What Happened Between Soldier Boy & Mother’s Milk’s Father?

The boys

One of the things that we have seen in The Boys series since season 1 is the fact that there is a reason why The Boys are targeting the supes and are looking to kill them. We know that Billy Butcher is doing it for his wife and that Hughie is out to take revenge for his girlfriend. But we don’t really know anything about Mother’s Milk, who is seemingly obsessed with trying to learn about what happened to Soldier Boy so that he could get justice for his father. But what happened between Soldier Boy and Mother’s Milk’s father?

It hasn’t been explained in detail what happened between Soldier Boy and Mother Milk’s father, but it was suggested that Soldier Boy was involved in the deaths of some of Mother’s Milk’s family members, and his father was obsessed with trying to get justice for his family that he died doing so.

Ever since season 1, the hatred that the members of The Boys have for the supes has always been personal. There is a good reason why they hate supes so much that they are willing to put their lives on the line just to kill them. And while Mother’s Milk’s past hasn’t been explored in great detail yet, what we do know is that his hatred for the supes is connected to his father and Soldier Boy.

Why Does Mother’s Milk Hate Supes?

The boys

Ever since the very first episode of The Boys, the narrative was always focused on the fact that the members of The Boys all want to kill supes. And, of course, all of them have their own reasons for wanting to get their hands on the supes, particularly the members of The Seven.

We know for a fact that Billy Butcher wants to kill the supes and Homelander because he believed that Homelander raped and killed his wife. But after it was proven that his wife was still alive, he ended up hating Homelander even more when she died later in season 2.

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Meanwhile, Hughie Campbell also has a deep hatred for supes because, in the very first episode, his girlfriend got run over by A-Train, who was high on Compound V at that time. As such, he wants to change the world by going after corrupt and spoiled supes.

Then there’s Mallory Grace, who was the one who started this whole group and is currently working as their informant. It was only in season 3 that she revealed her hatred for the supes when she lost a lot of good men due to the actions of Payback in a CIA operation in Nicaragua back in 1984. Since then, she has dedicated her life to killing supes.

But what about Mother’s Milk? We all know that Mother’s Milk or Marvin Milk or MM is one of the indispensable members of The Boys. Of course, there has always been a reason why he joined up with The Boys and why he wants to kill supes. So, why does Mother’s Milk hate supes?

During the first two seasons, it wasn’t really explored why Mother’s Milk hates supes and wants to kill them all. But we all know that his hatred for supes runs deep because he actually sacrificed his relationship with his family just so he could join up with Billy Butcher once more and go after supes. In fact, he nearly lost his ex-wife and his daughter because of his involvement with The Boys.

Meanwhile, in season 3, he may have ended up breaking things off with his ex-wife, but he was still willing to do whatever it took to be a good father to his daughter. Still, he ended up returning to The Boys after a one-year hiatus because he wanted to close this chapter off.

The reason why he hated supes is related to the fact that Soldier Boy did something awful to his family way back when. It hasn’t been explored in the first three episodes of The Boys season 3 why he has a deep hatred for supes, but he did mention it when Butcher went to his apartment to ask for help.

In that scene, Mother’s Milk told Butcher that his father was so obsessed with Soldier Boy that he ended up dying on his desk while leaving him and his siblings without a father. So, in other words, Mother’s Milk’s hatred for the supes was something that he inherited from his father, whose hatred for them runs deep as any other person who hates supes.

What Happened Between Soldier Boy And Mother’s Milk’s Father?

As established, Mother’s Milk’s hatred towards the supes was something that he inherited from his father. He said that his father was so obsessed with Soldier Boy that he died doing so. Meanwhile, Mother’s Milk also said that he almost did the same thing to his daughter when he got so obsessed with killing supes that he almost got his family killed.

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Nevertheless, Mother’s Milk told his ex-wife that he needed to return to The Boys because he wanted to close this chapter of his life. The sooner he did so, the safer his family would be. And his daughter would never have to inherit his hatred for supes, just like how he inherited his own hatred for supes from his father. So, what happened between Mother’s Milk’s father and Soldier Boy?

It hasn’t been explained in full yet, but we can make some assumptions based on what we’ve seen in the first three episodes. In one of the earlier episodes, Mother’s Milk opened up a closet full of newspaper articles that are related to Soldier Boy and the members of Payback.

The boys

In one of the articles, it says that Soldier Boy was cleared of any of the charges against him when he caused an accident that involved the Milk family. The article says that Soldier Boy deflected an incoming vehicle and caused it to crash into the Milk family’s home as Louis, Walter, and Lucy Milk were in the house.

Meanwhile, in episode 3, Grace Mallory told the story about how she was involved in an incident in Nicaragua in 1984 and how Soldier Boy was presumably killed by the Sandinistas and the Russians in that incident. After she told the story, Mother’s Milk was fuming when he asked Mallory if she knew what Soldier Boy did to his family.

Apparently, the hatred for supes in the Milk family can be traced to that incident of Soldier Boy and the accident he caused that involved Mother’s Milk’s family. As such, we can make the presumption that this accident killed Mother’s Milk’s grandmother and mother.

However, considering that Mother’s Milk said that his father died obsessing about Soldier Boy and trying to find a way to make him pay for what he did to his family, we can also make the presumption that Mother’s Milk’s father survived the accident that Soldier Boy caused.

But because Soldier Boy was cleared of any of the charges against him and Mother’s Milk’s father was the only survivor of the incident, it is quite possible that he went on an entire life’s crusade to get the justice that his family never got. And this hatred toward Soldier Boy and the supes was inherited by Mother’s Milk, who never lived a normal family life because of his father’s obsession. 

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