Did A-Train Die? What Happened to Him, & Will We See Him Again?

Ever since the start, A-Train was always one of the most important characters on The Boys because he was the one that triggered Hughie’s involvement with Butcher. However, A-Train seemed to be a bit different in season 3 after going through life-changing experiences in season 2 and after seeing his brother getting hurt at the hands of Blue Hawk. He eventually confronted and killed Blue Hawk in episode 6. But did A-Train die, and what happened to him?

It is possible that A-Train suffered a heart attack in season 6 and may have died from it. Doctors told him before that he could no longer run because his heart couldn’t take the strain anymore. However, he used his speed to kill Blue Hawk and suffered the consequences of doing so.

There is a good possibility that A-Train died in episode 6, considering that his character had already gone full circle. He realized the wrongs he committed in the past and actually apologized to Hughie for what he did to his girlfriend in season 1. Nevertheless, he is like that itch that never seems to go away, and it could still be possible that he is alive.

What Happened To A-Train In The Boys Season 3?

Those who have been following The Boys would know that it all began for Hughie when A-Train ran over his girlfriend Robin and killed her at the very start of the series. A-Train was high on Compound V at that time and did not know what he was doing. That was what allowed us to see that the supes of The Boys were corrupt and spoiled because A-Train wasn’t even apologetic for what he had done as he saw Robin and all of the other regular people as bugs that he could easily trample on.

Hughie eventually joined The Boys to get rid of all of the corrupt supes like A-Train, who wasn’t even sorry for what the collateral damage they were doing to society. However, he never got a chance to kill A-Train. It was in season 2 that A-Train nearly died after his heart nearly gave out on him due to his addiction to Compound V.

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It was then revealed that he was no longer allowed to run because his heart would give out again if he did. This could potentially cause his death, as he was left wondering what else he could do from then on. That was when his brother asked him if he could use his influence as a member of The Seven to find a way to get justice for what a supe called Blue Hawk did to one of their neighbors. Blue Hawk accused a black man of a crime and stomped him so hard on the ground that he died right then and there. But the truth was that the man was merely trying to get home.

With that, A-Train tried to get on Homelander’s good side so that he could get an audience with Blue Hawk. He had to tip Supersonic’s plan of joining the insurrection against Homelander so that he could find a way to meet with Blue Hawk and tell him to apologize for what he did. Blue Hawk did go to A-Train’s neighborhood but was far from sincere in his apology. He even accused the black people of that community of being prone to crime as things became rough.

Blue Hawk started beating people up and eventually injured A-Train’s brother, who ended up becoming paralyzed as a result of what happened. A-Train went to Ashley to try to get justice for what happened to his brother. However, Ashley lashed out at him by telling him that this was the only time he cared about collateral damage because he now knew what it was like seeing someone he loved getting hurt even though he had been killing and hurting ordinary people for a long time.

A-Train went to the Herogasm party held at the home of the TNT Twins, where he saw Blue Hawk after Soldier Boy went nuclear. He confronted Blue Hawk, who was not apologetic for what he did to his brother. This forced A-Train to take matters into his own hands by knocking Blue Hawk to the ground and dragging him all over the street using his super speed.

With Blue Hawk dead, A-Train stopped as his heart was seemingly giving out on him. He fell to the ground and was suffering from the effects of a failing heart as he seemingly died right then and there. We never saw what happened to him after that.

Did A-Train Die?

Doctors did warn A-Train that his heart could give out the next time he attempted to run as fast as he could. Nevertheless, he did so right then and there against Blue Hawk so that he could get justice for what happened to his brother.

However, his heart did indeed give out on him and caused him to collapse to the ground. It appeared that he did indeed die because he was left blank-faced and was not even breathing. That means that it is possible that A-Train died right there after suffering from a heart attack.

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Then again, we didn’t see what happened to him after that. It could be possible that he got rescued by paramedics, who went to the scene to treat the people who were hurt by what Soldier Boy did to the TNT Twins. If paramedics were able to treat him and restart his heart, then that could mean that he might have survived his heart attack.

Nevertheless, this is just mere speculation on our part because, as mentioned, we never saw what happened to A-Train after that. The possibility of his death is still there, given that he probably had no reason to stay alive in the series anymore.

Will We See A-Train Again?

At this point, it is tough to say whether or not we will see A-Train again or if he survived the heart attack he suffered after killing Blue Hawk. And the reason why we are saying this is due to the fact that his story had already gone full circle.

Again, Hughie only joined up with Butcher and The Boys when A-Train ran over his girlfriend and was not even apologetic for what happened. And in season 3, the same thing happened to A-Train when his brother became the victim of collateral damage due to the actions of a supe.

As Ashley told him, this was the only time he ever cared about collateral damage because he already knew what it felt like being the one getting hurt for what happened to someone he loved. In that regard, he knew what Hughie must have felt all the way back in season 1 when he ran over Robin.

In fact, in the Herogasm party, A-Train encountered Hughie, who was actually confident enough to confront the supe after juicing himself up with V24. However, instead of an all-out brawl between them, A-Train apologized to Hughie because he now felt what it was like to see someone he loved getting hurt.

Although Hughie didn’t accept A-Train’s apology, the fact is that A-Train’s story had already gone full circle. That means that it could be possible that there is no reason for bringing him back if he did indeed die after killing Blue Hawk.

But there is also the possibility of him reforming himself and becoming a better person after surviving what could have been a fatal heart attack. After all, he still needs to atone for all of the horrible things he did as a supe. And that would be consistent with Starlight’s huge revelation of how horrible supes are, as A-Train could become one of the leaders of a better supe community later on.

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