Disney Characters that Start with N: All 40 names

Disney Characters that Start with N

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Disney characters come in all sizes and with many different personality traits and characteristics. We love all of them, heroes for their heroic acts and villains for their intriguing side. This is a list of 40 Disney characters that start with a letter n, belonging to many movies, tv series and even a cartoon that turns into a movie (Enchanted).

Nakoma (Pocahontas)

Nakoma Pocahontas

Nakoma is Pocahontas’ best friend and member of the Powhatan tribe. She is serious and responsible and tries to act as the voice of reason for Pocahontas. She is tall and slender and has long black hair in a bun.

Nala (The Lion King)

Nala The Lion King

Nala is Simba’s best friend and later wife, becoming a large and muscular lioness, a great hunter and fighter. She used to be curious, adventurous and strong-willed and remained like that, just more mature and responsible.

Namaari (Raya and the Last Dragon)

Namaari Raya and the Last Dragon

Namaari is the princess of Kumandra’s Fang who has envied Heart’s prosperity since childhood. She is a young Southeast Asian girl of average height, muscular and with short black hair and brown eyes. She likes dragons, is a skilled martial arts fighter and is a good leader who wants to make the world a better place.

Nana (Peter Pan)

Nana Peter Pan

Nana is a St.Bernard and Darling family’s nursemaid, a lovely caring dog who treats Wendy, John and Michael as her own children. She is a true family member, doesn’t like to be outside and away from the children and all of them cherish her as their relative.

Nangi (Zootopia)

Nangi Zootopia

Nangi is a female Indian elephant, a yoga instructor at The Mystic Spring Oasis and an apathetic and disagreeable individual. She speaks in an unusual way which suggests she doesn’t care about the things going on around her and she has no problem saying it.

Nani Pelekai (Lilo & Stitch)

Nani Pelekai Lilo Stitch

Nani is Lilo’s older sister and her legal guardian, due to their parents’ death. She is beautiful, with olive skin, black hair and brown eyes. She is kind, mature and caring and very protective of Lilo. She can often be sarcastic and temperamental with others, but this is all because of her highly stressful job and the pressure of taking care of Lilo.

Napoleon (The Aristocats)

Napoleon The Aristocats

Napoleon is a bloodhound who lives in the French countryside and whose job is to chase everything that comes near his territory.


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He is big and slim, with brown fur, is very clever and has great hearing. He and his best friend Lafayette are very good guard dogs.

Nassor (Frankeweenie)

Nassor Frankeweenie

Nassor is the scientific rival of Victor Frankenstein and one of the main antagonists in this movie, along with his lab partner, Toshiaki. He is a highly intelligent and intense 14-year-old boy who differs from other kids in New Holland, with his more pessimistic and darker view of the world they live in.

Ned (Planes)

Ned Planes

Ned is team Ripslinger’s racer specialized in sabotage. He is not very intelligent and can seem odd at times, but he is a good asset to his team. He is painted green and has white wings and decorations.

Neera (Dinosaur)

Neera Dinosaur

Neera is Kron’s sister who ends up falling in love with Aladar. She is caring and brave, always ready to help others and doesn’t like her brother’s selfishness and even after all his actions, she still deeply cares for him.

Nemo (Finding Nemo/Finding Dory)

Nemo Finding NemoFinding Dory

Nemo is a small and very energetic young clownfish who goes missing from his reef after an argument with his loving father. He is curious, eager to learn about the world around him, can be stubborn and is always ready to embark on an adventure.

Nero (The Rescuers)

Brutus The Rescuers

Nero is Madame Medusa’s pet alligator, mean, dangerous and harmful. He doesn’t like Mr. Snoops and never shows loyalty to him, whereas he would do everything for his master.

Nessus (Hercules)

Nessus Hercules

Nessus is a large centaur with the body of a horse and the head and upper body of a man. His home is a river near Thebes where he works as a river guardian. He is mighty and strong, likes women and flirting and dislikes Hercules’ heroism.

Nick Wilde (Zootopia)

Nick Wilde Zootopia

Nick is a red fox, a charismatic, sly, cheeky, cocky and pessimistic individual, slender, with large ears, green eyes and a Hawaiian shirt he can be seen wearing. He comes from a poor neighbourhood and is very sensitive to all kinds of injustice. He uses his smile and charm to perform different kinds of petty crimes, being a great con artist who is very tricky and knows how to get out of situations he finds himself in.

Nigel (Finding Nemo)

Nigel Finding Nemo

Nigel is a brown pelican who loves to spend time in the dentist’s office window where he usually guesses dental problems with his friends from the fish tank. He talks a lot, dislikes seagulls and likes to talk about different adventures, especially with Nemo.

Noi (Raya and the Last Dragon)

Noi Raya and the Last Dragon

Noi is a toddler, a con artist who helps Raya in her quest to find the rest of the dragon gem pieces. She is from Talon, a floating market, adorable and extremely smart and witty, using it all for fooling everyone. She would do anything to get what she wants and have everything her way.

Northuldra (Frozen 2)

Northuldra Frozen 2 e1657723027939

The Northuldra are people who live in the Enchanted Forest which is situated in the North of Arendelle. Some of their most notable members are Honeymaren, Iduna, Ryder and Yelena. They don’t have magical powers but are able to harness them through the relationship with the elemental spirits. 

Not Chuck (Cars)

Not Chuck Cars

Not Chuck is a pitty who used to work for Lightning McQueen’s team Rust Eze where he served as the temporary crew after the previous one quit. He is short-tempered and gets angry easily, especially when Lightning doesn’t take pit stops when he needs to.

Nuka (The Lion King 2)

Nuka The Lion King 2

Nuka is Zira’s eldest child and Vitani and Kovu’s older brother. He has brown fur and black mane and is apparently infested with termites.


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He is portrayed as cowardly and neurotic, but he has a high opinion of himself, always claiming he is the strongest and smartest. It is also implied that he has some mental and emotional instability, as well as pyromania.  

Nutsy (Robin Hood)

Nutsy Robin Hood

Nutsy is a vulture who operates with his friend Trigger and takes orders from King Richard. He loves being rewarded and doesn’t have problems serving anyone who is currently in charge of anything. 

Nyx (Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast)

Nyx Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast

Nyx is a devoted and loyal friend of scout fairies, but one of the main antagonists of the Disney Fairies in this cartoon. She leads a team of fellow scout fairies fury, Chase, Di and Shade who follow her without ever asking any questions. She is not evil but will risk everything to keep the fairies safe.

Naveen (The Princess and the Frog)

Naveen The Princess and the Frog

Prince Naveen is the eldest prince of Maldonia who is convinced to be extremely charming and attractive. While visiting New Orleans he fell victim to a curse and became a frog. He is a muscular, average-height man with dark brown hair and amber eyes. Due to his upbringing, he is spoiled, lazy and vain, but has a free spirit and tends to cheer others.

Nanny (101 Dalmatians)

Nanny 101 Dalmatians

Nanny is the housekeeper of the Radcliffe household, a caring and loving little lady who takes care of their pups. Pongo adores her and no one looks at her as their servant, but more as part of their family. She is kind, calm and always there for the ones she loves, being scared to death when the puppies went missing.

Natalie Certain (Cars 3)

Natalie Certain Cars 3

Natalie is a highly respected statistical analyst who is great with numbers and excellent at her job. She is intelligent, knows a lot about everything and is a great addition to the racing world. She has the ability to evaluate a racer’s stats. 

Needleman (Monsters Inc.)

Needleman Monsters Inc.

Needleman works on the scare floor as general maintenance and errand monster at Monsters Inc, together with his coworker Smitty. He is very skinny, with light brown skin, a short tail and a large red nose.  He might seem pretty dim-witted when someone hears his high pitched monotonous voice. 

Naomi (Elena of Avalor)

Naomi Elena of Avalor

Naomi is Elena’s best friend, sidekick and adventurer in the animated series Elena of Avalor. She is a practical, simple girl who never gives up, loyal, determined, friendly and intelligent. She is a 15-year-old girl, tall and slender, with short blonde hair and deep blue eyes.

Narissa (Enchanted)

Narissa Enchanted

Even though Enchanted is mostly a movie, it has some animated features where we meet many interesting characters, such as the main antagonist, Queen Narissa. She is the queen of Andalasia and Prince Edward’s stepmother. She is beautiful, ruthless, cruel, vindictive and manipulative, having the best and worst traits of the three Disney villains she was created after – Maleficent, Lady Tremaine and Queen Grimhilde.

Nasty Jack (The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh)

Nasty Jack The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Nasty Jack used to be a horse thief leader and then became the town’s sheriff. He considers himself to be the nastiest horse thief, he likes terrorizing people, and is very strong and fast. 

Nita (Brother Bear 2)

Nita Brother Bear 2

Nita is a kind and loving Inuit who lives in Alaska and acts as Koda’s big sister or mother and always offers advice to Rutt and Tuke. She is very fun, friendly, optimistic and loves adventures.


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She has great physical strength as a bear and has the ability to talk to animals. 

Necklace Merchant (Aladdin)

Necklace Merchant Aladdin

Necklace Merchant named Amail is a jewellery merchant, a smooth-talker who knows how to attract his customers, mostly flattering them in order to sell them anything he offers. He also enjoys street performers, especially Aziz.

Nick Loop’n Lopez (Planes: Fire & Rescue)

Nick Loopn Lopez Planes Fire Rescue

By 1978 Nich was America’s favourite helicopter cop and was featured on TV’s CHoPs, a show about two California Helicopter Patrol Choppers. Nick was a macho officer, prone to troublemaking and he got his nickname Loop’n from his signature inside the loop, which no one could make. He was killed while doing a stunt scene.

Norm (Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Candace Against the Universe)

Norm Phineas and Ferb The Movie Candace Against the Universe

Norm is an oversized humanoid robot who was created to destroy Perry the Platypus, but has since become Doofenschmirtz’s assistant. He has a long list of functions, such as super strength, hyper transportation mode, invulnerability and many more. 

Nibs (Peter Pan)

Nibs Peter Pan e1657724343438

Nibs is one of the lost boys, a short boy with big buck teeth. He is pretty shy, timid and doesn’t talk, but gets along well with his friends from the group.

Nafisa (Ralph Breaks the Internet)

Nafisa Ralph Breaks the Internet

 Nafisa is a great gaming enthusiast and patron of Litwack’s Arcade. She appears to be of East Asian descent and is pretty short with black hair, green eyes and a pug nose. She wears a blue-grey T-shirt with polka dots and purple pants.

Nash (The Good Dinosaur)

Nash The Good Dinosaur

Nash is Butch’s young Tyrannosaurus son, an enthusiastic youngster who adores adventure and when things slide a bit from their usual daily routine. He isn’t too sharp and gets often lost, but is very friendly and not too mischievous, so this side of him makes him good company. 

Nico (Elena of Avalor)

Nico Elena of Avalor

Nico is the prince of Jaquin, Skylar’s little brother and one of the guardians of young Avalor trainees. He loves his brother and spending time with him, playing pranks and having fun, but dislikes failing. 

Nancy Tremaine (Enchanted)

Nancy Tremaine Enchanted

Nancy is the queen of Andalasia and a fashion designer at the same time, depending on the animated and acting part of this interesting movie. She is a romantic who likes fairy tales and happily ever stories, flowers and making dresses.

Nathaniel (Enchanted)

Nathaniel Enchanted

Nathaniel is Queen Narissa’s former henchman who is an insecure and shy man with low self esteem at the beginning of the movie. Infatuated with Narissa he does only what she tells him to. After being mistreated by her more than once, he slowly started realising that she is not as perfect as he thought she was.

Negaduck (Darkwing Duck)

Negaduck Darkwing Duck

Negaduck is the evil doppelanger of Darkwing duck. He uses violent weapons, is extremely aggressive and enjoys causing harm to anyone and anything he can. 

Nicelanders (Wreck-It Ralph)

Nicelanders Wreck It Ralph

The Nicelanders are a group of small sized characters, supporting characters in the arcade game Fix-It Felix Jr. Their role is to be innocent bystanders while the game is on.


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When the game is not playing, they like to praise Felix but are afraid of ralph because they think he might hurt them.

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