re probably wondering whether watching a youtube video would be a better idea to solve a visual puzzle. Not at all,  we’re moving on to the more detailed part of the analysis so keep reading!

Library of Zoltun Kulle

Library of Zoltun Kulle is a zone in Diablo: Immortal that features the notorious puzzles. You can explore Library only after you’ve finished the Shassar Sea storyline and had reached at least level 35. You reach the library after Deckard Cain sends you on your way to find additional information on how to destroy the Worldshards. The library is a pretty perilous place, inhabited by sand constructs of its former master, and shassar pirates.


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How do you solve the mirror puzzle?

Puzzles are part of the „Lost Runes“ quest.  Your goal is to locate the runes which are hidden strategically through your surroundings. The first puzzle you will need to solve involves lamps. You will need to light all lamps at the same time. That can be done only in a specific order. If you miss a step or accidentally click or tap on the wrong lamp the whole sequence will reset and you will have to start from the beginning.  The first step toward solving this puzzle is positioning.

Stand in the middle, right next to the center lamp, and from there light all four of the corner lamps. The order in which you should light them doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that only corner lamps are lit. After you’ve lit the corner lamps you should position yourself back in the center again. The last lamp to activate will be the center one which will activate all other lamps and there you have it! You’ve solved the lamp puzzle.


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Solving the lamps puzzle eventually leads you to your second puzzle of this unusual quest, the mirror puzzle. The goal of this puzzle is to reflect the beam of light across the surface of the specific mirrors. To do that, when you enter the room with the mirrors, position yourself right in the middle between the mirrors. If we use the entrance as a point of reference it’s enough to say that the third mirror from the entrance needs to be moved twice and the fourth mirror needs to be moved once. Position the mirrors in a way that will cause the light beam to bounce and to light up the final rune you need to find.

If you’ve successfully solved these two puzzle-you’re done. It’s time to grab your loot and be on your way toward new adventures.

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