Insights From ‘X-Men ‘97’ Head Director on Episode 5 Deaths:” This Might Scare Fans, but It Changed a Bit”

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‘X-Men ’97’ was a big hit for Marvel Studios, pleasing fans with its nostalgic feel and continuation of the original story, but Episode 5 changed everything. The episode delivered a gut-wrenching scene as Genosha came under attack, resulting in the deaths of some long-standing mutants.

This decision wasn’t taken lightly. Beau DeMayo clarified the episode’s purpose, aiming for an emotional jolt to remind viewers that safety is never guaranteed. Now, the head director and producer disclose that other mutants were also considered for removal to drive the story forward.

In a Screen Rant interview, Castorena confirmed that Gambit and Magneto are officially deceased and won’t be returning to the screen. However, he emphasized that the decision wasn’t made lightly.

Oh, absolutely. The decision was never finite, like, “We’re doing this, we’re killing so and so and that’s it.” This might scare fans, but it changed a bit, it bounced around on who it would be because for sake of story, for sake of pushing character arcs and tying everything in, based on where story trajectory was going, [it] was based on what character it was going to be. But ultimately, obviously, we landed on Gambit and, Magneto. We know someone, a.k.a. Rogue, who is, especially in our show, who was very much intertwined with both

Castorena hinted that there would be significant consequences after those deaths, and Beau DeMayo mentioned on social media that things would really heat up in episodes 8-10.

I implore audiences to ponder and be curious about what that would do to someone of Roque’s caliber and potentially, I would say focus less on what we have lost and I would focus on more who or what lies ahead, if that makes sense for you. But ultimately, at the end of the day, Gambit and Magneto are dead and we’ll have to watch the series unfold to further understand what those consequences are going to be for not just for our team but for potentially for the rest of the world.

Given that Rogue is deeply impacted by these deaths, we can anticipate significant repercussions for her, and it’s uncertain what might unfold next. Have any thoughts to share? Feel free to comment below!

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