Disney Characters that Start with S: All 46 Names

Disney Characters that Start with S

There are many Disney characters that start with all the letters in the alphabet and this is a great way to remember and memorise them since there is a vast number of these unforgettable characters. This is the list of Disney characters that start with s, from the minor and supporting character to the most famous and popular characters of all time.

Sabor (Tarzan)

Sabor Tarzan

Sabor is a dangerous, aggressive, mysterious, mighty leopard, notorious and well-known in the jungle. She is the only animal, besides baboons, who doesn’t speak in the movie but communicates with snarls and roars. She is one of Disney’s most lethal antagonists, deathly in battle and highly ruthless.

Sadness (Inside Out)

Sadness Inside Out

Sadness is one of the five emotions that live in Riley’s mind. She is depressive most of the time, but can sometimes be seen smiling. She has blue skin, blue hair, sad blue eyes and a faint blue glow. She is slow, rarely smiles and always sees the negative in everything. But she is also intelligent and very empathetic and has a good instinct.

Saitine (Wreck-It Ralph)

Saitine Wreck It Ralph

Also known as Satan, Saitine is the villain in one of the games in Litwak’s Arcade. He is tall and muscular, with two small horns in the middle of his head and long black nails and claws.

Sally Carrera (Cars)

Sally Carrera Cars

Sally is the owner of Cozy Cone Motel and an attorney in Radiator Springs. She is a 2002 Porsche 911 Carrera with light blue eyes and high wheels. She is charming, intelligent, kind and nice to others and has a crush on Lightning McQueen. 

Samson (Sleeping Beauty)

Samson Sleeping Beauty

Samson is Prince Phillip’s valiant and loyal horse who helps him save Princess Aurora He likes carrots and oats, has a black mane and tail and is stubborn, independent and brave.

Shanti (The Jungle Book)

Shanti The Jungle Book

Shanti is a little girl in Man Village known for her lovely singing voice and beautiful deep brown eyes. She lives an organised life, respects her elders and is portrayed as hard-working, sweet and rational. She doesn’t hide her crush on Mowgli.

Sarabi (The Lion King)

Sarabi The Lion King

Mufasa’s wife and Simba’s mother, Sarabi is a strong lioness, a supportive mother and a beloved queen. She is soft, especially when dealing with her son, but is also very strong-minded and brave. She is gentle and kind and always tries to find a solution, has time for advice and keeps a smile on her face. 

Sarafina (The Lion King)

Sarafina The Lion King

Nala’s mother, Sarafina resembles her daughter, but has a slightly darker creamed fur, is less flexible than Nala and had a more robust build. She is a protective mother who likes to hear Sarabi’s advice when it comes to their children.

Sarge (Toy Story)

Sarge Toy Story

Sarge is the commander of the Green Army Men, Andy’s miniature green plastic toys. He is loyal to Woody and sends his soldiers on various missions. He has binoculars and a pistol in his hands which he uses for scouting out the area for humans. 

Sarge (Cars)

Sarge Cars

Sarge is a khaki green WWII army jeep and a WWII veteran who runs his own government surplus store, Sarge’s Surplus Hut. As a former soldier, he is portrayed as a harsh individual who gets annoyed easily and always speaks in a coarse tone, often disapproving of the majority of the things in Radiator Springs.

Scar (The Lion King)

Scar The Lion King 1

One of Disney’s most infamous villains, Scar is Mufasa’s brother who manages to kill his brother, all out of jealousy for losing the possibility of becoming the king of the savannah.


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He is resentful of his brother and nephew Simba and doesn’t hide his anger and inferiority complex. He is ruthless, vindictive and evil.

Scat Cat (The Aristocats)

Scat Cat The Aristocats

Scat Cat is the leader of alley cats, a big grey cat from Paris who loves jazz music, singing, dancing, fun and playing his trumpet. He sings one of the most famous songs in the movie, Everybody Wants to Be a Cat.

Scott Squibbles (Monsters University)

Scott Squibbles Monsters University

Scott is also known as Squishy, a five-eyed jelly-liked monster. He is a member of the Oozma Kappa fraternity, an 18-year-old student who doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up. He is small, sweet and naive and still lives with his protective mother.

Screenslaver (Incredibles 2)

Screenslaver Incredibles 2

A hacker and a supervillain while hypnotized, Screenslaver is a pizza boy during the day. His mask resembles a chlorine mask, with big round eyes and a mouth similar to an air vent. He is evil, cold and ruthless and can be described as a bit of a psychopath, too.

Scrooge McDuck (Ducktales the Movie)

Scrooge McDuck Ducktales the Movie

Scrooge is a Scottish duck, a successful business tycoon, banker and treasure hunter. He loves money but also enjoys spending time with his family, eating ice cream and playing the bagpipes. He hates dishonesty and threats to his family and he is always ready for an adventure.

Scroop (Treasure Planet)

Scroop Treasure Planet e1657542594237

Scroop is an alien spider/crab-like creature, a pirate who attempts to stage a mutiny on the ship. He has large, bulbous yellow eyes, two large white fangs and a lower jaw with slim red fangs. He is extremely vicious, cruel and greedy, with a plan of killing Jim Hawkins.

Scuttle (The Little Mermaid)

Scuttle The Little Mermaid

Even though a supporting character in the movie, Scuttle is a very important one, helping Ariel on numerous occasions. He lives on an island near Eric’s kingdom and is known to be an expert in humans and things related to them. He is eccentric, talkative, but good-hearted and a true friend.

Sebastian (The Little Mermaid)

Sebastian The Little Mermaid

Sebastian is one of Ariel’s best friends, a red crab with a Jamaican accent who serves as Triton’s advisor and court composer, but is often tasked to watch over Ariel. He is carefree and fun-loving but needs to be serious due to his line of work. He is extremely loyal and would risk his life for the ones he loves.

Senora Guzman (Encanto)

Senora Guzman Encanto

Senora Guzman is the elderly mother of Mariano Guzman, a loving figure who deeply cares for her family’s well-being. She is an old Colombian woman with grey hair in a bun and brown eyes.

Shan Yu (Mulan)

Shan Yu Mulan

Shan Yu is the evil leader of the Hun Army, responsible for massive genocide and turmoil across China. He is extremely big and muscular and possesses a great number of skills, such as superhuman strength and endurance, among others. He is arrogant, dangerous and merciless toward his victims.

Shank (Ralph Breaks the Internet)

Shank Ralph Breaks the Internet

Shank is a tough girl and netizen from an online racing game called Slaughter Race. She is a beautiful woman with long dark hair and brown eyes who takes her job seriously. She might seem like a bad girl, but underneath her tough exterior, she is gentle, kind and wise.

Shenzi (The Lion King)

Shenzi The Lion King

Shenzi is a female hyena and the leader of a clan of hyenas. She has black and grey hair and black eyes. She is cunning and even-tempered and rarely loses her cool. She is charismatic and more focused than the rest of her group.

Shere Khan (The Jungle Book)

Shere Khan The Jungle Book

Shere Khan is the main antagonist in the movie, a charming and evil Bengal tiger, deeply feared as the most dangerous predator in the jungle. He hates people and has a great fear of fire and guns.


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He is powerful and graceful and extremely proud and everyone is afraid of him, due to his ruthless and menacing behaviour.

Sheriff (Cars)

Sheriff Cars

Sheriff is a black and white 1949 Mercury police cruiser and the sheriff of Radiator Springs. He is the great protector of his citizens, with a high sense of duty, determined to get rid of any troublemakers that might enter his town.

Sheriff of Nottingham (Robin Hood)

Sheriff of Nottingham Robin Hood

One of the antagonists in the movie, Sheriff of Nottingham is constantly trying to capture Robin Hood, seeing himself as an honourable individual who works within the law. He is very strong and enjoys collecting taxes and has great political authority.

Sisu (Raya and the Last Dragon)

Sisu Raya and the Last Dragon

Sisu is a divine water dragon who protects the world of Kumandra together with her siblings. She is a long blue dragon who in her human form resembles a young Southeastern Asian woman with long, messy hair and purple eyes. She is a fun-loving dragon who speaks in slang.

Si (The Lady and the Tramp)

Am Lady and the Tramp

Si is aunt Sarah’s twin Siamese cat who loves to make pranks with her sister Am.  She is pretty sinister and cunning and enjoys getting others in trouble. She cares only about herself and her sister and uses aunt Sarah as her protector.

Silvermist (Tinker Bell)

Silvermist Tinker Bell

Silvermist is a talented water fairy of East Asian origin and one of the major fairies in Disney movies. She is gorgeous, slender with wide hips, straight black hair and almond-shaped eyes. She is nice, sweet and silly and always ready to help her friends in need.

Simba (The Lion King)

Simba The Lion King

Simba is King Mustafa’s and Queen Sarabi’s son and Nala’s best friend and then mate. He used to be a small cub who grew up to become a strong and muscular leader. His personality changes as he was growing up, from a fearless and adventurous cub to a paranoid teenager and then finally a proud and brave king of the savannah.

Sitka (Brother Bear)

Sitka Brother Bear

Sitka is Denahi and Kenai’s oldest brother and a parental figure to them. He loves his younger brothers, is extremely protective of them and would do anything to protect them. He has many abilities, such as metamorphosis, spiritual physiology, and holy powers and is very wise.

Skipper Riley (Planes)

Skipper Riley Planes

Skipper Riley is a navy blue plane who lives in Propwash Junctions and works as a flight school teacher. He loves his job and enjoys training and teaching Mater. He runs his school with his assistant Sparky and is convinced he can teach anyone to fly.

Skippy (Robin Hood)

Skippy Robin Hood

Skippy is a 7-year-old rabbit full of strength and energy and he lives with his mother and siblings. He is the oldest boy in the family and in the movie he is mostly seen with his sisters Sis and Tagalong. He is a typical young boy, excitable, happy and a great fan of Robin Hood, whom he idolises.

Sleepy (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

Sleepy Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Sleepy gets his name from his constant drowsiness. He is not really concerned about the things going on around him and is always ready to take a nap. Most of the time he is struggling to stay awake, but even though he might seem lazy and uninterested, he is a hard worker and the most observant and logical of all the dwarfs.

Shang (Mulan)

Shang Mulan

The son of an army general, Shang dreams of succeeding his father as the leader of China’s greatest troops. He is a brave young man, tall and muscular, with dark hair, brown eyes and tanned skin, ready to defend his nation and country.


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He is portrayed as a powerful and strong leader, but very sexist, always looking down on Mulan, due to his conservative and traditional upbringing.

Sven (Frozen)

Sven Frozen

Sve is Kristoff’s reindeer and close friend, a cute animal, extremely loyal to Kristoff and always ready for any kind of adventure. He has a vibrant personality, is open and friendly to everyone he meets, loves carrots and especially enjoys Anna’s and Olaf’s company. He is very curious, doesn’t speak human language but understands everything and has no problem communicating with his friends.

Sulley (Monsters Inc.)

Sulley Monsters Inc.

One of the main protagonists in the movie is the most famous and successful monster in his company, a strong and big creature with a good heart. He is a large turquoise monster with purple spots and indigo blue eyes. He is gentle, friendly and hard-working and enjoys spending time with his best friend Mike, scaring children and playing with Boo, a human child he has to protect.

Stromboli (Pinocchio)

Stromboli Pinocchio

Stromboli is a puppeteer and showman interested only in making money, even at the cost of others. He has a short temper and curses when he is angry or agitated. He is unattractive, obese, and with black hair, but is going bald. In the beginning, he appears a patient, calm man who is interested in earning money, but soon his true side comes to the surface, showing a ruthless man who cares only about himself and his wellbeing.

Sultan (Aladdin)

Sultan Aladdin

The Sultan is a benevolent and beloved ruler of Agrabah and Jasmine’s devoted and caring father and his primal concern is his people and daughter’s welfare. He is short, plump, has white hair and very often has a smile on his face. He can also be pretty childish and pompous but all in all a good-hearted and kind emperor.

Stitch (Lilo and Stitch)

Stitch Lilo and Stitch

Stitch is an illegal genetic experiment originally created to cause chaos across the galaxy by destroying everything he touches. He is designed to be abnormally strong and super-intelligent and is marked by his short temper and mischievous behaviour. He was rehabilitated when he met Lilo and even though his strongest traits remained the same, he became gentle, and kind, with a heart of gold.

Stefan (Sleeping Beauty)

Stefan Sleeping Beauty

King Stefan is a beloved and gentle king in his kingdom and princess Aurora’s father. He is a tall and slender middle-aged man with long black hair and a decorated moustache. Despite his royalty, he is portrayed as a kind and loving king, a devoted father and husband and a stoic and calm ruler.

Snow White (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

Snow White Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White is a young princess, the fairest of them all, with rosy cheeks and pale skin, black hair and dark eyes, a beautiful and kind girl everyone loves. After being saved by the huntsman who had to kill her she found shelter with the seven dwarfs where she got all the love and care from her companions and animals in the forest. She is kind and optimistic, likes to sing and never loses her positivity, along with her charm and innocence.

Sneezy (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

Sneezy Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Sneezy is an allergic dwarf, prone to eruptive and uncontrollable sneezing due to severe hay fever and cold seasons. He is a happy dwarf who likes dancing, yodelling and taking out diamonds, but can get embarrassed by his constant sneezing problems.

Skinner (Ratatouille)

Skinner Ratatouille

The main antagonist in the movie is this short-tempered sous chef who used to work with Auguste Gusteau. When Gusteau died he became the main chef and assumed control of the Parisian restaurant. Skinner is concerned with making a good profit and not really interested in cooking good food. He is a short, grumpy man who hates rats.

Smee (Peter Pan)

Smee Peter Pan

Mr Smee is Captain Hook’s helper and loyal first mate, a short, plump man with glasses and an odd-shaped head. He serves his vicious captain but is a kind-hearted man who doesn’t want to harm others.


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He enjoys piracy and spends his days singing, while his good-natured personality sometimes gets in the way of his captain’s evil plans.

Squirt (Finding Nemo)

Squirt Finding Nemo

Squirt is a cute, playful little sea turtle who enjoys playing with bubbles and surfing with his father. He has a lovely personality, is extremely friendly and nice and he likes to make new friends and enjoy every day as a great adventure.

Mr. Snoops (The Rescuers)

Mr. Snoops The Rescuers

Snoops is Madame Medusa’s business partner and a major antagonist in this movie, a typical minion who always listens to his boss. He is a timid and cowardly figure who attempts to be a bad guy but constantly fails. He is short, plump, wears glasses and has curly brown hair with a bald spot on top of the head and his forehead. 

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