Did Spencer James from All American Make It to NFL?

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All American is a sports drama TV show that is based on a true story of a real professional football player, Spencer Paysinger. If we take into account that Paysinger was a professional football player who played in the NFL and Spencer James’s character is based on Paysinger. The question is being raised, did Spencer James from All American make it to NFL as well? Let’s check that out.

Spencer James did not make it to NFL for now. He is currently in his first year of college at Golden Angeles University, where he plays football. His journey as a football player begins at South Crenshaw High and continues at Beverly High. Later, he returned to South Crenshaw and played again for them through his high school years. Then he decided to accept the offer presented to him by Golden Angels University.

The show is currently in its fifth season, where Spencer James and his friends have started college recently and have to deal with the problems college has presented them. Since the show began, we know that Spencer’s dream is to end up playing in the NFL eventually. For now, that still is not the case, but let’s see where he started and his chances to make it to NFL eventually.

The beginning of Spencer James’s career

Spencer James

Before we get into the analysis of how Spencer James’s career started and where he is now, it is worth mentioning that his story and general storyline of the show are actually based on a true story regarding one of the ex-professional football players, Spencer Paysinger. Paysinger himself also shows up in this series, and it was his idea to tell his story through a TV show.

Spencer James has been a talented football player since childhood, which he inherited from his father, Corey. In the show, we meet Spencer in his teenage years and going to South Crenshaw high school. He plays football there but is aware that he needs to take better opportunities if provided to him because that is his only chance to make it as a professional football player.

And that is what happens next. When Billy Baker, a football coach in Beverly High, approaches him with the offer to come to play for his team, live with him, and attend the high school in Beverly Hills, Spencer decides to take that offer. Even though he has a hard time at first adapting and getting a sense of belonging there, nobody can deny his football skills and talents. He gradually becomes the most important and most valuable asset the team has.


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Since Spencer was a kid, he always knew what he wanted and his dream. His family always supported him and was willing to sacrifice whatever it took for him to fulfill his dreams and become a professional football player; they all believed he was meant to. But Spencer’s connection with his Crenshaw community never faded. So, when his community needed him the most, he returned there and put himself at its disposal to help his old school and his childhood friends and family.

Along the way, Spencer was wounded, and his football career was endangered. He went to rehab and gradually recovered. However, his shoulder and the reflexes in his arm became an issue, and he started to doubt himself mentally and physically. That eventually led college scouts to question are they willing to offer Spencer the football scholarship at their Universities because his condition marked him as a risky choice for them to make.

Where Spencer James is now and did he make it to NFL?


So, even though Spencer’s career and future as a football player were endangered, and his drafting didn’t go as smoothly as everyone thought it would, some offers eventually came to his table. Spencer was offered a scholarship to attend Toledo University, and he almost accepted it, but he decided to turn it down. Kenny Boone was a coach at Golden Angels University, and he was the only one who managed to earn Spencer’s trust, and Spencer decided to accept his offer. Kenny Boone played professionally with Spencer’s father, which was why Spencer decided to put his trust in him.

Throughout his whole high school career as a football player, Spencer was used to always being among the best players on the field, and his talents seemed to promise him a bright future. However, it felt like a whole new world for him when he got to college. He had difficulty adapting, and his team’s plays were unfamiliar. The head coach also didn’t put much trust in him. All of that took a toll on Spencer’s self-confidence and performance on the field.

Gradually, with the help of his close friends and family, he was able to put his pride aside and gain his confidence back. As a freshman, Spencer is now a leader and star player of a D1 football program. This is a good thing for him, even though he considered that as a step back in his career. But that way, he can play and prove what he is capable of instead of just waiting on the sidelines and hoping to get his shot.


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There is also a question regarding his future in the NFL. We know that Spencer did not make it to NFL as he is still a freshman at college. But, with that being said, Spencer Paysinger’s idea was to portray himself through James’s character, and we know that Paysinger did play in NFL, and his professional NFL career started in 2011 and ended in 2017. He played as a linebacker for the NY Jets and Miami Dolphins for most of his professional career.

So, even though Spencer James still has some difficult paths to cross toward his NFL career, we believe he will eventually get there. If one thing is for sure, he definitely deserves it.

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