Did Dustin Die In Stranger Things Season 4, & What Happened To Him?


Dustin has always been one of the most notable names in Stranger Things because, other than the fact that he is the smartest out of all of the main kids, he is also the one that often has a great relationship with the older teenagers. That said, we do know that Dustin has found himself in danger a few times in the past, and season 4 of Stranger Things is no different. So, does Dustin die in Stranger Things season 4?

The good news is that Dustin survives the events of Stranger Things season 4, volume 2. However, that doesn’t mean he didn’t come out unscathed. In an attempt to save Eddie from the Demobats, Dustin ended up injuring his leg and is now seemingly having difficulties walking.

While Dustin may have indeed survived, he lost a part of himself in the Upside Down when Eddie died in his arms. He lost a great friend right then and there because he couldn’t get to him in time to save him. But Eddie’s death will serve as motivation for Dustin in the final season of Stranger Things as he may use it as a way to fuel his desire to put an end to Vecna once and for all.

What Happened To Dustin In Stranger Things Season 4?

There is no doubt that one of the favorite characters among different Stranger Things fans is Dustin because he seems to be the funniest and smartest out of the original core of kids that began the series in the very first season. He also ended up developing an adorable big brother-little brother relationship with Steve in season 2 as he was one of the characters that helped make Steve a better person.

That said, Dustin also found a new older teenager friend in Eddie Munson, who he met in his first few weeks in high school because Eddie was quick to adopt him and his friends into their Dungeons and Dragons group called Hellfire Club. But Eddie ended up getting blamed for all of the murders that Vecna/Henry/One were committing.


Does Eddie Die In Stranger Things Season 4, & What Happened To Him?

Because he knew Eddie like a big brother, Dustin sought to prove his innocence while teaming up with Lucas, Max, Steve, Nancy, and Robin to get to the bottom of things. He was also one of the people who cared enough for Eddie to make sure that he was protected.

But when Nancy found out what Vecna/Henry/One was planning and what his past was all about, the group decided that it was best to put a stop to his plans as early as possible so that they could save Hawkins and, ultimately, the world. The plan was to gather the weapons they needed to invade the Upside Down and kill their target.

This entire plan was composed of multiple phases where Max needed to allow Vecna/Henry/One to get into her head so that he would leave his body unguarded. That was when both Dustin and Eddie needed to distract the Demobats guarding Vecna so that Steve, Nancy, and Robin could invade his lair and kill him while he was still inside Max’s head. And the reason why Dustin and Eddie were given the task of distracting the bats was that, in Eddie’s words, they weren’t heroes.

When their phase of the plan was up next, as Vecna had successfully invaded Max’s head, Dustin and Eddie caught the attention of the Demobats through Eddie’s guitar solo. They were able to attract the bats all the way to Eddie’s trailer in the Upside Down as they stayed inside in the hopes that they could keep the bats fixated on them long enough for Steve’s group to kill Vecna.

However, the bats eventually found an entrance into the trailer as the only thing that Dustin and Eddie needed to do was to retreat back to the real world through the gate in Eddie’s trailer. Dustin climbed up back to the real world first but was shocked to see that Eddie had other plans.

shocked dustin

Instead of climbing back into the real world, Eddie stayed behind because he realized that he needed to buy more time for Steve’s group to succeed with their phase of the plan. That was when he cut the entrance back to the real world and caught the attention of the Demobats so that he could keep them fixated on him long enough. Dustin was already safe in the real world but was seemingly upset about the fact that Eddie chose to stay in the Upside Down in what looked like a moment of self-sacrifice.

Does Dustin Die In Volume 2?

Despite the fact that Eddie had already decided to keep the bats fixated on him, Dustin, of course, wasn’t going to let his friend die then and there. Even though Eddie had already cut the rope into the Upside Down, Dustin forced his way back there and ended up injuring his leg in the process of doing so. His main goal was to save Eddie. But did he die trying to do so?

Then, on Eddie’s part, he stopped running away from the bats because he realized that he had been running away from problems all his life instead of facing them head-on. As such, he stopped and used his makeshift spear and shield to try to kill as many Demobats as possible while also keeping himself protected from their attacks. Eventually, the Demobats swarmed him and started chipping away at him while pinning him down on the ground.


Is Max Dead In Stranger Things Season 4 & What Happened To Her?

But the problem was that the entire plan was failing, and Max was about to die. It took a miraculous effort from an inspired Eleven to push Vecna/Henry/One back before he could kill Max. Meanwhile, when Hopper’s group all the way in Russia was able to kill the monsters that the Russians were keeping there, the hive mind in the Upside Down got hurt. This allowed the bats to turn their attention away from Eddie while Steve’s group proceeded to attack Vecna/Henry/One’s real body.

Dustin was able to survive his injury as he limped to an injured Eddie’s location. He had Eddie in his arms as his friend told him to “take care of the sheep,” all while Eddie was claiming that this was finally his graduation year. Eddie died in Dustin’s arms.

Despite the plan being partially successful, Max’s temporary death opened a rift that ripped through a portion of Hawkins. This forced some of the residents to evacuate to the recreation center.

Two days after the incident, Dustin, Steve, and Robin went over to the recreation center to help out and volunteer. That was where Dustin saw Eddie’s uncle posting a missing person photo on the bulletin board.

dustin munson 1300x700 1

Dustin was the one who broke the news to Eddie’s uncle about his death. Even though Dustin did indeed survive the events of volume 2 of season 4, he told Eddie’s uncle that he wouldn’t have survived if it weren’t for Eddie.

In what was one of the most heartbreaking moments of the season, Dustin told Eddie’s uncle that his nephew died trying to save a town that hated him and saw him as a monster that was responsible for the entire mess that Hawkins found itself in. Both Dustin and Eddie’s uncle were clearly heartbroken at that very moment.

Dustin’s survival means that he still has a huge role to play in the upcoming final season of Stranger Things. And this promises to be the biggest battle in the life of the Hawkins kids as the Upside Down was now steadily breaking into the real world.

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