Who Is Blue Hawk in The Boys Season 3? (& Why Is He Important)


The Boys season 3 continues to add more characters into the story as episode 4 has allowed us to hear more about a character that could play a role in the development of A-Train. We are talking about the supe named Blue Hawk, who A-Train has taken issue with in episodes 3 and 4 of season 3 of The Boys. But who is Blue Hawk in The Boys, and why is he important in the story of season 3?

Blue Hawk is a low-level supe who is seemingly working as one of the supes patrolling on the streets. He is important to The Boys because, in season 3, he was making trouble in a black neighborhood as he killed a local man who didn’t even do anything. As such, he has a role in A-Train’s story.

Truth be told, Blue Hawk seems to be a minor character in The Boys as it doesn’t look like he is going to play a really big role in the story anytime soon. However, it is quite possible that he will play a role in A-Train’s development as a character moving forward. Now, let’s look at what we know about A-Train in The Boys.

Who Is Blue Hawk In The Boys?

Season 3 of The Boys has introduced more and more characters in the series, especially considering that there are new stories and narratives to develop and explore in this newest season. Of course, a lot of these new characters don’t even have large roles to play in the series but are still important when it comes to the development of the other characters.

One such character that may not end up having a big role in The Boys but could still be quite useful in developing the stories of the more important characters is Blue Hawk. So, who is Blue Hawk in season 3 of The Boys?

It is worth noting that Blue Hawk is a character that was only mentioned in passing a few times in the series. This started when A-Train was having problems with his identity and future as a member of The Seven. Going back to season 2, A-Train had a Compound V addiction that prevented him from ever running again because of how dangerous it could be to his health.

In season 3, A-Train has been undergoing a huge development in his character because he doesn’t know what he can do in his life at this point. That’s because he can’t even help out on the streets as a supe due to the fact that he lost his biggest asset. As such, he tried to pitch in new themes that could hopefully make him a more relevant member of The Seven, such as movies and shows that explore his history as an African-American, which he tried to use to his advantage by changing his costume.

However, his pitches failed as he ended up wondering what else he could do. That was when he got a visit from his brother, who urged him to return to their neighborhood, where they talked more about life and the problems that A-Train had been facing. That was when his brother revealed that their neighborhood had been suffering from racist attacks from supes, and the one who he was talking about was Blue Hawk.


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Blue Hawk seems to be a low-level supe in The Boys as he is tasked with menial tasks like patrolling the streets and keeping them safe. Ashley, in episode 4, even mentioned that Blue Hawk isn’t even worth their time because of how small he is compared to the bigger problems that The Seven was facing.

It is suggested that Blue Hawk has the usual super strength that most supes have because he was able to knock down a regular person and curb stomp him so hard that the pavement cracked. As such, he is quite powerful but probably not powerful enough to be a major supe that could find himself at the level of the other supes who are stronger and more capable.

Why Is Blue Hawk Important?

At this point, Blue Hawk, on his own, isn’t a very important character because he doesn’t mean much to the larger scheme of The Boys’ narrative. However, he does play a good role in A-Train’s overall character development and story because he is the one who led him to a path where he was desperate enough to find a way to become relevant again.

As mentioned, A-Train visited his brother in their home as they talked about supes mistreating black people in their neighborhood. That was when his brother revealed that A-Train killed a man without due process when a white woman thought that the black man was going to mug him. But, in fact, the black man was just trying to get home because he lived somewhere in the neighborhood. It is suggested that Blue Hawk killed him in what was a hate crime when he didn’t even give the black man a chance to explain himself.


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Going back to A-Train, his brother told him that he should try to do something about this because he is a member of The Seven. That was when A-Tran brought the matter up to Ashley, who dismissed the idea of them doing something about this entire mess regarding Blue Hawk because she didn’t believe that a low-level supe like him wasn’t worth their time.

Meanwhile, A-Train brought the idea of doing something about Blue Hawk up when The Seven met up to introduce Supersonic as their newest member. However, the Deep shut the idea down by basically saying that it wasn’t worth their time. It was clear that the Deep was merely trying to get on Homelander’s good side.

Knowing that the Deep was trying to suck up to Homelander, A-Train confronted him in the hallway and proceeded to argue with him. That was when they ended up in a scuffle that had to be broken up by Homelander, who was seemingly on the side of the Deep.

A-Train didn’t like the fact that he was becoming more and more irrelevant in The Seven, and that was when Supersonic told him about the idea of ganging up on Homelander when the time came for them to attack him so that they could buy enough time for Butcher to kill him. Supersonic didn’t give him the details, but it was clear that he was inviting A-Train to join their little mutiny against the strongest man in the world.

It is needless to say that Supersonic got himself killed because A-Train shared this with Homelander, who proceeded to mutilate the new member of The Seven. As such, Blue Hawk’s role and importance could be seen in the fact that he made A-Train desperate enough to have Homelander kill Supersonic just so he could get on his good side. A-Train wants to become so relevant again that he could regain his former status as one of the top names in The Seven so that he could do something about what has been in the black neighborhood where his friends and family lived.

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