Directors Express Interest in Bringing ‘X-Men ’97’ to the Big Screen

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‘X-Men ’97’ has been a smash hit for the studio, earning a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes upon its debut and maintaining strong ratings throughout. Fans have consistently praised each episode, particularly episode 5.

The studio has ambitious plans for the show, with season 2 already in the works and season 3 in development. The future looks bright. Recently, fans have urged the showrunners to take the reins of the upcoming live-action ‘X-Men’ reboot, citing the show’s exceptional quality compared to recent MCU offerings, with a few exceptions.

In a recent interview with Inverse, the show’s directors Chase Conley, Emi Yonemura, and Jake Castorena talked about the show’s potential future. They expressed openness to various possibilities, including the idea of an animated movie based on the show.

First off, it would be a slam dunk. I think that would absolutely be something the audience would want to see, and we would want to be a part of.

Conley also mentioned that a movie would come with a larger budget, giving them the opportunity to significantly enhance the animation quality. Emi Yonemura believes that the possible ‘X-Men ’97’ animated movie has the potential to match some of the best-animated works of recent years. She holds high hopes for their own project.

It feels like we’re already making movie-level animation and events. But just to have that budget and time then to make it a full feature, and to kind of do what Spider-Verse and the recent animated Turtles movie did… One of our influences was ‘80s and ‘90s Japanese animation, Akira. Ghost in the Shell. Those levels. It’s like: Hey, you want to give us the money and budget to do that for you? But for X-Men ‘97? Gladly.

Castorena himself disclosed that he’s willing to continue as long as the studio wants him to, expressing his appreciation for his current job stability.

Oh, I love job security. I think myself and the entire team would love to keep doing this. Seven seasons and a movie. Let’s go!

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