Do Bill and Frank Die in The Last of Us? Here’s What Happens to Them

bill and frank

Episode 3 of HBO’s live-action version of The Last of Us took a quick detour from Joel and Ellie to introduce the duo of Bill and Frank, who we saw as a couple that survived the events of the Cordyceps outbreak together by living in a small isolated town. Of course, the duo spent years together and actually lived on their own for nearly two decades as they endured a lot of different things during the pandemic. But did Bill and Frank die in The Last of Us?

Bill and Frank die in episode 3 of The Last of Us just before Joel and Ellie get to their town. Frank was already dying due to a terminal disease, and that was when he decided to commit suicide. However, Bill decided to join Frank in death because he didn’t want to live in a world without him.

The story of Bill and Frank in The Last of Us may just be a filler episode. However, it is the most touching episode in the series yet because it allows us to see how love can still win during a time when people are more concerned about their own survival rather than loving another person. In that regard, there are many things to love about the dynamic between the two characters. Now, let’s look at what we know about Bill and Frank and how they died in The Last of Us.

Do Bill And Frank Die In The Last Of Us?

In the video game version of The Last of Us, the story of Bill and Frank is one that is quite complex due to the fact that it involves two people that used to love each other but eventually developed a hatred for one another. After all, living in such a dark and desolate world has its effects on people, especially when it comes to the way they treat others. But that wasn’t the case in HBO’s version of The Last of Us.

When Bill was introduced, he was portrayed as a character that clearly didn’t like being with other people due to his somewhat isolated and distrustful nature. He didn’t trust anyone and was a survivalist that knew that there was going to be an apocalyptic event that would happen anytime soon. As such, he was the most prepared person when the Cordyceps Brain Infection (CBI) pandemic started.

bill alone

Bill spent right around four years on his lonesome in a town called Lincoln, as he was able to prepare himself well enough to withstand years or even decades of the pandemic by stocking up on food, supplies, and weapons. He also fortified the entire town to ensure that intruders were not welcome. But things changed in 2007 when he met Frank, who ended up getting caught in one of his traps.

Despite the fact that he didn’t trust him initially, Bill decided to give Frank a chance when he saved him and allowed him to have a shower and a good meal before planning on sending him off to go look for the Boston Quarantine Zone (QZ). But they ended up bonding over a good meal and music as it was clear that they were attracted to one another. That was when they had an intimate moment before Frank decided that he should stay there longer.


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While Frank had only decided to stay in Lincoln for a few days, he ended up becoming a permanent resident of the place when he and Bill became a couple that lived together there. They spent years together in Lincoln as Frank was able to help give Bill’s life more color by giving him more hobbies to do and by actually inviting Joel and Tess over so that they could have friends with whom they could trade goods, supplies, and information. It was Frank that gave meaning to Bill’s life, as Bill spent almost his entire life without any clear direction or purpose.

However, while Frank was able to give meaning to Bill’s life, it was clear that things weren’t going to end well for them. That was because Frank was suffering from a terminal illness that was eventually going to kill him somewhere down the line. And that meant that Bill was going to be left all alone once more.

But instead of actually allowing Frank to die all on his own, Bill made the decision to die alongside him in what was a Romeo and Juliet kind of moment where both characters died together. But there was more meaning in the deaths of Bill and Frank as they were able to go out on their own terms in a world where people had little to no choice in how they were going to live or die.

How Did Bill And Frank Die?

As mentioned, both Bill and Frank died in the events of HBO’s The Last of Us. But the circumstances behind their deaths are quite touching yet very heartbreaking because of how meaningful their deaths were.

Frank was obviously going to die at one point in his life due to his terminal illness. That was when he decided that he was going to live one more good day with Bill. He told his partner that he had had a lot of bad days alone and bad days with Bill. But the good days he had with Bill were better than all of his days combined, and that was why he wanted to have one more good day with him before he was going to end his own life by taking suicide pills.

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That was when they both spent a good day in their town together as they knew that this was the last time they were going to spend time with one another. They even got married during a time when same-sex marriage was never legalized due to the fall of civilization in 2003. As such, they had a very meaningful day together due to the fact that they solidified their love in the most symbolic way possible.


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But when Frank was about to take his suicide pills, Bill told him that he was going to go with him. Bill said that his life’s purpose was to be with Frank to protect him from harm. And that meant that his life was going to lose its purpose if Frank were to leave him.

As such, in what was a symbolic gesture of their solidarity in a world where most people were forced to simply survive without having any meaning to their lives, Bill and Frank committed suicide together. This was made clear when Joel and Ellie arrived at their house and found a note where Bill told Joel that he was going to leave everything to him. He also told Joel that he shouldn’t go to their bedroom as that was where his and Frank’s corpses were.

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