Disney Characters that Start with R: All 40 Names

Disney Characters that Start with R

There are more and more Disney and Pixar characters every year. We learn about the new ones and remember the old ones. There are so many we like to know about.

A great way to go through the characters is by grouping them based on the first letters of their names. This is the list of Disney characters that start with r. 

Rabbit (The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh)

Rabbit The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Rabbit is a fussy creature that lives in the Hundred-Acre-Wood and is a cherished member of Pooh’s group of friends. He is a tall and slender domestic rabbit with yellow fur and thick black eyebrows. He is probably the most complex character in the story, with many good and bad sides.

Rafiki (The Lion King)

Rafiki The Lion King

Rafiki is a mandrill who serves as a shaman and Royal Mjuzi in the Pride Lands. He is a spiritual sage with a great connection to the magical elements. He is extremely wise but has an unusual way to share his wisdom and uses unconventional methods, which sometimes makes him look a bit eccentric.

Rajah (Aladdin)

Rajah Aladdin

Rajah is Princess Jasmine’s pet tiger, a loyal and protective tiger who is always by her side. He is her best friend, cares for her deeply and would never harm her, but has no problems in showing his aggression and intolerance towards other people.

Ramone (Cars)

Ramone Cars

Ramone is a 1959 Chevrolet Impala, Flo’s husband and the owner of Ramone’s House of Body Art.  He paints any car that enters his salon and is a member of Lightning McQueen’s pit crew. He takes great care of his looks and is the coolest car in Radiator Springs, often seen cruising around with his long-time wife Flo. 

Rancis Fluggerbutter (Wreck-It Ralph)

Rancis Fluggerbutter Wreck It Ralph

Rancis is a character from the game Sugar Rush and his signature cart is Kit-Kart. Rancis is a little boy with a freckled face, rosy skin and bright blue eyes. He is depicted as vain and someone who can take drastic measures to get what he wants, for example, win the race. 

Randall Boggs (Monsters Inc.)

Randall Boggs Monsters Inc.

Randall is one of the main antagonists in Monsters Inc, a sneaky and cunning creature with a plan to change the scaring industry by kidnapping human children. He used to be a timid teenager who turned into a greedy, competitive and short-tempered monster. 

Rapunzel (Tangled)

Rapunzel Tangled

Rapunzel is the princess of the kingdom of Corona, kidnapped by an evil witch when she was just a baby. He is known for her long, blonde magical hair that has healing powers. She is a beautiful 18-year-old girl with fair skin, rosy chinks and large green eyes. 

She is very caring and good-natured and dreams of seeing the world, showing her courage when she leaves the tower shes’ been living in her entire life.

Ratigan (The Great Mouse Detective)

Ratigan The Great Mouse Detective

Professor Ratigan is the main antagonist in this 1986 Disney animated feature. He is a suave crime lord and the greatest enemy of Basil of Baker Street. He is obsessed with his status as a mouse, but when called a rat, his true identity suddenly gets revealed. He is calculating and calm, but also extremely vicious and violent.

Ray (The Princess and the Frog)

Ray The Princess and the Frog

Ray is a romantic Cajun firefly from New Orleans who helps Tiana and Pince Naveen in finding the voodoo priestess Mama Odie who can cure them of their curse. He is also a kind of a match-maker, constantly trying to convince the two they are made for each other. He is friendly and helpful and has one of the biggest hearts.

Raya (Raya and the Last Dragon)

Raya Raya and the Last Dragon

Raya is Chief Benja’s daughter and the princess of Kumandra’s Heart Land. As a young girl, she was appointed the guardian of the Dragon Gem. She is an 18-year-old Southasian girl of average height with tan skin, slender and slightly muscular.


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She is wise and mature for her age, pretty headstrong and resolute, very capable and easily adaptable to situations around her.

Razoul (Aladdin)

Razoul Aladdin

Razoul is one of the antagonists in Aladdin and the captain of the Agrabah Guard. He can’t stand delinquents which makes him Aladdin’s long-time rival. He takes his job very seriously and shows no sympathy for lawbreakers and kinds of criminals. He is very loyal to the Sultan and Jasmine and cares deeply for them.

Remy (Ratatouille)

Remy Ratatouille

Remy is also known as The Little Chef, with a great passion for food, enjoying cooking and dreaming of becoming a personal chef. He is a bluish-grey rat with a strong sense of smell who has the ability to recognise all the ingredients in a dish, even the most complicated ones. 

Rex (Toy Story)

Rex Toy Story

Rex is a green plastic dinosaur, portrayed as being ferocious, but in fact, he is gentle and caring and hates all kinds of conflicts. He can get pretty oblivious and absent-minded which sometimes causes accidental mayhem. He suffers from anxiety and fears of being abandoned or replaced.

Rhino (Bolt)

Rhino Bolt

Rhino is a hamster and Bolt’s biggest fan who has memorised all the episodes from his canine’s tv show. He is not very intelligent but is funny and has even had a few stellar moments when he helped Bolt and Mittens in their endeavours.

Rick Decker (The Incredibles)

Rick Decker The Incredibles

Rick was a government agent of the former NSA whose task was to clean up any Super accidents. He is now head of the Super Relocation Programme where he helps superheroes adapt to normal life. Rick is a caring person, even though he is rarely showing any emotions.

Ricky Plesuski (Monsters Inc.)

Ricky Plesuski Monsters Inc.

Ricky Plesuski is a green monster that works in Monsters Inc. as a laugh collector. He attended Fear Tech where he majored in under-the-bed studies. He is very short, with a large mouth, kangaroo arms and rhino tail eight short legs. 

Rico (Home on the Range)

Rico Home on the Range

Rico is a bounty hunter who works for Alameda Slim and his hobby is collecting money. He is calm and mysterious and only cares about money and the ways to obtain it, without thinking of the consequences. 

Riley Andersen (Inside Out)

Riley Andersen Inside Out

Riley is an 11-year-old girl who loves ice hockey and has recently transferred from her hometown in Minnesota to San Francisco. She is dealing with many emotions and going through changes with the help of five emotions – Anger, Joy, Sadness, Fear and Disgust.

Ringmaster (Dumbo)

Ringmaster Dumbo

Ringmaster is the head honcho in the circus where Dumbo lives. He is a showman and businessman, shown in a stereotypical manner. He cares about the profit he makes from his shows and has no love and interest in his workers and animals, treating them carelessly and with no respect.

Ripslinger (Planes)

Ripslinger Planes

Ripslinger is the most successful and popular name in air racing and he is fully aware of that. He doesn’t care about his opponents, rarely plays fair and wins by eliminating his competitors.


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He has pale green eyes and a black-green body with orange flames drawn on it. He is rude, selfish and ruthless.

Rita (Oliver & Company)

Rita Oliver Company e1657309728580

Rita is a Saluki and the only female member of Fagin’s dog gang. She is a maternal figure in Oliver’s life, often seen taking care of him and teaching him while singing “Streets of Gold”. She is kind, funny, tough and proud and helps Oliver get accustomed to the mean streets of New York.  

River Scott (Cars 3)

River Scott Cars 3

River Scott is a grey-coloured Piston Cup racer from the 1950s. He had a rough life, with a modest background but was able to make the best of it and is remembered for his improvisation style of driving. He loves to talk about the good old days and tell tales.

Robaire (Turning Red)

Robaire Turning Red

Robaire is the leader of the ultra-popular boy band 4* Town and Mei’s love interest. He is the lead singer and a dancer in his band and others see him as a charismatic and talented boy and the main reason for his band’s popularity.

Robin Hood (Robin Hood)

Robin Hood Robin Hood

Robin Hood in this cartoon is an anthropomorphic fox who is shown as Pince John and his agents’ main opponent, mad at them for impoverishing Nottingham with high taxes. He is a hero who steals from the rich and gives it to the poor, a good and friendly individual, beloved by his friends and townspeople.

Rochelle (Planes)

Rochelle Planes

Rochelle is a confident and capable racer and the pride of the Great White North. She used to run mail to small towns in Quebec but soon started to like fast travel which inspired her to give air racing a try. She is El Chupacabra’s love interest but is not interested in him, being too focused on racing and winning.

Rock Titan (Hercules)

Rock Titan Hercules

Also known as Lythos, Rock Titan is one of the titans that got imprisoned by Zeus so he is seeking revenge against the Gods of Olympus. He is very destructive and wants to cause mayhem wherever he gets it. He is depicted as a bit dim, especially when compared to his brethren.

Roger Radcliffe (101 Dalmatians)

Roger Radcliffe 101 Dalmatians e1657311706373

Roger is one of the main human protagonists in 101 Dalmatians, Anita’s husband and Pongo’s owner and best friend. He is a very creative songwriter who lives in a small flat with his pet Pongo. When he meets and marries Anita, we find out that he is also a kind and loving man who cares deeply for his family.

Roz (Monster’s Inc.)

Roz Monsters Inc.

Roz is a slug-like monster, always grumpy and with no patience for all the monsters, she has to deal with. She works at Monsters Inc. and is the leader of the Child Detection Agency. She is an old grouchy slug who never smiles and has brownish-yellow skin and grey eyes.

Rufus (The Rescuers)

Rufus The Rescuers

Rufus is an elderly cat with no interest in what young cats do, like chasing mice. He has no intention of harming them and gladly helps Bernard and Miss Bianca in their search for Penny. He is a kind and good-hearted cat who lost his strength due to his old age.

Russell (Up)

Russell Up

Russell is a Junior Wilderness Explorer, an apparently overweight boy with short, spiked hair normally covered with a hat. He is loud, hyperactive and anxious and his behaviour often annoys Carl throughout the movie. But he is also a curious and fun-loving boy who cares for other people.

Rusty (Home on the Range)

Rusty Home on the Range e1657310332823

Rusty is an old sheriff’s dog (possibly a basset hound) and Buck’s best friend. He watches over the town when his boss Sam Brown is away.


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He loves to spend time with Buck but can get annoyed by his immaturity. He is very serious-minded and doesn’t have time for jokes and games.

Rusty McAllister (The Incredibles)

Rusty McAllister The Incredibles 1

Rusty is the son of the director Brad Bird and a big fan of superheroes. He is a little boy, portrayed as shy and a bit nosey. He is a minor character in the movie, mostly shown to depict his fascination with superheroes. He has ginger hair and green eyes and wears a pale blue cap.

Rutt (Brother Bear)

Rutt Brother Bear

Rutt is a Canadian moose and one of the first creatures, together with his brother Tuke, who befriends Kenai and Koda. He is very friendly and in a constant fight with his brother, always bickering about something.  

Ralph (Wreck-It Ralph)

Ralph Wreck It Ralph

Ralph is a huge creature who serves as a villain of the platform video game Fix It Felix Jr. After 30 years of doing the same job, Ralph is tired of being a bad guy and dreams of getting a medal and becoming a good guy. He has a beautiful personality, he is sweet and caring and becomes even better by the end of the cartoon.

Ratcliffe (Pocahontas)

Ratcliffe Pocahontas

Governor John Ratcliffe is a greedy and pompous person who always wishes for more. He has an insatiable hunger for gold which would make him immensely rich. He is xenophobic, manipulative, heartless, ruthless and racist, a true villain. But he believes he is a good person and doesn’t see anything wrong with his behaviour.

Ryder Naturra (Frozen 2)

Ryder Frozen 2 e1657310911954

Ryder Naturra is a nature-loving boy, a member of the Northuldra tribe who lives life to the fullest and embraces it with optimism. He adores reindeer and dreams of exploring the world, going outside the Enchanted Forest. He makes friends easily, is quirky and easy-going and friendly, but confesses he knows nothing about women.

Roy (Wreck-It Ralph)

Roy Wreck It Ralph e1657311017493

Roy is a Nicelander in the game Fix It Felix, Jr and can be recognised by his greying hair and boldness. He can be described as someone who worries too much and can get nervous when someone provokes him. 

Rosita (Coco)

Rosita Coco

Rosita was a member of the Rivera family and Miguel encountered her in the Land of the Dead. She helped him return to the Land of the Living and learn the reason why Hector never got back to his wife and daughter. She adores her family and would do anything to protect and help them, even from the other realm.

Roquefort (The Aristocats)

Roquefort The Aristocats

Roquefort is a tiny mouse who lives in Madame Bonfamilie’s mansion. He is a good friend of the Duchess and her three children and he shows his devotion when he goes searching for them after they go missing. Besides his cat friends, he doesn’t like other cats and tries to avoid them as much as possible.

Roll (A Bug’s Life)

Roll A Bugs Life

Roll is a Hungarian pill bug who doesn’t speak or understand any word of English, the same as his twin brother Tuck. The language he speaks is fictional but sounds Eastern European. He is a funny character who seems to miss many things due to the fact he doesn’t understand what others are saying.

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