Blue Hawk vs. A-Train: Which Supe Is Stronger?

We all know that The Boys has a greater narrative that propels the story forward, and that is the battle between The Boys and Homelander. Nevertheless, there are subplots that are quite compelling, and that is where the story of A-Train as a developing character that cares for his black community comes in. The antagonist of this subplot is a supe named Blue Hawk, who is accused of racism towards the black people of Trenton. So, who between Blue Hawk and A-Train is stronger?

At his peak, A-Train should beat Blue Hawk because he is a lot faster and could be stronger or just as strong. He is also a very durable supe because of the fact that he could withstand the rigors of running at high speed. But he could no longer run due to the heart condition his V addiction caused.

It may be true that A-Train was one of the strongest supes in the world due to his speed and enhanced strength, but the problem is that he is no longer at his prime and is suffering the side effects of his Compound V addiction. In that regard, Blue Hawk could actually give him some trouble. Still, let’s look at who between Blue Hawk and A-Train is the strongest supe.


Like any other supe in the world of The Boys, Blue Hawk has a body that was enhanced by Compound V, and that means that he is far stronger than any other normal human. He is actually quite strong that he could easily manhandle a person and throw them several feet away without any trouble whatsoever. In fact, he is so strong that he curb-stomped a person on the ground so hard that he cracked the pavement. But as strong as he may be, he probably is still several tiers below the stronger members of The Seven.


A-Train may not look like it, but he is actually very strong and is perhaps just somewhere behind Homelander and Queen Maeve in terms of his physical strength. In the earlier seasons, he was seen being able to pull an entire freight train with several cars to prove his strength. He is also so strong that he could go toe-to-toe with Starlight and Kimiko, who are both quite strong as well. His strength and speed allow him to deliver lethal blows in a split second.

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Blue Hawk hasn’t displayed the limits of his strength yet, but the fact of the matter is that A-Train’s display of strength throughout the entire series has been more impressive. This is why he takes this round.

Blue Hawk 0, A-Train 1


As of this writing, Blue Hawk hasn’t displayed any powers that are unique to him except for his super strength. This isn’t surprising because there are some supes that aren’t really given special powers but are nonetheless still just as strong or even stronger than some of the other supes. It could be possible that Blue Hawk doesn’t have any other powers but is simply quite strong and durable.

The thing that made A-Train so special was his super-speed because he had a running speed that could reach Mach 1. It was actually his super speed that pulled Hughie into the entire mess because A-Train ran into his girlfriend and splattered him all over the pavement. However, since the events of season 2, A-Train’s Compound V addiction got the better of him because he was no longer allowed to run due to the possibility that it could kill him. Still, even without his super-speed, he is still quite formidable.

At his peak, A-Train should be able to take this round quite easily because there is nothing that Blue Hawk can do about his speed. That’s why we are giving the edge to him in this round.

Blue Hawk 0, A-Train 2


Like any other supe, Blue Hawk should be quite durable to the point that he can sustain and survive attacks that should be fatal to ordinary humans. We haven’t seen the limits of his durability yet, but it is quite possible that he is just as durable as any other supe out there because an increase in durability is also one of the effects of Compound V.

A-Train is not only just as durable as any other supe, but he is also so durable to the point that his body can withstand the rigors and effects of constantly running at very high speeds. In fact, he is so durable that he could take on attacks from other powerful supes like Starlight and Kimiko without dying. He even recovered from a broken leg. So, with that said, he should be right up there with the other supes in terms of durability but is perhaps below Queen Maeve or Black Noir.

Blue Hawk hasn’t shown the limits of his durability, and that could mean that he might not have the same kind of durability that A-Train has. Meanwhile, A-Train’s body is made to withstand the rigors of high-speed running.

Blue Hawk 0, A-Train 3


There is a reason why Blue Hawk is merely a ground-level supe that isn’t even good enough to get to the level of The Seven, as he probably hasn’t had the most amazing feats in the series. He has only been seen patrolling the streets as a low-level supe, and that is probably where he is best suited because he doesn’t have the most impressive powers. As such, the only feats he has shown was beating up regular people.

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A-Train has some of the best feats when compared to the other members of The Seven because he was shown to be strong enough to take on other supes without much trouble. In fact, he took on both Starlight and Kimiko and was able to hold his own against these powerful supes. In that regard, his feats are quite impressive in their own right, especially when compared to the other supes in The Boys.

There is no doubt that A-Train is far ahead of Blue Hawk in terms of what he has accomplished as a supe. That is why A-Train is still in The Seven while Blue Hawk is out there patrolling the streets.

Blue Hawk 0, A-Train 4

Blue Hawk vs. A-Train: Which Supe Is Stronger?

As you can see, there is no doubt that A-Train is the superior supe when compared to Blue Hawk. The fact that A-Train can no longer rely on his super-speed probably won’t make a lot of difference because he is still just as strong and durable as any other supe out there. We might see an inevitable fight between these supes, and that is where we would see how a low-level supe like Blue Hawk could match up with A-Train, who may no longer be allowed to run but is still very powerful in his own right.

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