Did Homelander Assault & Rape Becca? (& Why Was It so Vague?)

Did Homelander Assault & Rape Becca? (& Why Was It so Vague?)

The Boys are primarily known as a comic book series, but Amazon Prime’s streaming adaptation of the comic book – which contains a lot of changes and additions – has helped the series become a global phenomenon. Now, The Boys are full of mysteries and questions, regarding both specific characters and concepts. In this article, we are going to talk about Homelander’s (supposed) assault on Becca Butcher and the consequences of that event. We are going to tell you what really happened and why the situation was so unclear.

Depending on the source, the story of Becca’s rape varies. In the original comic books, it was Black Noir that raped Becca dressed as Homelander, since he was actually Homelander’s clone so he simply had to put his suit on. On the other hand, in the television series, it seems – from what we know now – that Homelander really did rape Becca.

In the remainder of this article, we are going to talk about Becca’s assault in both the comic books and the television series. The goal of this article is to answer the question that’s been bothering fans since Becca’s story was revealed in the narrative and to give you some facts about the character as well. Be careful, as there are going to be spoilers.

Did Homelander assault and rape Becca in the comics?

Rebecca “Becky” Saunders is a social worker based in London. She met Butcher on a subway train, and the two began dating shortly after. Becky managed to temper many of Butcher’s violent tendencies, and he quit drinking and fighting because of her. The two eventually got married and honeymooned in Miami, where they met the seven on a public tour. That night, while Billy was out for a walk, Becky was assaulted by Black Noir (disguised as Homelander).


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Although she tried to hide what had happened from Billy, her trauma caused her to become increasingly emotionally distant. Months later, Becky died, giving birth prematurely to a super-powered fetus. The fetus attempted to kill Billy with his laser sight, forcing him to beat him to death with a candlestick. His death is Butcher’s main motivating factor in his crusade against Supes, as well as the reason for his burning hatred towards Homelander.

Did Homelander assault and rape Becca in the television series?

She lived with Billy Butcher, her husband, and their dog Terror. She worked at Vought International as Digital Marketing Director and was responsible for managing Homelander’s social networks. In 2012, she goes to a year-end party with her husband where they meet Homelander. A few days after this encounter, the Super assaulted her. Becca finds out sometime later, that she is pregnant.

Panicked, she asks for help from Jonah Vogelbaum who helps her give birth to her child. She is forced to sign a confidentiality agreement in exchange, forbidding her to tell anyone, even her husband. She is then taken from Billy and hidden, while Butcher thinks that Homelander killed his wife at some point.

Later, though, when Homelander decides to tell Billy the truth, Becca goes to her garden with Ryan after hearing a noise. She discovers Billy Butcher and Homelander there. Homelander had found out her location and decided to bring Butcher to her safe house. Becca opens the door after hearing a knock and discovers Homelander wishing to see his son.

Seeing Homelander pushing Ryan to use his powers, she intervenes and tells him to go do his math informing him that she is coming to help him. She then explains to Homelander that after the agreement with Vought, it was decided that Ryan would have a normal childhood. She asks him how long he plans to stay.

Homelander tells her that he respects their agreement and asks her to remain civil. When he tries to touch her, she cringes. In the afternoon, she drops off her son with an acquaintance and rushes to the edge of town. She demands to speak to a Vought official but he tells her that they have no intention of doing anything about Homelander.

In the evening, she listens to the discussion between John and Ryan and orders the Super to leave her house but the Supe does not let it go and asks her what she will do when Ryan finds out that she lied to him and locked him in a prison. She forbids him to tell her son about it and Homelander tells her that he has no intention of leaving or even getting bored mentioning his afternoon discussion with a Vought official. Homelander would eventually leave.

Later, while playing with Ryan, she receives a surprise visit from the Homelander accompanied by Stormfront whom he introduces as his girlfriend. She joins her son to whom Stormfront only tells her about his powers which displeases Becca who asks that it stop and then asks that he warn before coming. Stormfront retorts that the Homelander is his father and that he has the right to see his son.

John steps in and apologizes for coming unannounced and tells Becca that he’ll be there more and they’ll be like a real family. Ryan shows them the stop motions he made from his mother’s favorite movies. She then watches helplessly as her son Ryan is brainwashed by Stormfront. She tries to temper her son and demands to speak privately with John.

Once alone, Homelander compares his life to that of his son but Becca does not agree because unlike him, he has a mother and she lies to him to protect him and give him the childhood that John never had. The super approves. In the evening, while she is cooking, she goes to the garden where she discovers that Homelander and Stormfront have shown the outside world to her son. She must face the wrath of her son and his kidnapping by Homelander and Stormfront, who intends to raise him as his son.

Becca flees during the night to join Butcher. She tells him that her son has been kidnapped. Frenchy, Kimiko Miyashiro, and Mother’s Milk take great care of her. She asks them if they are close to Billy and Mother’s Milk tells her that they are as close as possible. Billy tells him that he hasn’t found anything on Ryan so far and that he is continuing his research.

Becca tells him she’s sorry and thanks him, when he tells her he’s going to find her son. During Billy’s absence, she talks a little with Hughie Campbell. As soon as she sees Billy, she asks him about Ryan. They are interrupted by Hughie who praises her before showing his findings to the others. The Boys all agree without exception to help get Ryan back.

She arms herself to come with them but Billy is against it for fear of putting her in danger. Becca leaves him no choice and makes him promise to bring Ryan back to her at all costs so that Ryan does not become like Homelander, which Butcher does. Becca goes with Billy to the cabin to pick up Ryan whom she puts on noise-canceling headphones and then takes him with them.

She gets out of the car when she realizes there is a problem. Billy tells her that he made an agreement with Stan Edgar to get Ryan back, but Billy breaks it for her. He tells her to leave without him because he is afraid of becoming an example for Ryan and not taking the risk of trying to hurt Ryan again. A tearful Becca reluctantly agrees, kisses him, and gets in the car with Mother’s Milk.


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However, they are only a few meters away when Stormfront attacks them and overturns the car. Billy helps him out and retrieves Ryan then they flee together into the forest. They are caught by Stormfront coming to take Ryan. Becca gets between her and Ryan and stabs her in the eye. Stormfront then grabs her by the throat and slowly chokes her. Billy tries to help her without success and Ryan accidentally uses his powers against Stormfront. The Super lets go of her but Becca is badly injured.

She hears Ryan crying apologetically. She tells Billy it’s not Ryan’s fault and tells him he’s nice. She asks him to get her son to safety before he succumbs to her injury.

Becca was a sweet and caring woman. She was full of kindness towards others. Becca was also a caring and protective mother towards her son Ryan for whom she sacrificed part of her life so that he would grow up in the best conditions and not be another Vought asset.

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