Are Bill and Frank Gay in The Last of Us? Relationship Explained

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Bill and Frank were the focus characters of episode 3 of HBO’s live-action version of The Last of Us as their story was told despite the fact that neither of them was given a deep background in the video game. However, an entire episode was dedicated to the story of these characters, as it was clear that this partnership was more than just companionship. So, are Bill and Frank gay in The Last of Us?

It is clear that Bill and Frank were gay in The Last of Us when they were attracted to one another during their first meeting and proceeded to have an intimate moment. They spent almost two decades living together as romantic partners until they got married before they decided to commit suicide together.

The love story of Bill and Frank, while not integral to the overall story of The Last of Us, was a great side-story that allowed us to understand more about two characters that didn’t get the same kind of attention in the video games. Of course, this relationship also allowed us to understand that love could still endure in one of the most difficult situations we’ve seen on television. Now, with that said, let’s look at the relationship between Bill and Frank in The Last of Us.

Are Bill And Frank Gay In The Last Of Us Show?

Two of the characters that we met during the events of episode 3 of HBO’s The Last of Us were Bill and Frank. Of course, the story of Bill and Frank is one that not even video game fans are familiar with because this was one of the biggest changes introduced into the live-action series. And this story is one of the most heart-wrenching parts of The Last of Us.

After a few minutes of Joel and Ellie, who were making their way to Bill and Frank at the request of Tess, we finally got to see more of the aforementioned characters. The first that we met was Bill, who had an underground bunker in the town of Lincoln, which the authorities evacuated just days after the start of the Cordyceps Brain Infection pandemic. Because of his secret bunker, Bill was the only one left in that town, as he was able to do whatever he wanted after the authorities left with all of the townsfolk.


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In that regard, Bill was able to fortify the town, get all of the supplies and weapons that he needed, and live four years of his life alone in that town. And he was able to do so because he had a distrust for the government even before the start of the pandemic.

But while Bill was contented with the fact that he lived a solitary and peaceful life in Lincoln while his defenses worked to keep the infected and a few rogue people away, he was a lonely man that didn’t have anyone else with him. And that was when Frank arrived.

Frank came across Lincoln when he ended up getting caught in one of Bill’s traps while he was trying to make his way to the Boston Quarantine Zone. While Frank was a suspicious person at the start, Bill was quick to show mercy to him and even allows him to shower and eat due to the fact that this stranger was tired from his travels.

Nevertheless, after they shared a good meal together, there was a clear connection between them. They bonded over the song “Long Long Time” by Linda Ronstadt. Frank asked about the girl to whom he dedicated the song, and that was when Bill said that he didn’t have anyone. And Frank, knowing that Bill didn’t have anyone, kissed him.

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In that regard, it was clear that Frank was gay, as Bill probably never knew that he was also attracted to men. While they were in bed together, Frank asked Bill if he had ever had an intimate moment before, to which Bill replied that he did it once with a girl. That means that this was the first time Bill had ever been with a man and that he had no qualms about being with Frank. This could mean that he was possibly in the closet as a gay man for a long time before Frank came along to make him realize that he was attracted to men all along.

Did Bill And Frank Get Married?

After that intimate moment between Bill and Frank, they ended up becoming partners that lived together in Lincoln. Despite the fact that they had a few disagreements here and there, they were still together because they only had each other in a world where having someone to be with was just as important as survival.

Throughout their entire time together, until 2023, Bill and Frank were romantic partners that were intimate with one another but were never married. It is important to take note that society had already fallen in 2003 in the world of The Last of Us. As such, even though the events of the series take place in 2023, same-sex marriage was never legalized in that universe, unlike in the real world, where same-sex couples can now get married.


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In 2023, Frank succumbed to an illness that resembled Parkinson’s disease, which meant that he had become very weak. He was already incapable of walking, as Bill needed to push him around in a wheelchair for him actually to go around Lincoln. And when Frank realized that he needed to go, he decided to have one last day with Bill so that he could have the best day of his life before he went out.

Frank told Bill how he wanted his final day to go, and that was when he said that they should get married. Of course, their marriage in the episode was merely symbolic because there were no courts that could legalize their union. And in their eyes, their marriage was true because society no longer had a true authority figure that could determine whether or not they were married.

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As such, Bill and Frank got married on their final day together. Bill decided to commit suicide together with Frank, and they both went to their bedroom, where they died together in each other’s arms.

What Is Bill’s Relationship With Frank In The Game?

While episode 3 clearly established that Bill and Frank were gay and that they were in a romantic relationship, the thing is that the relationship between Bill and Frank wasn’t as obvious in the video game version of The Last of Us.

In the game, Frank was described as Bill’s partner, but it was never described what kind of partner he was. But Bill once said that he cared for Frank before they had a falling out, which led to Frank’s death. As such, it can be speculated that Frank was also Bill’s romantic partner in the video game. However, that wasn’t too obvious because how their relationship wasn’t established in a more specific sense in the video game version of The Last of Us.

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